Brindle Dog Bed Review In 2024

Brindle Dog Bed Review

Brindle pet products is a company that manufactures high-quality pet products and accessories designed to meet your pet’s basic needs. Their products are innovative and durable and are really starting to make exciting waves in the market today.

This Brindle dog bed review is for every dog parent because picking a dog bed is one of the most important decisions you’d make as a pet parent because your fur baby needs a space of its own that it can retreat to when it just wants to be alone.

This would not only help it rest better but also help them feel less anxious.

Brindle pet products feature two lines of dog beds:

  • Orthopedic 4” Memory Foam Pet Bed and;
  • Shredded Memory Foam Pet Bed.

Now, without wasting much of your time, we’re going to be plunging into their great dog beds and what makes them stand out in the market today.

Who are the Brindle Dog Beds for?

The Brindle Dog Beds all come in different sizes that accommodate various dog weight and would do perfectly for large dogs and small dogs.

They, however, don’t come with raised edges and rims and wouldn’t be suitable for small dogs that love a cuddly, snuggly space for a bed.

The Orthopedic 4” Memory Foam Pet Bed option comes with a waterproof cover and seem suitable for dogs that are still getting potty trained, or old dogs having issues with their bowel control, or for dog parents that would prefer to keep messes to the barest minimum in the chance that they might occur.

Comparison Table  

FeaturesOrthopedic 4” Memory FoamShredded Pet Bed
Inner padding3 inches layer of shredded memory foam4inches layer( 2” Memory foam + 2” Support foam)
Material of coverVelour CoverMicro-suede cover with 100% polyurethane filling
Removable coverPresentPresent
Non-skid basePresentPresent
Waterproof coverPresentAbsent
Colours Availablenavy trellis, mocha blue, charcoal black, charcoal velour, red sherpa and Kakhired, stone and teal and kakhi
Allergen detailsPeanut freePeanut free
Memory foam features (serves to distribute body weight and reduce spinal pressure evenly)PresentPresent
ZipperSingle Outer ZipperOuter zipper and, inner zipper for shredded filling
Vacuum sealed packagingPresentPresent
Appropriate for:Dogs more prone to accidents and those still getting potty trained.Potty trained dogs.
Machine-washable coverPresentPresent

Brindle Dog Bed Review In 2024

Brindle Dog Bed Review


Whether your dog suffers from joint aches or back pains or is recovering from an injury, your vet would usually recommend a better diet and proper rest.

The Orthopedic 4″ Memory Foam Pet Bed has been designed to support your dog’s joints, bones and muscles, soothing them and decreasing the odds of the discomfort of aches and pains, keeping them awake. This makes this bed perfect for dogs suffering from constant body aches and back pains, arthritis, and other related issues.

This bed promises to reduce strain and stress on your dog’s spine, decreasing the potential for pain build-up, and this would definitely result in increased energy levels during the daytime.

Orthopedic foams also don’t cause ripples, and this feature sounds like a good way to go especially if you have two or more dogs sleeping on the same bed, so if one tends to move around in its sleep the bed won’t bounce back under every movement, hence disturbing the sleep of the others.

Here are the bed main features:

1. Removable cover:

This bed features a removable cover that can easily be detached, making cleaning it that much easier. It is also machine-washable and would come out well when set to a gentle cycle and tumble dried on a low setting. However,  ensure you do not dry clean or bleach the cover.

2. Non-skid bottom:

This feature affords your dog’s bed a firm grip to the ground on any flat surface. This ensures stability even on a slippery and smooth surface and would not move around while your dog prances around in it which is an essential feature especially if your dog tends to move its paws in its sleep.

3. Extra padding:

This bed is 4 inches thick with 2 inches of high-density comfort foam and 2 inches of memory foam which makes it perfect for dog breeds known to suffer from arthritis, joint pain, back problems, bone injuries or hip dysplasia.

For example,  breeds like chihuahua or greyhound that have no padding under their hips and elbows.  The orthopedic effects of this bed will prevent not only joint problems and arthritis, but also prolong healthy and strong joints.

4. Waterproof cover:

If there is one feature that perfectly reels me in for this product, it’s this one. Imagine that you mistakenly spill coffee all over your dog’s bed or your dog had a minor accident on his bed.

That might sound like a huge disaster. But not when your dog’s bed has a waterproof cover that perfectly lines the inner padding and ensuring nothing slips in.

This is unlike the shredded memory foam pet bed that doesn’t come with a waterproof cover. But then again, this bed is only waterproof on one side and not both sides, and so fluids can get into the bed filling if spilled from the bottom.

5. Safe materials:

One thing that’s common among dogs is that they like to chew at things, as it helps them keep their teeth clean and their jaws strong.

It also helps them relieve boredom and even anxiety. This is why one of the greatest concern of most dog owners is if their dog’s bed material is made from safe, non-toxic materials.

The Orthopedic 4” Memory Foam Pet Bed is made from hypoallergenic materials and is less likely to cause an allergic reaction in your dog if chewed on. It is also gentle and safe on your dog’s skin and coat.

However, it is important to note that this bed usually comes with a slight odor when unpacked, but I can’t really tag this as a con since this chemical stench would fade off after a short period under regular use.

6. Different sizes:

This bed comes in three different sizes: Small(16”×22”x4″)Medium (22”×34”×4”) and Large(28”×46”×4”), which means you get options to pick from that would perfectly suit your fur pet.

The small bed would easily support a dog with a weight of about 35 pounds, while the medium-sized bed would accommodate a dog’s weight of about 35-65 pounds and the large size conveniently supports a dog weighing about 65 pounds or more, and this is something you want to put into consideration when selecting which size to get for your pooch.

7. Variety of colours:

This dog bed features a lot of different colors and would do perfectly especially if you love to match up your home decor and furniture. It comes in the following colours: navy trellis, mocha blue, charcoal black, charcoal velour, red sherpa and Kakhi, this is quite different from the Shredded Memory Foam Pet Bed that only comes in four colours

Pros of the Orthopedic 4” Memory Foam Pet Bed

  1. Comes with a waterproof cover.
  2. Machine-washable and easy to clean zippered velour cover.
  3. Non-skid and firm bottom.
  4. Well-padded with evenly distributed fillings.
  5. Made to perfectly fit into most regular-sized dog crates.

Cons of the Orthopedic 4” Memory Foam Pet Bed

  1. It doesn’t feature raised edges and rims and wouldn’t do well for small dogs that like to curl up into a ball in a cozy space.
  2. It usually comes compressed and might take up to 24-48 to fully expand to its normal size.
  3. It isn’t waterproof on both sides; hence fluids can easily slip into the inner padding from the base.


Just like the name implies, Shredded Memory Foam Pet Bed is made from memory foam, also known as viscoelastic foam. Memory foam improves the quality of sleep, because they perfectly fit the body in response to the interplay of pressure and heat, distributing body weight evenly and springing back to life once that pressure is removed.

We believe having a dog bed that comes with its special sleep properties sounds like a huge plus. Although memory foams do little to relieve sleep-related problems like sleep apnea or any other sleep-breathing issues with major health risks, it, however, do help to promote restful sleep.

It also serves to decrease the number of allergens that can find its way and build up in your dog’s bed because of its dense structure. This makes the Shredded Memory  Foam Pet Bed an excellent choice for anxious dogs or dogs with trouble sleeping.


Removable micro-suede cover:

This bed comes with a removable cover with outer zip. The zipper is protected and covered by a flap, so you don’t have to worry about it being conspicuously placed that it would attract a chewer.

This bed is durable and very sturdy, this feature, however, doesn’t make it completely suitable for heavy-chewers. Hence, I’d strongly advise that this might not be a good choice if you have a dog that loves to dig its teeth and rip at its bed, as this bed was not designed to be chew-proof

Shredded filling:

Unlike the Orthopedic 4” Memory Foam Pet Bed, this dog bed doesn’t come with a single piece inner pads, instead just like the name implies, its fillings are more like memory foam chunks, that have been enclosed in an inner fabric so the chunks wouldn’t spill out.

And, just as expected this feature has its advantages and its downsides. One of the upside to the unique filling is that it makes the bed very lightweight and enhances its flexibility, making it easy to fold up when not in use.

It also enhances breathability, so you can be assured your dog’s bed wouldn’t get too hot and uncomfortable.

However,  the shredded fillings make it unsuitable for dogs that love to dig their bed around a lot as this would cause the bed to be uneven and very uncomfortable for the dog.

One additional feature that is highly appreciated and commended in this dog bed is its inner zipper that allows you to access and even replace the fillings easily.

Machine-washable cover:

Imagine how easy it would be to have a dog bed that you can easily place into the washing machine and voila, it’s all good as new. Well, this dog bed has that, as it comes with a machine-washable cover.

There are precautions to be taken when cleaning the cover like: set the machine to a gentle cycle,  do not iron nor dry clean nor bleach the material. Follow these instructions, and you’d have no issues when cleaning this bed.

However,  the inner pad is completely non-washable, and this is even coming from the manufacturers themselves. So, coupled with the fact that this bed doesn’t come with a waterproof cover, it might not be suitable for dogs that are still getting the hang of potty training or that frequently run into accidents.

Non-slip base:

This dog bed comes with a non-skid bottom making it perfect for dogs that tend to twitch their paws around a lot in their sleep or run around in their beds when awake, as you can be sure the bed wouldn’t easily budge when placed on a slippery surface.

Temperature-sensitive foam: this dog bed is made from temperature-sensitive memory foam that would harden when left in a cold room, so your dog’s body heat would soften the bed, keeping your pooch warm in the process, almost like a hot therapy.

Different sizes:

This dog features different varieties of sizes, so it wouldn’t be difficult to find one that’s perfect for your pet. They all come with the same 3-inch cushioned inner pad to provide your dog with the necessary weight support and comfort that would help to relieve joint issues and sore paws.

Various colour options:

The Shredded Memory Foam Pet Bed comes in four different colours which include: Kakhi, red, stone and teal, so unlike the Orthopedic 4″ Memory Foam Pet Bed, you don’t have so many colour options to pick from.

Pros of the Shredded Memory Foam Pet Bed

  1. Memory foam that offers stress relief by spreading your dog’s weight evenly across the surface of the bed.
  2. Machine washable micro-suede cover.
  3. It is lightweight, flexible and portable, making it extremely travel-friendly.
  4. Zipper in the inner fabric that houses shredded fillings allowing for easy levelling out of paddings in case it gets unevenly distributed.
  5. The outer zipper is covered by fabric flap keeping it completely hidden from dogs that love to chew at things.
  6. Non-skid base so that it would do perfectly for any surface.

Con of the Shredded Memory Foam Pet Bed

  1. Non-waterproof cover
  2. It is not chew-proof and might not hold well if your dog is a heavy chewer.
  3. It comes vacuum sealed and so might take a while to fluff out after being unboxed.
  4. Inner pads are not washable.
  5. The shredded filling might easily get uneven under constant trumping of your dog.
  6. It is perfectly flat and doesn’t come with raised rims, so it wouldn’t be appropriate for dogs that love to prop their limbs on a raised edge.

Final Verdict

There are so many dog beds in the market today; there are simple ones and fancy ones, beds that are expensive and those that are cheap. As a dog owner, it can be an overwhelming choice to get your dog the perfect bed.

But, one thing is certain, and that’s that we all want a dog’s bed that can support our dog’s weight, one that’s easy to get cleaned up in cases of accidents.

We all want one that will hold up well, both under the physical abuse from our dogs and that from time. Every dog owner wants a bed for their pet that wouldn’t pose any dog hazards, one that’s comfortable and one that our dog absolutely loves.

The truth is that finding one that ticks all the right boxes can be dicey, but not that dicey. This is why my personal favourite among the brindle dog beds would be Orthopedic 4” Memory Foam Pet Bed, simply because it ticks the perfect boxes that every pet owner needs.

I hope you know in details Brindle Dog Bed Review In 2024.

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