Best Dog Leash For Big Dogs In 2024

Best Dog Leash For Big Dogs

Best Dog Leash For Big Dogs: To know the reviews, read the full article.

Being a proud owner of a huge Boerboel, I know first-hand how important a strong, sturdy dog leash is.

My dog can really give you a pull-for-your-money, so using substandard leashes was very frustrating for me as they snapped at hard pulls.

Luckily, during my search for strong dog leashes, I came across some great dog leashes for big dogs that can keep your “big boy” in check!

I’ve been through loads of online reviews, trying to find some heavy duty leashes for large dogs, and in the course of this article, I will unbiasedly recommend some great brands to you, including my personal favorites.

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  • Best heavy duty leash for large dogs Table
  • Review of Top Picks for Big dog Leashes
    • 1. Chai’s choice padded 3M reflective dog leash
    • 2. EzyDog ZERO SHOCK leash
    • 3. Fairwin braided leather dog leash 6ft-k9
    • 4. FLEXI New Neon Reflective Retractable 16′ Tape Leash
    • 5. Leashboss 3X – two handle dog leash with extra traffic handle
    • 6. Signature k9 braided leather leash
    • 7. Sparkly pets heavy-duty rope bungee leash
    • 8. Primal pet gear dog leash 6ft long (padded, two handle heavy duty)
    • 9. Paw lifestyles extra heavy duty dog leash – 6ft long
    • 10. Dutchy brand heavy-duty dog leash (training lead)
  • Big Dog Leash Buying Guide: Things To Consider
    • Material & Durability
    • Length
    • Clip
    • The temperament of your dog
  • Top Heavy Duty leashes for Big Dogs FAQs

Best heavy duty leash for large dogs Table

I’m guessing you’d like to get more info on the dog leashes I’ve listed above, and know why I consider them the best in the market.

Read on, as I share my knowledge on these products with you one by one.

Best Dog Leash For Big Dogs

Best Dog Leash For Big Dogs

1. Chai’s choice padded 3M reflective dog leash:Best Dog Leash For Big Dogs

First on my list is this product by Chai’s Choice. It’s one of the leashes I’ve used on my Boerboel and really enjoyed using. 

If you are a stylish type like me and want your dog to attract attention from passers-by, then this is a great choice for you. What I initially fell in love with prior purchase was the design. It’s so sleek and great on my dog. 

In addition to that:

The leash is double stitched with a 3M reflective material on both edges. This makes for optimal visibility during night time strolls to help keep your pet safe.

Now, let’s talk comfortability:

It’s softness on the hand when using the loop handle is also one of the features I really like about the leash. The soft mesh padding is aimed to make you and your pet comfy especially if he pulls a lot.

If you’re looking for a harness to match the leash, then the company – Chai’s choice has got you covered. The harness has almost the same features as the leash in soft mesh padding to remove pressure from his neck and reflectivity for additional comfort and safety.

Lest I forget, you’d be right to not mistake its softness for weakness. The leash is very sturdy and durable but not super heavy to withstand the weight of large dogs and tough pullers.

It’s been chewed several times by my dog and still does the job. Also, the duraflex snap has a large loading capacity for secure attachment

The leash comes in 2 length sizes- 44 inches and 78 inches. The choice is yours to make.

If you want more control during walks, then you obviously will go with the shorter length. It also has 2 width sizes, please go for the 1″ size – that’s the right size suitable for large dogs.

You have nine brilliant colors to choose from so you can walk your dog in style. I went with orange though.

2. EzyDog ZERO SHOCK leash

When I first became a dog parent, one of the first things I did was researched on the best and reputable brands for all my dog supplies.

Sounds familiar?

You bet! EzyDog was one of those I found reputable and the zero shock leash is a great product I use. The first thing I like is the zero-shock technology exclusive to EzyDog.

This really helps to reduce the impact and strain that can come from an over-excited dog pulling on the leash. Honestly, this is a feature you really want to try yourself. The shock absorption technology makes it unique from others.

Just like Chai’s Choice dog leash above, it has reflective stitching for enhanced nighttime visibility for late hour runs.

One of the qualities I always look out for in leashes is being comfortable to hold. This leash sure possesses that. It’s so soft and didn’t rub against my hand

the outer handle has Soft neoprene that makes it waterproof and comfortable to grip.

An extra feature it comes with is the D-ring and barrel lock for attaching accessories like keys, waste bags and more.

It’s available in two lengths (25inches and 48inches) and a variety of colors and patterns to suit your individual needs and style.

Must say that the 48-inch leash has additional features which are secondary traffic control handle for more control in crowded areas and Quick-Grab Rubber Handle.

I tend to go out on walks with the leash more.

3. Fairwin braided leather dog leash 6ft-k9

I was not a fan of leather dog leashes. I was under the impression they’re stiff and could cause discomfort to my dogs

I was wrong! In fact, a well-crafted dog leash is a great option to have. 

Talking about Fairwin braided leather leash, it’s made from premium quality leather that one can sense from afar which makes it look great.

Despite that it’s thicker than most non-leather leash, this leash is so soft and comfortable in your hands and on your dog.

Even though it’s soft, it’s very sturdy and can serve you for a long time if it’s protected from being chewed a lot. The braided and bolted ends will hold the strongest dogs no matter the breed. Though I would not encourage letting the leash see water a lot of time

I tip it as a great choice for training because it gives you total control. The length is great also and measures up to 5.6 feet.

Another cool feature I really like is that the leash is fully braided, so no stitches or sewing that might loosen off with time. Another reason why I see it as more durable.

4. FLEXI New Neon Reflective Retractable 16′ Tape Leash

This is another great product that’s about style and safety. The leash is so beautiful and I like it for that.

It comes in neon bright-yellow color that’s meant not just for style alone but for the safety of your pet. The tape and its handle are in neon yellow which enables visibility during dark hours.

One thing you may also consider is that it’s retractable.

No one wants to hold a leash especially when not in use, so I see it as an added advantage over others. It runs smoothly in and out so that your dog can roam freely, or be restrained at the perfect length you want. Thanks to the in-built brake mechanism.

If you are a fan of Flexi’s products, the leash is compatible with the Multi Box Leash Accessory to store stuffs like treats, waste bags, etc.

The handle is comfortable and spacious for someone with big hands. It’d work well also if you put on gloves when in the cold.

Although it’s not the strongest product out there, it has some cool features unique to it which most great products do have.

5. Leashboss 3X – two handle dog leash with extra traffic handle

This product is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a heavy-duty leash for your large dog that also pulls really badly.

This leash offers you close control, as well as comfort on the handle. Being so comfortable to handle doesn’t mean it’s soft. On the contrary, it is one of the toughest and most durable dog leashes I’ve come across and it will last you a long time!

The manufacturers of this leash paid special attention to quality. Its 1” inch nylon webbing is paired with heavy-duty clips and poly-bonded nylon threading that make this one of the strongest dog leashes you can find in the market.

It’s hard to control a big dog on a walk if the handles aren’t comfy enough, that is why this leash is padded with soft neoprene material so your palms can be at ease!

Besides the long and short handles, it also comes with a special handle for closer control when you’re crossing the road with your dog, or walking through busy traffic! Isn’t that cool?

As far as confidence in your product goes, you can have a 100% confidence in this leash. The manufacturers make sure of that by offering you a whopping 5-year warranty.

6. Signature k9 braided leather leash

As far as best leashes for big dogs are concernedthis is one of the best money can buy, care to know why I said so?

Well, it meets law enforcement and military-grade standards, it is also made of best quality latigo leather which guarantees you the strength and long-lasting ability you require from your dog leash. I also need to point out that the leather gets better with age!

If you’re a fan of the vintage class, then this is a leash you’d like to buy. It is American-made by old wood Amish Craftsmen in Pennsylvania.

This leash goes easy on your hand, as it is very comfortable when you grip. There are no stitches or rivets used on this leash, it is slot braided. The slot braids actually give it a mature, beautiful look.

It is designed with a ¾ inch brass bolt snap which makes attaching and detaching to your dog’s collar easy!

7. Sparkly pets heavy-duty rope bungee leash

This is among the best leashes for big dogs I came across, and it actually has served me well.

If you’re tired of your dog chewing on his leash, then you should consider buying this one. It is made from very durable nylon webbing so it’s chew-resistant.

It has a strong metallic hook that latches on firmly to your dog’s collar, so no matter how hard he pulls, you’ll still be in total control.

This leash was designed not just for big dogs, but for strong dogs as well. It comes with a detachable shock absorbing bungee that helps offset the pull from your dog.

As tough as this leash is, you’d expect it to be heavy, but it’s not. It’s very light, and it has a padded handle so your hands are protected from bruises.

If you’re the type that loves walking your dog at night then this is great for you. It has reflective stripes sewn into it which makes visibility 100%!

It’s great for Dobermans, German Shepherds, and Labradors.

8. Primal pet gear dog leash 6ft long (padded, two handle heavy duty)

The design of this leash is what caught my attention, it has two handles, yes two! One at the end of the leash, and the other 1ft away from the clip. This gives you dual control options so be rest assured your dog will be safe in your hands.

It also comes with a new improved thumb release knob that’s really hard to break. Very ideal for walking that Herculean dog of yours!

As far as quality dog leashes are concerned, you can bank on this product. It is made of premium quality materials and comes with a one-year replacement warranty. So, you’ll be buying this with a risk-free mind.

It also comes in 9 different colors so you have a wide variety to choose from.

Your comfort is so taken into proper consideration with this product, as it comes with extra padding on the handles to give you an easy handling experience!

I suggest you give this a try!

9. Paw lifestyles extra heavy duty dog leash – 6ft long

This is another great product I came across during my search for the best leashes for big dogs that I highly recommend as well.

I’m pretty sure you’re wondering why?

So let me tell you. It is built mainly for the purpose of controlling really big and strong dogs, with maximum toughness and durability taken very seriously in its design!

This leash is almost twice as thick & strong as other standard dog leashes! It is 3mm thick and 1” inch wide, and has tightly webbed nylon which makes its construction one of the most rugged in the market.

The great thing about this very rugged leash is that it’s super comfy to handle. All thanks to its premium neoprene padded handle. Your palms will be under no stress or “torture” as you walk your dog. You’ll absolutely love the feeling it gives!

As far as nighttime safety is concerned, this is the leash to buy. It has 2 seams of luminous reflective threading that keeps you and your dog very visible at night. Moving vehicles and other passers-by will be very aware of your presence when you walk your dog with this leash.

Amazingly, this leash is pretty lightweight, I thought it’d be heavier since it’s so rugged. I give the manufacturers a big thumbs up for that!

In case you and your dog get caught in the rain, don’t fret! This leash is made of premium weather-resistant nylon so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

It comes with a large 2” heavy-duty clip for maximum safety, as well as a D-ring you can use for your dog training clicker or hold your dog’s poop bag. It also works fine with your already existing dog collar and harness.

It comes in just 2 colors (black and green) but it isn’t much of a problem. Sorry fashionistas!

10. Dutchy brand heavy-duty dog leash (training lead)

Another strong dog leash for you to consider! It is strong and long-lasting.

It is designed with multiple layers of tough nylon material so you can be sure you’re buying a top-quality dog leash.

It is specifically made to resist damage!

The softly padded handles make the dog walks easier, the same as the weight since it is also very light! It has a 6ft length so you’ll remain in control of your dog’s movements.

The Dutchy brand places a promise on this leash – if the leash does not satisfy you and your dog, then they’ll give you a full refund. Talk about consumer confidence boost!

It doesn’t have reflective threading

Big Dog Leash Buying Guide: Things To Consider

Walking your dog is very important, it’s one of the most effective exercises you can have him do, it’s great for you too as it helps create a stronger bond between you and your “best friend”.

You may want to explore other brands of dog leashes for big dogs other than the ones I’ve recommended above, but before you make your purchase, be sure to consider a few important factors.

These include:

Material & Durability

Basically, good dog leashes are meant to control your dog’s movements during walks, this means it’ll have to withstand the force with which your dog pulls.

This only means it has to be made of good quality materials that would be able to resist the “beating” it is guaranteed to take every single time you use it. Nylon material is what I recommend.

An extra tip is to buy dog leashes made with materials that can reflect light. These are great for walking your dog at night!


You need to pick a dog leash that is of the right length, depending on your dog’s size and temperament. The length of dog leash you go for will determine how much freedom he has on the open road.

Your dog leash should be long enough to allow your dog some space to move, but short enough to keep him close by.


For the safety of your dog and other passers-by, be sure the dog leash you buy has a strong clip, one that will latch on tight to collars or harnesses!

The temperament of your dog

The temperament of your dog plays a big role in the type of leash to be selected for use.  A short leash is advisable for someone with an aggressive dog when taking a walk to ensure that your dog stays close to you at all times.

Your dog deserves a little bit of freedom when taking a walk but it also should be close enough to you to monitor and control its movement.

With aggressive dogs, you have to select a leash with a strong clip to ensure that it doesn’t break when your dog pulls away.


What type of leash is best for large dogs?

Chai’s choice padded 3M reflective dog leash is best for large dogs.

What’s the best lead for a big dog that pulls?

EzyDog was one of those I found reputable and the zero shock leash is a great product I use. The first thing I like is the zero-shock technology exclusive to EzyDog.

What is the best brand of dog leashes?

3. Fairwin braided leather dog leash 6ft-k9 is the best brand of dog leashes.

What is the strongest dog leash made?

Steel Cables is the strongest dog leash made.


A dog is man’s best friend, and your best friend deserves the best gifts you can offer. The bigger your dog, the tougher his leash needs to be. The reason you should choose the best dog leashes for big dogs available in the market.

Big dogs are usually stronger, which means a harder pull when you go on walks. You don’t want the clip snapping off after a few walks do you? I guessed so!

Consider the material, length and overall quality of your dog leash before you pull out your wallet. Also, be kind enough to recommend other quality brands of dog leashes for big dogs you may have come across, the comment box is all yours.

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