8 Best Ceramic Dog Bowls In 2024

Best Ceramic Dog Bowls

Today, we will be reviewing the best ceramic dog bowls.

You must have heard of ceramic dog bowl but do you know the best one you should go for?

There are many gorgeous ceramic dog bowls out there and it takes more than guesswork to know the difference between a counterfeit and quality one.

As part of our mission to save you from going for less quality products, we have come up with an in-depth review of the best eight ceramic dog bowls that can help improve your dog’s feeding habits. But before that why should you go for a ceramic bowl in the first place?

  • BONE DRY DII Lattice Square Ceramic Bowl
  • NOW HOUSE Ceramic Pet Bowls
  • ALBOLET Slanted Ceramic Dog Bowl
  • AG-UNICORN Ceramic Pet Bowls
  • WAGGO Dipper Bowl
  • ETHICAL Stoneware Crock Dog Dish
  • IHOMING Dog Bowl

Page Contents

  • Why A Ceramic Dog Bowl?
  • 8 Best Ceramic Dog Bowl Reviews
    • #1. BONE DRY DII Lattice Square Bowl
    • #2. LIONWEI LIONWELI Ceramic Bowl with (Wood Stand)
    • #3. NOW HOUSE Pet Bowls
    • #4. ALBOLET Slanted Dog Bowl
    • #5. AG-UNICORN Pet Bowls
    • #6. Waggo Dipper Bowl
    • #7 ETHICAL Stoneware Crock Dog Dish
    • #8 IHOMING Dog Bowl
  • How to Choose a Ceramic Dog Bowl
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • 1. Are Ceramic Bowls Microwave Safe? 
    • 2. How Many Cups Of Dry Food Can An Average One Contain?
    • 3. Which Country Produces The Best Ceramic Bowls? 
    • 4. Ceramic or Stainless Steel Dog Bowl Which One is Advisable? 

Why A Ceramic Dog Bowl?

There are lots of dog bowls, including stainless steel, plastic, and silicone, to choose from but not all of them can stand in the same class with the ceramic bowl. The reason isn’t far-fetched.

In terms of design, Ceramic Bowls are made of interesting designs that will make people wonder if you are actually serving dog’s food in such a gorgeous bowl. Its wide range of attractive colors and naturally-crafted artwork is definitely out of this world and your dog will surely know how much you value him.

I’m sure you wouldn’t love spending forever washing your dog bowl right? That isn’t going to happen with a Ceramic bowl because it is very easy to clean due to its protective glaze. The sweeter part? Most are dishwasher-safe

Talk of class, a ceramic bowl is miles above all of its counterparts. It is believed that most dogs find ceramic bowl more comfortable than other kinds of feeding plates. The reason being that they don’t have to struggle with the bowl before getting the food into their mouth.

8 Best Ceramic Dog Bowls Reviews

Best Ceramic Dog Bowls

Just as promised earlier, below is our list of top eight ceramic dog bowls pulling ground in the pet industry.

#1. BONE DRY DII Lattice Square Bowl

Bone Dry Lattice Ceramic bowl is a very affordable but classic pet bowl for your pooch you should be thinking of as a pet owner. It is one quality bowl that offers you the value for your money, thanks to its beautiful design and overall quality.

It is very easy to wash as it requires just a little rub and you are done washing it in less than 10 seconds. It will interest you to know that this made-in-China pet bowl comes in three different sizes, which makes it suitable for small, medium, and big dogs.

Its durability is another reason why we believe this is a must-have bowl for all caring pet owners. The presence of porcelain ceramic ensures that the bowl stands the test of time, while the possession of a Silicone ring further elongates its lifespan.

That’s not all, Silicone Rim, which is located at the base of the bowl, helps to prevent all kinds of sliding — hence, you can be sure your dog’s meal is safe and your floor is completely free from food crumbs.

Worthy of mention is that this FDA Food Safe product comes in a modern-day Lattice design that blends with all kinds of building’s artistic design.


  • It’s a very sturdy bowl that will last long
  • It’s versatile enough to also serve as a water bowl.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It comes in five different colors.


  • The information about the bowls sizes could be misleading due to its inaccurate measurement.

#2. LIONWEI LIONWELI Ceramic Bowl with (Wood Stand)

The LIONWEI LIONWELI Ceramic Bowl is another ceramic dog bowl you would be grateful you get for your dog because of its awesome health benefits.

This bowl is 100% safe as it is wholly made of porcelain ceramic and a bit of wood material. No side effect whatsoever as it is completely free from toxic chemicals and unpleasant smells.

One lovely aspect of this bowl that impresses many pet owners remains its firm gloss-coated wood stand which helps in ensuring that the bowl firmly stays in its position. This stand has a massive grip on the bowl, thereby ensuring that it doesn’t let go of food even if your dog can’t stop nudging it around.

With its very smooth surface, washing this bowl is far easier than you could imagine. It is equally a dishwasher-friendly product, so, there’s nothing to worry about.

The 90-day warranty is probably the most eye-catching feature of the bowl. This means you are eligible to get your money back should it get damaged within the stipulated period.


  • It is wide enough to contain at least four cups of pellets.
  • The 90-day warranty is a plus
  • It can be used by other pets including cats.


  • The wooden stand may not stay for too long before breaking.
  • It’s not suitable for young puppies. 

#3. NOW HOUSE Pet Bowls

NEW HOUSE Ceramic Bowls didn’t make our third position for no reason, it’s seen as one of the best bowls capable of improving your dog’s eating habits.

Thanks to its removable anti-skid Silicone sleeve, this bowl won’t slip away even if you place it on carpet or any smooth surface. It is suitable for wet food due to the silicone sleeve which further serves as a lid where wet foods are being stored.

The food bowl can be used by many dog breeds as it comes in different sizes — small, medium, or big. The largest size would contain up to 3 cups of dog food or water.

Just like the other bowls mentioned above, Now House Ceramic bowl has diverse attractive designs; it is easy to wash due to dishwasher-safe feature; and it is so strong that it can withstand heat pressure for long.


  • Its design is just too cute
  • It comes in multiple sizes, leaving you with many options.
  • The maker offers great after-sales service which means you can make more enquiries about the bowl.


  • The bowl is a bit small as the largest size couldn’t contain 4 cups of dry food.

#4. ALBOLET Slanted Dog Bowl

Nothing makes your dog feel comfortable while eating than having a bowl that isn’t too high or too flat. This is the category the ALBOLET ceramic dog bowl finds itself. With its slanted tip, this ceramic bowl ensures that your dog won’t struggle to get hold of his food.

Talk of safety, this BPA-free bowl possesses all the requirements needed to be certified by the FDA. Its handmade design didn’t only beautify the bowl but also ensures that your dog is eager to get close to his food as it looks more attractive to your pooch.

This lead-free ceramic bowl has the capacity to withstand high temperatures for a very long time; therefore, you can be sure you are going for a product that will stand the test of time.

In terms of dimension, the slanted front is about 2.5 inches tall while it is 3.8 inches tall at the back. The top of the bowl is measured at 6.3 inches and the bottom is 7.1 inches.


  • This feeder can be used by little puppies due to its slanted front.
  • The latest version comes with a metal stand which helps in preventing slip.
  • It can be used by other pets including cats
  • It’s quite affordable 


  • You will need to buy the new stand separately.

#5. AG-UNICORN Pet Bowls

AG-UNICORN Ceramic Pet Bowl is a perfect example of a simple but classic ceramic bowl that will definitely make your dog fall in love with his meal.

It’s easy to clean; it comes with a bamboo stand that provides support to the bowl in order to prevent it from skidding around. The stand also helps in raising the bowl so that dogs will be more comfortable when eating.

Its modern-day marble texture looks awesome and it suits any building’s interior design. With its 6″ width and 2.6″ depth, you can be sure that the bowl is deep enough to prevent the food from spilling. It can be used to serve treats, dry kibble, wet food, or water.

Your dog will find it hard to push this bowl around the house irrespective of how fast or impatient he can be. This is as a result of the bowl’s heavyweight of about 28oz. interestingly; you will receive up to four round mats as a gift whenever you get this affordable bowl.


  • Four round free mats is a plus to all buyers.
  • It’s free from dangerous or toxic chemicals
  • It’s durable and will last long


  • It might not be conducive for little dogs.

#6. Waggo Dipper Bowl

Help your dog get to every part of his food without stress by feeding him in this design-savvy bowl. Waggo Dipper Bowl comes in 10 different colors thereby providing the template to choose the one that blends the color of your home.

This bowl has a half-glazed rim and a unique design. Its microwave-safe characteristic makes it possible to warm your dog’s meal at any time. Made with durable materials, Waggo Dipper Ceramic Bowl promises to serve your dog for more than five years before developing any fault or crack.

In addition, the bowl comes in three sizes — the small (2″ x 5.25″); medium (2.75″ x 6.5″) and the large (3.25″ x 8.5″). The largest size can contain up to 8 cups of dry food — that’s a whole lot of quantity.


  • High tendency to resist temperature or heat pressure.
  • It is an FDA-approved bowl, hence it is 100% safe to use.
  • It is dishwater safe


  • It’s lightweight feature appears to be its major shortcomings as a dog can easily drag it around.

#7 ETHICAL Stoneware Crock Dog Dish

Ethical Stoneware Crock Dog Dish obviously merits a spot in our list of best ceramic dog bowls due to its budget-friendly price tag. It is durable enough to serve both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Consider its stoneware and glossy design that will definitely catch your dog’s attention. Take a look at its heavyweight feature which makes it difficult to be dragged on the floor by your crazy four-legged friend. All of these features are inarguably enough to make pet owners love it the way they do today.

Is it safe for your dog’s health? You bet! It’s been tested by the FDA and certified to make sure it is safe and edible for dog’s use.


  • It is very easy to wash.
  • Its compact nature enhances its strength against rust.
  • You can get it without breaking the bank


  • The only shortcoming associated with this bowl is that it can actually get damaged if not handled with extreme care.

#8 IHOMING Dog Bowl

Last but not least; Ihoming Dog Bowl is another ceramic dog bowl you would get without feeling any financial constraint as it is extremely cheap. 

Despite its less price tag, it still remains one bowl you can’t ignore when it comes to beauty, quality, and durability. This ceramic bowl isn’t only good for dry or wet food, but can also be used as a dish for water.

Its only disadvantage is that it can only be used for medium-sized dogs, no thanks to its 5.5″ Dia x 2.3″H measurement. However, the huge size is totally not useless, it ensures that the bowl can contain up to four cups of pellets.

Meanwhile, its heavyweight feature won’t allow your dog to nudge it around up to the point of turning its food over to create a messy situation. Washing it is easy as it is known for its dishwasher-safe ability.

It wears a very simple dotted design that suits all kinds of home decorations. Finally, it is microwavable and it doesn’t crack nor tear too easily irrespective of how long you utilize it.


  • It is obviously cheap and attractive.

How to Choose a Ceramic Dog Bowl

Having listed the eight best ceramic dog bowls you could come across in the market, it is equally crucial you know the things to consider before going for any of the reviewed bowls. So, what are the things you must consider when shopping for a ceramic bowl for your dog:

1. Quality: Though most ceramic bowls are tipped to break too easily, but that shouldn’t discourage from reaching out for the best.

How heavy is the product? Is it healthy for dog use? How about its food-grade quality — does it meet the FDA requirements? You must provide answers to these questions before settling for one.

2. Know The Size and Feeding Habit of Your Dog: Choosing a ceramic bowl isn’t what you can do without considering the size of your dog and his eating habits.

Large dogs are known for their desire to eat their food in a bowl that’s suspended off the floor. You should go for a ceramic bowl that comes with a stand, which helps in lifting the bowl of the ground if you have a big pooch.

On the contrary, small dogs are more comfortable eating in small-sized bowls that are placed on the floor. However, you are advised to go for a ceramic bowl that comes with at least one mat that will help in providing non-skid support.

3. Price Tag: Another that must be at the back of your mind while purchasing a ceramic bowl is the price tag. You shouldn’t be carried away by the bowl’s beauty but make sure you purchase a product that is within your spending budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Ceramic Bowls Microwave Safe? 

After our lengthy research, we found out that most pet owners love to know if Ceramic Bowls are actually Microwavable. The answer to the question strictly depends on the type of product you are going for.
Though many ceramic bowls are microwavable as they are BPA-free, you should be sure the bowl manual or package reveals if you can microwave food in it or not.

2. How Many Cups Of Dry Food Can An Average One Contain?

Again, the answer to this question varies from one product to another. It also depends on the kind of food in focus.
However, irrespective of the type of food and size of the bowl in question, an average ceramic bowl should successfully contain 1.5 cups of dog meal. The largest size of ceramic dog bowl can contain as much as 8-9 cups of food.

3. Which Country Produces The Best Ceramic Bowls? 

Having gone through many customers’ remarks and questions, we found out that pet owners are eager to know the origin of the bowls they are about buying. We wouldn’t want to say that a specific country is the best producer of ceramic dog bowls because production deals with companies, not countries.
Every company has its producing capacity; hence, you are advised to be more concerned about the company rather than channeling your efforts in finding the best countries.

4. Ceramic or Stainless Steel Dog Bowl Which One is Advisable? 

This is another question many pet owners ask whenever they are contemplating over which one to go for between the two highly-rated bowls.

Just as we’ve discussed earlier, Ceramic bowls are head and shoulder above steel bowl in terms of design and attractive textures. Meanwhile, stainless steel bowls don’t break too easily like most of the ceramic Bowls which is why some pet lords often go for them. What’s our final opinion on this question? It all depends on your preference but we will go for ceramic bowls because of their beauty and class – your dog deserves something better!

I hope you have known the review well about best ceramic dog bowls. Like it? Share it!

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