How To Keep Dog Hair Off Bed: 10 Effective Tips

Keep Dog Hair Off Bed

Finding it hard to keep dog hair off your bed? And you may have searched around for ways to prevent dog hair from littering your bed? 

If yes, then you are on the right page as we shall be discussing the top 10 ways to go about it.

Irrespective of the love you have for your dog, it is always frustrating to see his hair scattered all over the bed because it often appears hard to get rid of.

However, getting rid of a dog’s hair from your bed is simpler than you could imagine if you make use of the tools and methods that are discussed below:

10 effective ways to keep dog hair off bed

1. Using Lint Roller

Many people know lint roller as a tool used in removing lint and dust, but only a few people know it can be used to clean hair off a dog bed.

To successfully use the lint rolling method, you first need to shake the blanket to get rid of dust and hair that are easily seen.

Then, you should stretch it out on a solid flat surface before applying the Lint roller. Ensure you roll the tool until the first adhesive strip can’t attract more hair.

Take off the first strip and uncover another new strip and roll again. Repeat this procedure until you are satisfied with the result.

However, the only downside to this method is that lint rollers are a bit expensive as at the time of this article.

2. Make Use Of Rubber Gloves

Another way to clean off dog hair includes the use of rubber gloves. This is inarguably the simplest of all the methods discussed in this post.

It only requires you to put on the gloves on both hands, and wipe the bed severally until it is completely free of hair.

For quicker and better results, you are advised to go for rubber gloves with nubs due to their high resistivity, which reduces the cohesive bond existing between the hair and bed.

Knitted, Synthetic, suede and squeegee materials are equally suitable for the task.

3. Washing

Washing the affected bedsheets or blanket is another way to clean pet hair off your bed. It compulsory you clean using a lint trap before washing it.

This will help in reducing the quantity of hair on the blanket before throwing it into your washing machine.

Meanwhile, do not forget to run the blanket in a dryer on a no-heat mode for 10 minutes before washing it. This is done to reduce the bond between the hair and the bedsheet.

You should use the multiple drying and fluff cycles mode while washing. You shouldn’t wash the blanket alongside other clothes to avoid staining them. It is also important to rinse the blanket more than once.

Having done with the washing and rinsing processes, you should sundry it for some minutes.

Lastly, pour clean water into the washing machine and run an extra rinse to get rid of all traces of hair from the washing equipment.

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4. Using The Rubber Sole of your Shoes

This sounds strange — right?

But it’s an effective way to keep dog hair off bed. The rubber sole of your shoes or trainers has the required potential to help you clean your bed in no time.

Wear them on your feet, drag your feet across the bed. A large quantity of hair will punch up while you pick them up and discard them appropriately.Alternatively, hold the soles in your hands and rub the bed and pick up the hair — it is that simple, but ensure the soles are completely clean before using them

5. The Use Of Rubber Broom

This is the ideal way to clean tough and stubborn dog fur. You can easily clean all the surfaces of your bed using this method without taking too much time.

The more you wipe the bed with the rubber broom, the faster the hair leaves the blanket and other parts of your bed.

6. Inflated Balloon

Not too commonly used by many dog owners, the inflated balloon is another unpopular way to get rid of hair from your dog bed.

Get the inflated balloon, gently scrub your affected bed with it. It will gather all the hair at one side while you discard them accordingly.

The most impressive part of the inflated balloon is its simplicity and longevity as it can be re-used several times.

7. A Dry or Damp Kitchen Sponge

The kitchen sponge method also works pretty well. You can decide to go for a dry or damp sponge — it all depends on your preference because both functions accurately.

Slowly and continuously rub it over your bed until all hair stick to the sponge. It’s a very affordable and simple method that shouldn’t take you much time.

8. Explore the Sellotape Method

The use of sellotape is also an option to consider, although it might be time-consuming.

To deploy this method, wrap a considerable length of sellotape around your finger.

Having done that, place the finger at the exact spot you want to clean while the sellotape will capture all furs located in that area.

The size of your bed and the quantity of hair to be removed will determine the length of the sellotape to be used. However, this method is largely recommended for small-sized bed users.

9. Vacuum Cleaner Method

This is another tested-and-trusted way to help your dog have a bed free of hair. A vacuum cleaner is known for its ability to get rid of dog fur within the shortest period.

This method is recommended to dog lords with large bed sizes due to its high effectiveness when it comes to eliminating dog fur.

It’s very simple to use, start it, and gently move it across all parts of your bed.

Meanwhile, there are different types of vacuum cleaners in the market, meaning it might be a bit difficult to get quality ones.

However, you are advised to read one or two product reviews to know the one that will perfectly suit your needs and taste.

10. Try Preventive Measures

It’s often said that “Prevention is better than cure.”

If your pooch is a furry type whose hair easily drops on the bed too easily, it will be advisable you make use of the vacuum cleaner on him — that’s if he can withstand the noise and pressure.

This will help reduce the volume of hair he’d shed. You can also get a dog bed for shedding. I’ve written a post on the best dog beds for hairy dogs that shed here

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How to remove dog hair from bed sheets

The following methods are equally applicable to cleaning hair off dog beds, vice-versa.

1. Apply Grooming Brush

A grooming brush has all it takes to get rid of hair from bedsheets irrespective of size and structures.

It is a two-faced brush consisting of larger and finer bristles on each face. Both bristles work together for perfect results as they are used to remove loose furs.

2. Explore Soft Fabric

Soft fabric can work if utilized accurately. You should wet the fabric with a little water content and apply it to the surface of the bed.

However, this method serves as a preliminary step as it only softens the hair’s strength before other methods are applied.

Once you use your soft wet fabric to mist the surface of your hair-filled blanket, you can now engage in the final cleaning process using broom or gloves for better results.

Wrapping up…

Your cleaning exercises shouldn’t stop at just picking up the hair, you should take a step further by dumping them in the trash to avoid seeing them scattered around the house.

We believe you can now keep dog hair off bed, right? If you still have one or two questions to ask, feel free to paste them in the comments box below, and we’ll do justice to it.

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How do I get dog hair off my bed?

Use a damp cloth, squeegee, or vacuum with an upholstery attachment to effectively remove dog hair from your bed.

What is the best bedding to keep dog hair off?

Microfiber bedding tends to attract less dog hair due to its tightly woven fabric, making it easier to keep clean.

How do I stop my dogs hair from getting everywhere?

Regular grooming, including brushing and bathing your dog, can significantly reduce the amount of hair they shed around the house.

How do you keep your bed clean when your dog sleeps with you?

To keep your bed clean with a dog, use washable covers, groom your dog regularly, and vacuum frequently to manage hair.

How do you get dog hair off a bed without a lint roller?

To remove dog hair without a lint roller, try using rubber gloves, a damp sponge, or wrapping tape around your hand, sticky side out.

Do bamboo sheets repel dog hair?

Bamboo sheets are not specifically designed to repel dog hair, but their smooth texture may allow for easier removal of pet hair.

Does fabric softener remove pet hair?

While fabric softener doesn’t directly remove pet hair, it can soften fabrics, making it easier to shake off or remove hair during washing.

How do you make a pet hair remover?

Create a DIY pet hair remover by wrapping duct tape around a paint roller or using a dampened rubber glove to easily collect pet hair.

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