7 Best Dog Beds For Nesters In 2024

Best Dog Bed For Nesters

Today, I’ll be talking about the best dog beds for nesters. But first:

 Dogs often come up with different weird behaviors, and nesting is one of them.

I could remember when Gracie started with this behavior. She would rake, nest, dig, dig, and dig like maniacs before she lay down. It occasionally wakes me up.

I wouldn’t mind as much except that when she “digs,” she gets really enthusiastic and all-out vigorous, little pieces of fluff/fabric whizzing into the air, and I got so mad, LOL. Her dog bed was expensive!!!

My partner would always whine and make a fuss about how Gracie is ruining her bed!

Yes, expensive dog beds, and she just doesn’t seem to have any appreciation for it! 

So, I decided to know more about this behavior. In my quest, I understood they’re trying to get into a comfortable position or make their comfortable little nest to sleep in based on their instinct from living in the wild

So, a flat bed mat just won’t do for your dog that likes to make nests, dig, or snuggle up in her bed.

You need to provide your dog something of substance that satisfies its instinct of being in a den or “cozy cottage.”

7 Best Dog Beds For Nesters In 2024

Best Dog Beds For Nesters

1. FURHAVEN Donut Dog Bed

This is the first product I’ll be recommending. It’s a round nesting dog bed designed to provide your dog with support and a cozy experience. The way the bed is designed makes it conform to your dog’s nesting habits.

The faux fur cover promotes its comfortability and also gives the bed its appealing look to complement your home interior.

I like its soft interior which helps to reduce the discomfort your dog could feel from being stuck. The cover and interior liner being zippered also affords you the luxury of refilling or adding pieces of stuff to it.

The cover is machine washable, which makes it easier to clean always and keeping your dog in a clean and dignified environment at all times. Even after a couple of washes, it still maintains its perfect texture.

Lastly, the bed features a non-skid base, which prevents it from sliding on tiled and wooden floor surfaces or even when your dog steps in or out.

While you can decide to go for this bed due to its amazing features, I would recommend you look further if your dog is with destructive chewing issues as this bed won’t be that perfect for your dog.

2. MAJESTIC PET Donut Bagel Dog Bed

This is one of the best beds you could purchase if you want a comfortable rest for your pet dog. I’ve seen my dog lie in almost all crazy positions on this bed with ease and comfort. It’s not just comfortable, it’s a durable nesting dog bed.

The bolster ends will make it easy for your dog to rest their neck while keeping a straight back or even stick out their necks.

You’re afforded the luxury of putting in any convenient position for your dog without having to worry about oil or water as its base is resistant to both.

One issue I had with it was that the bed doesn’t come with a removable cover but can be washed and dried using a machine; hence no need to worry. However, a big washer and dryer will be needed.

The bed is filled with high loft polyester material, which helps sustain its shape for more extended period. 

What I quite like about the bed is that the cover is sturdy. You wouldn’t have to worry about the digging and all those habits as this bed has enough to take it which further enhances its durability alongside comfortability it provides.

3. FURHAVEN Plush Ball Dog Bed

FURHAVEN Plush Ball Dog Bed is another great choice. It is a nesting ball dog bed that features a plush faux fur to provide your dog with optimal comfort. 

This is coupled with an inner stretchy material for more flexibility and to your dog nesting habits. Worthy of note is that the inner material is designed with durability in mind as it is less likely to tear from claws than the normal liners.

It is easy to clean, and the cover can be removed to be washed, and even the liner material can also be washed in light or gentle cycle.

It comes with a zippered design that allows you to either add the extra filling or remove some to match your dogs’ comfort at any point in time. .

In case you’re still a bit nervous about your choice (which is normal), the bed comes with a good customer assurance policy.

4. BARKBOX 2-in-1 Memory Foam Dog Bolster Bed

This is another great bed for nesting. It features two long and two short bolsters for maximum comfort and perfect snuggle spot. It is a 2-in-1 bed consisting of a gel memory foam and the high-density pressure-relieving foam.

It comes with a soft and sinkable mattress that allows it to conform to the body and weight of your dog. 

Its exceptional pressure relieving feature is one reason I often recommend this bed to owners that has dogs with arthritis or dogs struggling to move freely. 

The gel memory foam is also temperature regulating, which prevents your dog from getting hot while asleep. This memory foam doesn’t smell like most memory foam does, making it safer for your dogs.

It comes with a mattress cover that is water-resistant and machine washable, a feature common to most dog beds to ensure easy cleaning. You can confidently use a washer without thinking about the material quality, as it does just fine.

The bed is easy to assemble and also comes with an assembly instruction manual.  

5. AsFROST Memory Foam Dog Bed

The AsFROST Memory Foam Dog Bed is another worthy recommendation. It is an orthopedic nesting dog bed perfect for old dogs as it is made with ultra-soft cotton padding and grooved Orthopedic foam.

It provides your dog with a good sleeping spot for snuggling and nesting. It is well padded and the Orthopedic foam provides maximum comfort and improves your dogs’ health and mobility.

Unlike some dog beds, which features equal bolsters on all sides, this bed leaves room for your dog to step in and out of bed by having part of the bolster on a side a bit lower. This further provides spine and neck support for your dog.    

It is easy to clean with its removable cover and washable with a machine using a light or gentle cycle that cleans faster. It’s ideal to dry under natural-mild conditions as drying under high temperature isn’t recommended.

The bed is lightweight, which makes it easy to move and even take along with you in case you want to go on a trip along with your dog.

It also has a non-slip rubber base that protects your dog and prevents the bed’s unnecessary movements on some floors.

6. MAJESTIC PET Villa Bagel Dog Bed

The Majestic pet has gotten a name for nesting style dog bed over the years. One among many, you could trust for comfort, support, and durability.

Its bolsters help to straighten the spine of your dog when resting their heads to provide your dog with maximum comfort

In a way, I also feel the edges help prevent the dogs from snoring and make breathing easier for them.

This particular 40-inch model is a suitable nesting dog beds for large dogs

It has a waterproof base to protect it in case of spills or accidents and makes it safer as your dog gets in and out of bed. The bed is also stuffed with premium high loft polyester fill.

Asides from destructive chewing for an extended period, I’m convinced the bed would last your dog for a long time.

Along with this bed being easy to use, I also find this bed easy to clean and maintain.

Lastly, Majestic pet offers a generous return policy. If not considered expensive, you’re assured of getting value for your money because I got for mine.

7. Barkbox 2-in-1 Memory Foam Donut Cuddler

The last dog bed is this product from Barkbox. This is a soft nesting dog bed with some amazing features your dog would love.

It’s made from chipped memory foam which works great by conforming to your dog’s body to help relieve pressure at the joints.

The vegan fur cover provides therapeutic effects for body ache, joint pain, and arthritis for your dog.

Another thing about this bed is the fact that it is waterproof. This takes care of spills and accident that may cause discomfort. It also machine-washable to allow you to do your cleanings effortlessly.

This bed is made of high-quality material and not one that could be torn easily. It is quite easy to assemble and has anti-slip features that hold the bed in the spot as your dog moves.


What type of bed is best for older dogs?

FURHAVEN Donut Dog Bed is best for older dogs. It’s a round nesting dog bed designed to provide your dog with support and a cozy experience.

What type of dog bed is best?

MAJESTIC PET Donut Bagel Dog Bed is best for your puppy. I’ve seen my dog lie in almost all crazy positions on this bed with ease and comfort. It’s not just comfortable, it’s a durable nesting dog bed

Do dogs prefer hard or soft beds?

Dogs prefer soft beds. Because they can feel comfort in soft beds.

Do dogs prefer raised beds?

Actually, it depends on your cats. Becasue some of the cats hate or like these kind of beds.


For some dogs, nest making is quite normal, while for others, it could be for some other reasons like pregnancy or the dog is just uncomfortable with its space. The choice of bed for your dog goes a long way in giving your dog the comfort it deserves.

The FURHAVEN Donut Dog Bed tops the list based on my first-hand experience with it while the MAJESTIC PET Villa Bagel Dog Bed is a close second choice.

With this list of best dog bed for nesters, I hope you’re able to decide on the right bed for your dog. I hope you have known about the reviews: 7 Best Dog Beds For Nesters In 2024.

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