Barkbox Dog Bed Review In 2024

Barkbox Dog Bed Review

Barkbox Dog Bed Review: To know it read the full article.

Bark is best known for treats, toys, and their monthly dog subscription boxes.

As an active barkbox subscriber, I thought I’d check their bed out. So, I got one for my furbaby, Louie. (She’s an eight-year-old Labrador Retriever).

Before I start talking about what I think about the bed and Louie’s experience, I’d like to point out that Barkbox has two brands of bed.

  • The thick orthopedic gel memory foam bed
  • 2-in-1 memory foam dog pillow / cuddler bed

So, if you don’t know which to get, I’ll be reviewing the two beds and their features to help you decide which will be perfect for your dog.

Barkbox Dog Bed Review

Barkbox Dog Bed Review

Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

This is the Bark dog bed version I got for Louie, and I can remember how she was all over me, been anxious, and staring at the package as I unboxed it. She loves this bed!! I’ve been using it till now, and it’s one of the best products I got her to date.

Now, I’ll dive into the details based on my first-hand experience.

Design and Build Quality

Memory foam: One feature that sped up my decision to get this bed for my dog was the use of solid memory foam. Really, it was made from two layers of memory foam that serve two different purposes.

What a memory foam does is that it contours to the body of your dog when he sleeps on it, so it relieves the pressure against his bones and joints. And this why even humans feel pain when we sleep on a hard surface or a substandard mattress product.

Now, talking about the two layers that make up the Barkbox Memory Foam Dog Bed, the top layer is made of ergonomic gel-infused memory foam, which provides quality comfort for your dog by relieving bad joints, arthritis, and hip dysplasia. So if you’ve got an older dog, this may be well worth it; even younger dogs will find it difficult to get out of it.

Another thing I like about this bed is that it holds well to big and heavy dogs. This is made possible by the Tempur-pedic memory foam at the bottom layer, which acts as a support base for it and can take a lot of weight on large dog breeds and have no problem supporting them. It bounces just right back once your dog gets up from it.

With the gel-infused top layer, it regulates temperature by drawing heat away from your dog’s body. Though it’s not really significant, you might want to get a cooling pad if your dog gets hot a lot.

Bed Cover Features 

Removable and Machine-Washable cover. Apart from the cover over the foam, this bed has another cover on top of it that is removable and washable in case of accidents. I’m not a fan of beds that are thrown into the washing machine when wanting to clean, as I believe this will reduce their durability.

The bed cover is durable, I’ve washed mine several times, and there’s been no form of wear. It is easy to remove just by pulling the zipper open. Cleaning it is hassle-free too, with the help of a washing machine but make sure you use a cold, gentle cycle and air dry or tumble dry it.

Waterproof: Well, this is an aspect I think the bed doesn’t really excel. Though they claim the bed is waterproof, but it’s not completely waterproof, especially when the urine/water is much.

I’ve had water and urine sunk in when it’s a little excess. So, in case your dog has an accident, just spot clean it. I would also suggest wrapping the inside foam with a plastic bag before putting the cover back on.


The Barkbox memory foam dog bed comes in various sizes to suit your dog:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X Large
  • and XX-Large. 

While the small, medium and large are 3-inches thick, the xlarge and xxlarge are 4-inches thick to ensure that larger breeds get the premium comfort and support.

It’s flexible to put in suitcases if you want to travel or camp and will be able to fit with your luggage when traveling.

Who is it for?

The bed is ideal for owners who want to give their dogs quality comfort. It’s also great for dogs that like to nest because of its pretty tough cover made from fleece. And even for older dogs because of orthopedic effects, but that doesn’t mean younger dogs can’t use it

How to set it up

The bed comes vacuum-sealed, so you will have to let it inflate fully for about 24-72 hours after unboxing before using it.

2-in-1 Memory Foam Dog Pillow Bed

This is another great bed from Barkbox and shares many similar features because it uses the same foam as the memory foam bed with just some extra features. So, I’ll be touching on what makes it different from the first version.

Design and Build Quality

Like the memory foam, it has high density pressure relieving foam to make your dog sleep better and relieve pains from bad joints. The bed package comes with a mattress cover, foam mattress & bolsters, free toy, wearable crown. It comes with two long bolsters and two short bolsters for adjacent sides.

I really like the look of this bed and will be upgrading to it when I decide to change my current one. It is excellent quality and a good looking, nicely cushioned bed. It has fluffy bolsters that provide maximum comfort than the regular joint-relief dog beds. 

The bolsters are made from extra comfortable stuffing using a dense polyfill. Worth mentioning is that the replaceable bolsters are not available for sale as at the time I’m writing this.

Bed Cover Features 

Removable and Machine-Washable Cover: I really love that one can take out the memory foam and pillow pieces from their covers to wash. Another thing I like about it, just like the regular memory foam bed is that it’s machine washable. The replacement cover used on this bed is tougher than the first one. It uses a thick material, so it’s which makes it durable.

Waterproof: Just like the first version, this bed is not also fully waterproof


The 2-in-1 memory foam dog Pillow bed comes in a few sizes Small, Medium, and Large, and all are 3 inches thick.

It’s flexible to put in suitcases if you want to travel or camp and will be able to fit with your luggage when traveling.

Who is it for?

The bed is ideal for dogs that like to curl up. So if you have breeds that like curling up, this may be ideal for you while also enjoying the orthopedic effects

How to assemble:

This package also comes vacuum sealed and requires to leave the bed for 24-72 hours to inflate fully. So you may be thinking about how to set it up since it’s different from the regular styled one?

Honestly, some users found it difficult to put together at first, but here are the steps to make it easy for you:

  • When inserting into the cover, make sure the blue side of the mattress is up.
  • Zip mattress cover onto the mattress.
  • Put zipped up mattress into the bed cover.
  • Insert bolsters and zip as you go.
  • Start with the large bolster and work your way around.
  • Make sure bolsters align with the seam.

Recommended Accessory

Like every other product, we always wish to have a back up accessory to elongate their lifespan and can be handy for emergency needs. Luckily, during my search, I was able to find a backup item made available by Barkbox for their bed.

Barkbox dog bed replacement cover

Barkbox recently made replacement covers available for purchase in a step to satisfy their customers further. I did get one, and they did provide several options that are super beautiful. There are seven different options to choose from using different materials.

The cover has a liner underneath it to resist water or urine leaking through into the foam. I can also confirm that the cover is durable, just like the one that originally came with the bed.


Now that you know the about the Barkbox beds, you may now decide which suits your dog perfectly while bearing in mind the effect of orthopedic relief your dog would be getting and will thank you for it.

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