Best Dog Crate Pad for Chewers in 2024

Best Dog Crate Pad for Chewers

Having one’s dog chew at its crate pad, as well as just about anything they deem edible, is a worrisome habit for dog owners.

Trust me, you’re not alone on this:

I’ve had such horrible experience with my German Shepherd in the past.

On a lighter note, I’ve seen friends try apple-flavored chew deterrents and chew toys to ward their dogs off chewing their crate pads.

While this method does its bits, it’s not particularly viable as most dogs often find a way to keep returning to their chewing habits.

For this reason, I took it upon myself to deeply research some of the most reliable crate pad for chewers out there and review them, alongside the ones I’ve had first-hand experience with, in my impartial list of the best dog crate pad for chewers.

Does your dog chew its crate pad to shreds? I reckon the recommendations in this article might just be of help.

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  • Review of the Best Indestructible Dog Crate Pad for Chewers
    • #1. goDog Bed Bubble Bolster with Chew Guard Technology
    • #2. K9 Ballistics Durable Chew Resistant / Indestructible Raised Dog Bed
    • #3. Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker (Waterproof & Tear Resistant)
    • #4. K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad
    • #5. Kuranda Orthopedic Dog Bed – Chewproof Design
    • #6. Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed
    • #7. PetFusion PuppyChoice Dog Crate Pad
    • #8. K&H Pet Products K-9 Ruff n’ Tuff Pad
  • What to Look for in a Crate Pad for Chewers
    • Build Material
    • Fitting for Your Dog’s Crate
    • Maintenance
    • Warranty
    • Size
  • Best Chew-Resistant Dog Crate Pad  FAQs
    • Is It Okay to Put a Blanket Over My Dog’s Crate?
    • How Do You Stop a Dog from Chewing in His Crate?
    • Is There a Dog Bed That Can’t Be Chewed Up?
    • What Material Can Dogs Not Chew Through?
    • How Many Times Should I Wash a Crate Pad?

Best Dog Crate Pad for Chewers in 2024

Best Dog Crate Pad for Chewers

Without mincing words, let’s jump straight to the review of the best crate pad got chewers:

#1. goDog Bed Bubble Bolster with Chew Guard Technology

First on the list, the goDog pad might be just the ideal crate pad for your buddy. Built with a chew guard technology that can resist scratching and chewing, the pad can, at the same time, provide your dog with a nesting that makes him comfy.

What stands out in this pad is its mesh liner embedded in the inside; this reinforces the soft, high-pile plush material on the outside and makes the pad more durable.

Talking about durability, this pad, which is pretty much for light and moderate chewers, has reinforced steams, and there is a cushioned bolster threaded on the sides to prevent the surface-material from shredding.

What’s more, the pad can be rolled up and easily cleaned in any washing machine.

Available in different sizes, it also comes in different colors, from gray, tan, to beige color. However:

Note that this crate pad, as aptly mentioned earlier, cannot resist much chewing. Also, it isn’t advised to put it in a dryer; drying in the air will make it maintain it’s fluffiness, which is pretty much what your dog needs for those snuggling hours.


  • Subtle chew guard technology
  • Durable mesh liner
  • Polyester fleece material
  • 30-day, money-back guarantee

#2. K9 Ballistics Durable Chew Resistant / Indestructible Raised Dog Bed

One of my favorite crate pads, this pad’s selling point is, no doubt, its virtually indestructible build.

So, if you’re looking for a pad that is strong and comfy at the same time, this pad might be your best.

It has metal framing built around it, coupled with support from aluminum cover and legs.

Certainly, dogs tend to chew their pads from the edges because it’s easier for their teeth, so with this, you’re assured your dog will have a hard time chewing at this pad.

Also, the four aluminum legs are raised a few inches above the ground, thus giving your pet elevated bedding with space for air underneath; however, this doesn’t deter the pad from fitting into any crate.

The primary, surface material is made of ballistic rip-stop material, making this product an apt option for medium to hard chewers. The pad, coupled with its frames and legs, comes fully preassembled, so there isn’t any workaround required.

An added advantage to this pad is that it comes with a 120-day warranty, which means the pad will be replaced if torn within the warranty period. Such confidence from the manufacturers.

However, the material, albeit strong, is not fluffy.


  • 100% aluminum frame and legs
  • Ballistic rip-stop material
  • Long warranty coverage

#3. Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker (Waterproof & Tear Resistant)

One may look at this pad from Big Barker and say oh! “it is a bit pricey!”

Well, the truth is, I had the same feeling; but digging deep into what this pad offers, I decided it would be worth it, and boy, my expectations were met.

Built with American-made orthopedic foam, this pad is scientifically calibrated to be comfy for your dog’s skeletal system, as well as prevent elbow or hip dysplasia & arthritis. 

As a dog owner, it’d interest you to know that this pad has waterproofing features; hence, you might only need the help of a wet rag to clean your dog’s accidents up.  

Also, the pad could pass off as a proper bed; despite this, it still maintains a great level of chewing resistance.

How is this like?

Well, the pad is covered with Cordura nylon, a military-grade fabric mostly used for the best dog crate pad for chewers.

Overall, this crate pad is a great option for dog owners who want a great snuggling space for their dogs as well as aging dogs.


  • Waterproof capabilities
  • 4” thick foam
  • Codura nylon coating
  • Machine washable

#4. K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad

This is yet another dog crate pad from K9 Ballistic®. Unlike the previously-reviewed, aluminum-framed crate pad from the same manufacturer, this crate pad is ideal for light chewers or generally dogs who play rough in their crates.

The product has a rip-stop, Ballistic cover as well; but there is something about it that stands out. It has zip tie-downs on the corners; that is, the zips can be tightened and secured to the corners of your dog’s crate.

This is an essential feature, considering that most light chewers tend to tear their crate pad from the edges.

Also, the covering of this crate pad is waterproof, so there won’t be much cleaning to do when your dog has an accident. Also, at 1.5” thickness, your dog will get much coziness to keep him sleeping for as long as desired.

Overall, this pad is great for scratches and tearing from light chewers. However, I suggest that the zip-ties are always used to tie the pad down for better chew and tear resistance, plus it can withhold constant washing in machines.


  • 1.5” thickness comfortability
  • 120-day, chew-proof warranty
  • Durable covering
  • Chew resistance for light chewers

#5. Kuranda Orthopedic Dog Bed – Chewproof Design

Let’s be straight, elevated dog beds stand out in so many ways, and that’s why we are seeing another one, yet again, on my list of the best dog crate pad for chewers.

The dog bed from Kuranda has a walnut-colored, furniture-grade frame and legs which can blend quite well with your home furniture.

The bed is designed in such a way that the fabric slides easily into the frame which hides the edges of the fabric, thereby making the edges invisible for your pet to chew at.

In addition to this great design, another key area of this bed is its fabric, which is made of Cordura material; this material has been tested to be as sturdy as a canvas.

The bed is available in different sizes, with the most sort-after one being the 36×22” which I got for my German Shepherd.

Overall, this bed provides great durability with its PVC frame support and Cordura material, and it can resist chewing and tearing from heavy and aggressive chewers.

However, it’s only suitable for indoor use and cannot be used under direct sunlight or places with high temperatures, due to the frames.


  • Elevated orthopedic design
  • 1-year warranty
  • High-strength PVC frame

#6. Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed

If not for this bed’s size, the first glance at it would allure you to take a nap in it. Shaped just as a regular human bed, this dog bed from Brindle®, at 3” thickness, can fit into your dog’s crate quite aptly.

Also, the bed has zippers cornered around the edges; this can be unzipped to remove the outer coating which can be washed in any machine and air-dried, thereby providing your buddy with fresh bedding.

This pad is suitable for medium-sized dogs, and its soft shredded foam will prevent your dog from suffering achy joints and, at the same time, increase airflow and make your dog breathe easily.

Overall, with a variety of color options, you can harness this bed to blend with your style, and your dog will most certainly love it.

What dog doesn’t love comfy snuggling?

Be that as it may, note that this bed doesn’t have any real chew-proof material and is, as a result, strongly recommended for light chewers only.


  • Soft, removable microsuede cover  
  • Machine-washable outer coating
  • 3-year warranty
  • Various sizes and colors

#7. PetFusion PuppyChoice Dog Crate Pad

Think about providing your dog with a crate pad that’s not only sturdy and resistant to scratches, but is also waterproof and easy to wash; this will save you maintenance cost and time, and this product has it all.  

While I don’t see any reason or use for the corners being darted at 180 degrees, the pad still maintains a non-skid bottom for hard surfaces, and it can be used as a stand-alone bed or as a crate pad.

For its waterproofing capability, the pad’s foam liner is made of polyester microsuede fabric; this fabric makes it rugged and sturdy, therefore resisting chewing and scratching from puppies or light chewers.

For ease of maintenance, two zipper compartments make the coating easy to remove and reassemble.

Overall, at 1.5” thickness, this pad makes snuggling cozy for puppies and light chewers, and the waterproof cover doesn’t make any significant noise.

Be that as it may, the waterproofing of this pad isn’t 100-percent as it can only slow down the passing through of liquid. Also, I don’t recommend this product if your dog is a very aggressive chewer.


  • 100% sturdy polyester fabric
  • A year warranty
  • Removable cover
  • Non-skid bottom

#8. K&H Pet Products K-9 Ruff n’ Tuff Pad

This list of the best dog crate for chewers wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this great crate pad from K&H.

This pad is made from 1,260 rip-stop, polyester fabric, and this can resist chewing from rough and tough dogs. 

While color is barely a key interest for any crate pad shopper, I however completely love the primary navy-blue color of this pad. Also, like the PetFusion crate pad I reviewed earlier, this one also has darted corners, but with this one being fully stretched to all corners.

The pad is apt for medium-sized dogs and can fit into most crate pad, due to the flexibility provided by the darted corners. Hence, nothing stops you from using it both indoors and outdoors.

In general, dirt shakes out easily from this pad, and it dries up pretty quickly. While the build material has its toughness, the pad can’t resist much chewing; hence, I urge that you use this pad strictly for light chewers.


  • 1260 Denier, rip-stop polyester
  • Fully darted corners
  • Machine-washable covering

What to Look for in a Crate Pad for Chewers

While I understand the need for a crate pad that can stand the test of chewing time, please note that no crate pad is 100% indestructible.

Regardless, some are more durable and reliable than others, hence why I made this list of the best dog crate chewers from my first-hand experience and deep research into the market.

However, should you need to handpick a crate pad yourself, the following are what you should consider to get real value for your money:

Build Material

This is most certainly what you might want to consider first.

Nobody wants a pad that will be rendered useless by their dog in a short time; for this reason, ensure that the design and build material of a crate pad match your dog’s behavior.

Aggressive dogs will need a very sturdy pad such as an elevated one with aluminum-framed edges. Pads with polyester fleece material might be enough for light and moderate chewers.

You might also want to consider your dog’s age; an aging dog certainly needs a pad that is very fluffy and nice on its joints; make this a priority for such a dog regardless of the durability.

Fitting for Your Dog’s Crate

Okay. It’s called a crate pad for a reason. Unless it aptly fits into your dog’s crate, then it’s utterly useless.

For this reason, many of the crate pad I’ve listed here come in different sizes.

Ensure that the crate pad is not only big enough for your dog but that it can also go into your dog’s crate effortlessly. You can simply check the measurement of the crate before deciding on which pad to get.


I can’t imagine having to deal with a crate pad that has to remain unwashed and dirty due to its maintenance difficulty.

That’s not healthful for my German Shepherd, as well as any other dog. Pads with removable outer coating are the easiest to maintain.  

For others, you might need a damp cloth to clean up the pad and the air-dry afterward.

However, ensure that you streamline the use of machine washers for any pad. This might destroy its underlying waterproof material if it has one; therefore, I strongly recommend hand-washing once in a while.


Many manufacturers advertise their products as chew-proof, indestructible, sturdy, to mention three.

For this reason, some of them offer between 3 months to a year warranty should there be a case where the crate pad gets chewed or destroyed by your dog.

In that case, some may send you a replacement, while others will simply return your money. Either way, It’s a win-win for you, so ensure that you’re covered with adequate warranty before settling for a crate pad.


We might have deliberated on a factor relating to size before, but be that as it may, you have to consider the size if you have more than one dog.

Crate pads such as the Brindle soft memory foam bed reviewed in this article have sizes big enough to accommodate 2 to 3 dogs.

Getting a pad big enough will save you the cost of having to buy one individually for each dog, as well as improve tolerance and cohabitation amongst your dogs.


Finding the right crate pad for your dog should be an easy one by now. With a variety of crate pads to choose from, the crate pad I consider the best is the Kuranda dog bed; it’s a premium pad with very durable frame and legs to protect the center-bed and provide great comfort for your dog.

On the other hand, the Brindle soft memory foam pad is also great for fluffy bedding and aging dogs, while the K9 Ballistics pad tuff crate pad is excellent for fitting in any bed.

You can use the buyer guide I provide up above for personal shopping or simply pick one on the 8 crate pads recommended in this article. Good luck!

Explain what the problem is after observation and seek advice on what next to do. If he needs to be brought it pronto, do so. Eventually, your male dog will be back in full health. I hope you go the reviews of Best Dog Crate Pad for Chewers.

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