8 Best Donut Dog Beds In 2024

Best Donut Dog Beds

Are you searching for the best donut dog beds for your cute puppy? you are in the right article. In this article, I will give you a proper guide so that you can buy one of them.

Sleep is essential for dogs just as it is for us, humans. A dog that isn’t getting enough sleep and rest is more prone to illness and sickness, this is because its body is not allowed its natural healing process, and its immune system is not allowed to rejuvenate. Sleep deprivation also influences your dog’s mood causing it to behave out-of-character.

And, no one likes to deal with a cranky, irritable dog, at least I know I don’t.

This is why I put a lot of priority to rest time and also the sleeping place of my dog. I personally prefer donut dog beds as they help get my dog relaxed and comfortable, offering him the sound sleep that he needs to replenish his energy.  

Donut dog beds are cozy because of their round shape and are perfectly suitable for dogs that love to curl up into a ball as they have their rest.

Do you want to know what’s even more mind-blowing?

It’s that most of these beds come in different sizes and thickness, so you never have to worry if your dog wouldn’t fit, or if it wouldn’t accommodate your dog’s weight.

Top Donut Dog Bed Comparison Chart

Bed NameFeature 1Feature 2
BEST FRIENDS BY SHERI Lux Fur Donut CuddleBuy OnlineSelf-warming featuresPet-safe non-toxic fabric
MIXJOY Orthopedic Donut CuddlerBuy OnlineTravel friendlyWell-cushioned interior
THE DOG’S Calming Donut Dog BedBuy OnlineRemovable coverRaised rim and edges
FRIENDS FOREVER Faux Fur Donut Dog BedsBuy OnlineSelf-warming featuresMachine washable
Villa Bagel Dog BedBuy OnlineWater-resistant baseDurable material
ANWA Washable Round Donut Dog BedBuy OnlineUltra-soft interiorNon-slip bottom
HACHIKITTY Calming Donut CuddlerBuy OnlineDetachable and replaceable center padExtra cushioned interior
PUPPBUDD Donut Cuddler Dog Buy OnlineEco-friendly materialMachine washable

Before we dive right into the reviews, here’s a quick guide of features to look for when shopping for a dog donut cuddler.

Buyer’s Guide: What to look for in a top donut dog bed

There are so many donut dog beds in the market today, so it would help to know what features to look out for. This would help influence your decision and make the perfect choice for your pooch.

Here are some factors to consider when purchasing a donut dog bed:

  1. Safety first: you would want to select a dog bed that is made from safe materials that won’t give off toxic substances if chewed. Also, you would want a bed that is durable and isn’t easily prone to shredding, so your dog doesn’t mistakenly swallow bed stuffings.
  2. Comfort: there is no better way to protect your dog’s health than to provide it with a cozy, comfortable bed that is guaranteed to offer a sound, restful sleep. Hence, you would want to go for a donut dog bed that is warm and fluffy with a well-cushioned interior as you do not want one that squashes flat once your dog lies on it.
  3. Self-warming: donut dog beds that come with self-warming features not only offer a comfy space for your dog to lie, but also help with pain relief. They keep your dog warm by reflecting its body warmth to it.This helps to relieve tension, relax joints and muscles, and also improves blood circulation which enables nutrient distribution throughout your dog’s body. Think about it, now your dog doesn’t only get a good night’s sleep but also gets therapeutic warmth distributed to its sore muscles.
  4. The right fit: when selecting a donut dog bed ensure it perfectly accommodates your dog’s size. You don’t want your dog’s limbs and head hanging off the sides, remember it’s meant to be snugly and comforting, and not feel like a torture sentence.
  5. Eco-friendly: our world has drastically transformed into a place where pollution and disaster are on the rise. We ought to play our little part in reducing the harm our earth already suffers by purchasing dog beds made from materials that are eco-friendly and easily recyclable. You should want to live intentionally every day.
  6. Easy wash: when picking a donut dog bed ensure to go for one that is machine washable and can go into the dryer without getting ruined. Trust me, you would feel a whole lot better when you know you can easily take that mud stain or food stain off.
  7. Water-resistant bottoms: the benefits of having a water-proof donut dog bed cannot be overemphasized as it would help keep messes to the barest minimum if your pooch has a potty accident.

8 Best Donut Dog Beds In 2024

Best Donut Dog Beds

#1. BEST FRIENDS BY SHERI Lux Fur Donut Cuddle

This self-warming donut cuddler is so warm and cozy and would do perfectly during cold days and freezing nights. It features a well-padded and fluffy center as it is made from the highest quality faux fur, so you don’t need to use an extra blanket as it is already well-cushioned. 

It is ultra-soft and comfortable and would soothe any joint or muscle pain your dog might be having. This donut bed is also made from pet-safe non-toxic materials.

Think about it:

Now you don’t need to worry about your dog ingesting harmful chemicals especially if it likes to chew away at things.

It also comes with a water-proof bottom, which is perfect when dealing with a dog that hasn’t yet been potty trained. Even if your pooch has mastered potty training, I still wouldn’t excuse this choice if I were you, as accidents do happen sometimes.

This donut cuddler also features well-raised edges and rims for your dog to prop its neck and head on, giving your dog that orthopedic support.

Although this product doesn’t have a slip-resistant bottom, its base material is tough and wouldn’t slide as your dog moves around in its bed, making it suitable for any flat surface.

I also love how it springs back up when pressure is removed from it, as this tells me it’s firm, even though it is soft. It is also durable and won’t fall to pieces, as this is important especially if you have a heavy chewer.

It is machine washable so you don’t have to worry about keeping your dog’s bed clean. It also comes in different natural colors.

#2. MIXJOY Orthopedic Donut Cuddler

This donut dog bed is soft and comfortable because of the high-loft hollow polyester fiber used in its interior cushioning, making it fluffy and perfect for supporting your dog’s weight and allowing it to rest its sore muscles and joints after a long walk back from the park. 

This feature makes it well suited for dogs with health problems like HIP dysplasia, arthritis, and other joint disorders. 

And as if that isn’t enough,

It also comes in three different sizes: small (23”×23”), medium (30”×30”), and large (36”×36”) such that you can pick which is most suitable for your pooch.

It features deep crevices that would give your dog that warm, cuddly space to burrow into, and this would help give your dog a sense of security and feeling that this is its “personal space”.

This product however doesn’t have a zipper, that allows you to take out the interior filling and cover for easy washing like most donut beds do. However, it compliments for this by being lightweight making it easy to wash, either by hand or using a machine.

Although, hand wash is usually recommended and if you must use a washing machine, then do so in a gentle cycle and do not use bleach. 

Also, when drying with a dryer, make sure to set the heat to a low temperature, as a high temperature would affect the material of the bed.

They are also portable and travel friendly, so it can easily be carried around. This dog bed comes in several colors and so you can easily obtain one that fits perfectly with the rest of your house décor. 

#3. THE DOG’S Calming Donut Dog Bed

One major thing I love about this donut dog bed is that it has zippers in the bottom and an easily removable cover, so you can detach paddings and fillings when you want to give it a nice clean wash. Also, since the covers are removable, they can also be replaced.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you can get replacement covers at a small cost to make this bed look new and fresh, so you can be sure this bed would last for a long time.

It comes in an ice white plush color that would fit right into any room’s design without looking too out-of-place or make your room look boring. It is made from soft vegan fur and has a luxurious feel that would just envelop your dog in a warm embrace.

It also has raised edges that are perfect for headrest, they are not too high that a small dog wouldn’t be able to climb out of, but also high enough that they would give your dog that sense of security and safety, making them perfect for a dog that might be dealing with anxiety.

The base of this donut bed is padded to support weight, but not cushioned or stuffed enough as compared to others. So, when using this bed you might want to add an extra blanket to give an extra fluff, which to me is a disadvantage especially if you have a dog that suffers from frequent joint pains. 

#4. FRIENDS FOREVER Faux Fur Donut Dog Beds

This donut bed is self-warming as it is made from synthetic fur, making it perfect for keeping your pooch warm and comfortable, by reflecting your dog’s body heat to it.

And the good news?

You don’t have to break the bank on home heating expenses since you can tune down the heat at night and during the day reducing the cost of electricity bills without having to worry that your dog would be cold and uncomfortable.

It doesn’t come with a zipper or have a removable cover, so you wouldn’t be able to take it apart for a nice wash. However, it does fine in a washer so far you set it to a gentle cycle and use a dryer at low heat. It is also lightweight and wouldn’t take ages to dry, especially if you don’t own a dryer.

It is made from top quality synthetic plush fur, it also comes in three different sizes which include: small (23”×23”), medium (30”×30”) and large (36”×36”), so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a perfect fit for your dog.

I, personally don’t like the fact that it comes in only four colors (pink, grey, tan and ivory), offering a limited choice, and it just wouldn’t do especially if a dog bed that doesn’t match the rest of your house décor is a deal-breaker for you. 

#5. Villa Bagel Dog Bed

This cuddler dog bed features an outer material made from faux micro velvet, with an interior filling of high-loft polyester fiber, that is easy to maintain. 

It has a waterproof base with 300/600 denier thickness, which is sure to come in handy in the event of an accident. This would serve to prevent leakages from seeping into the flooring material underneath.

It comes in four different sizes including small (24”×19”×7”), medium (32”×23”×8”), large (40”×29”×9”) and oversize (52”×36”×14”). 

It is machine washable, which to me is a very important feature since the only thing better than getting a dog bed is buying one that is easy to clean and requires low maintenance. In my experience, you shouldn’t use a washer that has agitators when washing this be. Also, set your dryer to low heat, or better still stick to air drying.

The raised rim of this bolster bed provides a comforting place for dogs to rest their sore paws and tired bodies. I, also like how the side and bottom cushion can be taken off, this way you can easily wash the cover.

This dog bed is sturdy and durable and would hold up well even under the abuse from your dog scratching, chewing, and jumping around on it. However, it doesn’t have a slip-resistant base and would easily slide around as your dog plays in it, especially when placed on a tile or smooth, flat surface.

This can be a little annoying if you always have to move your dog’s bed to its original position all the time. 

#6. ANWA Washable Round Donut Dog Bed

This 24 inch round bed is perfect for dogs that love to curl up into a bed as they relax. It is made from polyester filling pp cotton and plush fabric which makes it ultra-soft, and yet sturdy and stable with use. 

Its raised bolster provides firm support for your dog to rest its neck and head, it has been perfectly designed for comfort. It has a removable inner pad, and although I know this makes washing easier, this however could be an issue if your dog loves to burrow as you’d have to keep fitting it into place every time your dog tries to dig into it.

Best of all?

It has a non-slip bottom and is perfect especially if you have a dog that tends to twitch and kick its paws continuously as it sleeps. You can be sure this bed won’t move or bulge as your dog paddles in its sleep.

It is machine washable and should be washed using a gentle cycle and dried using a dryer on low heat. Do not air dry this bed, or use bleach when washing. Also, do not attempt to iron this bed as this might damage the fabric.

It only comes in a grey color, so there isn’t much variety of choices to pick from. However, this isn’t so much of an issue.

Here’s why?

Grey would fit in perfectly with any color, without appearing awkward or too out of place. It is also a good insulator and would help keep your dog warm, making it a perfect choice against the cold and in the wintertime. 

#7. HACHIKITTY Calming Donut Cuddler

This donut cuddler bed comes majorly in two sizes: (24”×24”×7”) and (30”×30”×9”). It is made from shag vegan fur which has a nice, sophisticated and yet playful look which is an amazing feature especially if you’re particular about the aesthetic of your home.

It is well-cushioned with extra fillings that would soothe dogs suffering from arthritis or other joints discomforts. Its elevated edges are just right to help a dog that tends to get anxious, as it offers a safe and secure setting. 

And that’s just one side of the whole story:

Its center pad can easily be detached, and used independently, giving it a multipurpose feature, such that you can use it as either a dog bed or a dog mat.

To me, this sounds like a win-win, since I get to kill two birds with one stone, as I no longer need to purchase a separate dog mat. It is machine washable and relatively easy to clean.

I love how it’s soft and fluffy to touch, and would make any dog feel like it’s being enclosed in a pile of heavenly clouds. It comes vacuum sealed and compressed, and so might appear irregular when taken out of its package.

However, you just need to make some manual adjustments to get it back in shape. It is also made from safe materials that don’t give off chemical odor or contain hazardous toxins like dyes, heavy metals, or preservatives that might harm your dog if it chews at it.

#8. PUPPBUDD Donut Cuddler Dog Bed

This donut cuddler is made from top quality faux fur making it super comfortable. It has self-warming features and would help your dog stay warm and comfy.

Best of all,

The materials used for this bed are perfectly eco-friendly and would be a great choice especially if you’re intentional about what happens to things when you no longer use them.

This bed is however not suitable for heavy chewers and might shred or come apart, so this might be a deal-breaker if your dog likes to gnaw at things a lot. It comes in a variety of sizes, so there is one for any dog’s size and weight.

Turns out, it is easy to clean, machine washable and would come out well if dried with a dryer used on low heat.

However, you shouldn’t attempt to air dry. It also features a non-slip base and by now you should know that this means it’s suitable for any surface. Its oval shape is perfect if your dog likes to curl up on itself as it sleeps. 

Donut Dog Beds FAQs

How do I wash my dog’s donut bed?

Most donut beds in the market today are machine washable, however, some are not. Those that can be washed in a machine are much easier to maintain and keep clean since a machine does most of the task, while those that aren’t should be hand washed.
Also, you do not want to wash your dog’s bed with the rest of your laundry, so do it separately. I like to vacuum clean my dog’s bed first as this helps remove excess hair and dirt that doesn’t stick to the bed material, before proceeding to wash grease and stains that do stick.
Still, you would want to follow the washing instructions provided in the manual of any bed you purchase.

Can I take the cover of my dog’s donut bed apart?

Some donut beds feature replaceable and detachable covers, while others do not. Hence, you should read the product description before making a purchase, especially if this is a requirement that you feel very strongly about.

How do I know the right size of donut bed to get for my dog?

To know the correct size of donut bed that would perfectly suit your dog, you’d need to put into consideration your dog’s weight and size as this would best inform your choice.

Final verdict

There is nothing more recuperating as a sound, deep sleep, and this holds as fact not just for you but also for your dog. And, what better way to ensure this than by buying him a good and comfortable bed.

Even if your pooch currently sleeps with you on your bed, getting it a bed of its own is important especially when dealing with a dog recovering from separation anxiety.

Every dog deserves a safe, cuddly spot meant just for it.

So it’s no wonder, the Best Friends by Sheri Lux Fur Donut Cuddler is my personal favorite, this is because of its self-warming properties that offer therapeutic relief, water-resistant bottom that prevent nasty liquid from seeping through in case of a potty accident and its well-raised rim and well-distributed cushion that is sure to soothe any joint pain.

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