Best Lice Shampoo For Dogs In 2024

Best Lice Shampoo For Dogs

Best Lice Shampoo For Dogs: To know the reviews, read our article.

If your dog has just got lice, you know how disturbing this could be for your dog. When left untreated, the problem could last for months, leaving your pet in great discomfort.

Some of the symptoms that come with lice infestation on dogs include intense itching, biting affected spots, scruffy and dry hair coat, and at times hair loss.

These are some of what my dog experienced when he had lice.

Seeking treatment for canine lice seems the next step of which is getting the best lice shampoo for dogs, and I’ll be recommending the one I got which did the job and few others that are effective as well.

But before then, let’s talk about what to look for in a good anti-lice shampoo for dogs.

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  • What makes a  lice removal shampoo for dogs effective
  • 5 Best Dog Shampoo To Kill Lice
    • #1. ZODIAC Oatmeal Conditioning Shampoo
    • #2. ADAMS Plus Shampoo with Precor
    • #3. BIO-GROOM Conditioning Shampoo
    • #4. DIRECT PROTECT PLUS Shampoo
    • #5. CLASSIC’s Lime Sulfur Dip
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Does dog shampoo kill lice eggs?
    • Can you use lice shampoo on dogs for fleas?
    • Does flea and tick shampoo work for lice?
    • Can you use human lice shampoo for dogs, and is it safe?
    • Dog lice shampoo ingredients
    • Will lice shampoo kill mange on dogs?

What makes a  lice removal shampoo for dogs effective

As with most microbial and parasitic infections, chemical formulations are needed to get rid of them completely. Most dog shampoo for lice treatment contains a combination of pyrethrins or organophosphates(S)-Methoprene and Piperonyl Butoxide to combat louse infestations and do an excellent job of getting rid of them. Earthy ingredients like sulfurated lime have also been researched to kill dog lice, and I’ll be recommending one later in this post.

5 Best Lice Shampoo For Dogs

Best Lice Shampoo For Dogs

#1. ZODIAC Oatmeal Conditioning Shampoo

This product is one of the best lice treatment for dogs I’ll recommend to anyone. I used it when my dog got lice, and it’s my favorite shampoo. It’s an oatmeal conditioning shampoo that kills lice very quickly while bathing your dog. Even if the lice infestation has got severe and intense itching, the shampoo will help heal your dog’s skin.

I also like that it’s gentle and great for dogs with sensitive skin, so your dog won’t suffer from any allergic reactions. One cool thing I also cherish is that it doesn’t dry out my dog’s skin out at all, and it’s also tear-free.

The smell is pleasant and can last for a few days, but it’s not overwhelming. So you may want to consider it if you want it to take away the stinky smell of our dog.

After bathing your dog with it, you’d notice it leaves its coat soft, shiny, and smooth and helps with skin irritation.

It is concentrated, and you will have to dilute it before using it, so it lasts a long time for frequent bathing. It lathers up nicely, and it’s easy to rinse off.

#2. ADAMS Plus Shampoo with Precor

The ADAMS Plus Shampoo with Precor is also another great and effective product. It’s one of the best flea tick and lice treatment for dogs. Combines the main ingredients to fend off lice infestation and does a great job at it. It also contains an Insect growth regulator to break pests growth cycle for up to 28 days by preventing their eggs from hatching.

It has soothing aloe and oatmeal with coconut extract to make your dog’s skin soft and shiny. This dog lice shampoo works great for dogs with sensitive skin, and it’s not harsh on their coat. I like the scent, it smells lovely, but it’s a bit strong and may linger for the whole day because of that.

It should not be used on dogs, not up to 12 months. Also, you want to avoid the face when using it. To use this shampoo to kill lice, you need first to wet your dog with warm water and apply 1-2 tablespoon of the shampoo. Massage it till it lathers uniformly and leave it for about 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water

#3. BIO-GROOM Conditioning Shampoo

Another great product for lice removal is this shampoo from Bio-groom. It’s a natural pyrethrin shampoo for dog lice that provides immediate and needed relief for your dog concerning dog lice problems. It also works against flea infestation, and it’s an anti tick shampoo.

Its mild formula ensures you can use on your dog if it has sensitive skin. I really like its smell, and it’s one you’d like to have on your dog. Being a conditioning shampoo, it makes your dog’s coat shiny and smooth.

This shampoo comes in a concentrated form, and it has to be diluted before using on your pet. I’m sure it’s going to last enough for your use


The DIRECT PROTECT PLUS shampoo doesn’t just work to kill lice; it also works as a flea and tick shampoo for dogs and kills flea eggs and larvae. It contains the required active ingredients to help control your dog’s louse infestation. It also contains aloe, coconut extract, and oatmeal.

It will help condition your dog’s skin to remove dandruff and scales. Its scent is one you would love, and it does last long. Like the Adams plus shampoo, it has an insect growth regulator to stop pest development so that your dog is not reinfested.

#5. CLASSIC’s Lime Sulfur Dip

Now, this last product I’m recommending is not a shampoo but a natural treatment for dog lice using earthy ingredients. It really does a great job with lice removal and is also effective against mange and other parasitic infections. It kills almost anything microbial and parasitic.

It uses natural ingredients – Calcium & Sulfur to help your pet get rid of pest and itchy skin caused by lice. It’s earthy ingredients make it safe for use on your dog but yet very effective.

But I will be honest with you, this product doesn’t have the best smell. It’s stinky but not extremely terrible, and it’s just what you should expect from any sulfur-containing treatment. You may want to take your dog for a walk to hasten drying of the treatment, which will reduce the smell because the smell fades as it dries.

It’s a skin-friendly product, and you might want to consider it if you don’t want to use chemical treatments on your dog. I must mention that it will likely stain your dog’s coat by giving him a yellow tint, but this is just temporary.

It’s a concentrated formula, so you have to mix with water before using it. You may need several dips before it gets rid of lice and to be effective. A tip I’ll give is that you put on your gloves while applying it and make sure the treatment application is made outside of the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does dog shampoo kill lice eggs?

Not all dog shampoos kill lice, let alone lice eggs. When shopping for a lice removal shampoo for dogs, you want to look out for products that contain an insect growth regulator. This simply breaks the development cycle and prevents hatching of lice eggs into a full-blown louse.

Can you use lice shampoo on dogs for fleas?

Yes, you can. Most shampoos for lice contain active ingredients effective against fleas as well. So precisely, Pyrethrin shampoos can be used to treat both lice and fleas.

Does flea and tick shampoo work for lice?

Yes, it may work, but not all. Some flea shampoos use pyrethrin, so you want to make sure the particular flea and tick shampoo work contains it to help with lice removal

Can you use human lice shampoo for dogs, and is it safe?

You can use human lice shampoo on dogs but may not be effective as using a dog lice shampoo. Another thing to consider is that most pet products have passed through regulations and tests before being approved to use them. So, bear in mind there’s always going to be a risk using human lice shampoos on dogs.

Dog lice shampoo ingredients?

As discussed earlier in the intro part of this post, dog lice shampoos’ active ingredients are (S)-Methoprene, Pyrethrin, and Piperonyl Butoxide. Don’t be confused if they are often regarded as Pyrethrin shampoos.

Will lice shampoo kill mange on dogs?

No. Active chemical ingredients needed to treat both are different. While pyrethrin treats lice effectively well, the active ingredient required to treat mange is benzoyl peroxide. But a sulfurated lime treatment can kill both lice and mange. I previously recommended a sulfurated lime treatment that works.


Now that you know the great choices that work as lice removal on your dog, you may be confused on which one to go for. If I may help out, I’ll ask to go for the Zodiac Oatmeal Conditioning Shampoo. 

I’ve used it and can give firsthand feedback that it works to remove dog liceOn the off chance you would prefer not to use chemical-based treatment, then you may go for Classic’s Lime Sulfur Dip, which uses earthy ingredients to fend off dog lice. I hope you have known about Best Lice Shampoo For Dogs.

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