Best Dog Bowls for Long Eared Dogs

Best Dog Bowls for Long Eared Dogs

Best dog bowls for long ears carefully selected.

If you are a long eared dog owner like me, you must have realized that taking care of his floppy ears can be very challenging. You must get it right when it comes to their food bowl, which is why we look for the best dog bowls for our long eared dogs.

Getting dog bowls for your long eared dog isn’t what you can do casually because it plays a very important role in ensuring that his ears remain dry and healthy all day long.

Recently, I made an intense market survey regarding the best dog bowls for my cocker spaniel and have a lovely report which I would be sharing with you as we proceed.

Why Use Bowls Made for Long Eared Dogs?

Is it a must to give feed your long-eared canine companion in a specially made bowl?

Yes. According to many dog experts, his overall wellbeing largely depends on the dryness of his ears which prevents cases of any deadly ear infection such as inflammation, pineal lesions, and ear-margin dermatosis.

Dog breeds with Long ears are open to all kinds of life-threatening infections [1] and parasites, including ear mites, if their L-shaped ear canal is wet for a long period. It is also important you do everything possible to make sure that his ears don’t contact the ground too often to prevent open wounds that could lead to grievous pains and discomfort.

The best way to make sure your dog’s ears are in dry and safe condition is by going for bowls that are specially made for dog breeds with floppy or long ears.

Criteria That Make Up A Good Choice for Long Ear Breeds

The search for bowls that are specifically made for long eared dogs amid million bowls can be daunting, especially if you don’t know the features to look out for.

While searching for a bowl that will suit your dog’s feeding habit and your taste, don’t forget these features

  • Depth: These types of bowls are often taller than usual ones as they are made in such a way that will help your dog’s ears stay far above the ground.
  • Narrow width: Just as mentioned, your fluffy pooch’s ear might easily get wet while drinking from a large bowl.  Luckily, these specially made bowls come in a very narrow design so much that only your dog’s face can get in contact with the bowl.
  • Weight and ability to withstand pressure. Bowls that are specially made for dogs with long ears are denser than others to avoid being kicked around.

Seven Best Dog Bowls for Long Eared Dogs

#1. SUPER DESIGN Elevated Dog Bowl

The Super Design Elevated Dog Bowl is my favorite. If the comfort of your dog is a priority, here is one bowl that will provide your dog with the utmost convenience during mealtime.

This bowl provides my cocker spaniel with a comfortable feeding posture and works perfectly well for old and long-legged pooches. I like its well-crafted raised shape which in turn completely takes off pressure from the neck when my dog is feeding.

If beauty is what you crave for, then this bowl is just the perfect match for you and your fluffy pooch as it consists of attractive and shiny dark and white color combination. Holding this bowl has been made easy thanks to the double-curved handles at both sides which guarantee a strong grip.

It has removable stainless steel which helps to preserve my spaniel dog food temperature. Worth mentioning that the bowl has a higher-edged rim that makes it spill proof when used either as a water bowl or food bowl.

It is easy and safe to wash; while the rubber straps under the melamine stand prevent all forms of slipping.

Unfortunately, if you plan to use it for puppies and other dog breeds with small sizes, its height would make it inconvenient for them.

#2. FLEXZION Stainless Steel Elevated Dog Bowl

The Flexzion Stainless Steel Elevated Dog Bowl is another one I love for its beauty. This melamine-and-stainless steel bowl is good for dry kibble, wet foods, and fresh water, and can hold up to 31 ounces without spilling any content.  

It’s made of rust-resistant stainless steel and has an anti-tipping design which further enhances its durability. Its wide Non-Skid rubber rim provides enough support that keeps the bowl at a spot irrespective of your dog’s eating habits.  

In terms of convenience, your dog won’t struggle to get his food out of the 7-inches tall bowl. The bowl is entirely easy and safe to clean; just a little wash with soap and a quick rinse in lukewarm water, you are done.  

Having the overall wellbeing of your dog at the back of their mind, the makers ensure that it portrays a design that helps in reducing back constraints and pressure.  

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#3. FLIPO Ear Clear Dog Bowl and Mat Set

The FLIPO Ear Clear Dog Bowl and Mat Set is another worthy recommendation, and it belongs to a distinguished class of its own

It consists of two bowls (36oz each) that are 3-inches away from each other to make feeding more comfortable. Made with premium quality polythene material, this bowl will surely make mealtime an enjoyable period for your fluffy friend.

Comes with a feeding mat that ultimately prevents food from littering the floor; while it also provides support for the bowl, thereby ensuring that it isn’t dragged around by your dog. It is scientifically designed narrow shape ensures that dogs suffering from joint pain can make use of it without aggravating his injury.

The bowl is dishwasher safe and doesn’t contain any toxins that could be harmful to his health. It is inarguably one of the cheapest dog bowls you could ever come across in the market. It possesses all it takes to hold 32ounces of food.

#4. MASON CASH Cane Non-Tip Dog Bowl

MASON CASH Cane Non-Tip Dog Bowl is another bowl that I really like and is sturdy. It makes your long-eared dog feel comfortable and relaxed while eating. It has a wider baser but tapers towards the top to make sure your dog’s ears fall on either side of the bowl.

It is a quality ceramic long eared dog bowl that has been trusted to last long. Impressively, its extra weight will prevent it from being dragged if you have a playful dog; hence you can be sure his food is safe.

In terms of dimensions, the ceramic bowl has an 8″ base width; 3″ depth; and 5.5 rim width, and an opening top of about 5-inches. It can hold up to seven cups (56oz) of meals that can be used by 124lb dogs.

Its only major shortcoming is that it comes in just one color. Hence, buyers are denied the chance to choose the design that suits their home decor.

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#5. PRO SELECT X-Super Heavy Non-Tip Dog Bowl

The PRO SELECT X-Super Heavy Non-Tip Dog Bowl is a stainless-steel type and isn’t just a bowl for long-eared dogs, but one product that gives the best feeding pleasure.  

It’s narrower at the top which prevents your dog’s ear from getting wet or having contact with his meal. The heavyweight bowl doesn’t give room for food spillage, thanks to its compactness which also doubles as a source of its durability. It also has a non-skid base that makes it remain firmly fixed to the spot whenever it is in use.  

With these features, the X-Super Heavy Non-Tip Dog Bowl is surprisingly the cheapest in the list as it comes at almost no cost. Considering its price, it isn’t any surprise to see that the bowl comes in just a plain silver color. There is no special artistic design and may not appeal to you if lay much emphasis on beautiful designs.  

You might want to serve your dog to its satisfaction at a go but it’s quite unfortunate as this bowl can only contain a few cups of a meal. Nonetheless, it is highly well constructed to perform its duties and it is recommended if you are only concerned about durability.  

6. TRIXIE Long-ear Bowl

Trixie Long-ear Bowl is one that will impress design-savvy dog owners because of its attractive designs. Not only does it impress with its design, but this product also makes mealtime comfortable and pleasurable for your dog.  

It’s designed by having silver-colored stainless steel from the inside while it is coated with multicolored plastic at the outside. This helps make the bowl durable over a long period.  

It has a rubber-base ring to prevent slipping. Despite the narrowed top, puppies are not advised to use this product as it could be too wide for them.  

Another important factor you should consider before going for this bowl is that large dogs can flip it around the house due to its lightweights. 

#7. PETISH Spaniel Bowl for Long Ear Dog

Not all dog owners want a lousy dog bowl for their dogs, but if you do — then, this is the best option for you as it is known for its beautiful design. It comes in two (Bumble bee Yellow and Cotton Candy Pink) different colors, thereby providing you with options to choose from.  

Don’t be deceived by the name, this bowl isn’t only meant for the Spaniel dog breed but can be used by all kinds of long eared pooch including Beagles, Hound, and Setters.  

Another key feature of this Pettish spaniel bowl includes its very narrow but deep design which makes it very easy for your dog to eat and prevents him from making his eating spot messy. Its anti-skid rubber bottom, which is often overlooked by many people, helps to prevent the plate from shaking when it is in use. 

Interestingly, the pettish spaniel bowl can be used for as well as food, thanks to its anti-tipping nature. Being made of steel makes it very easy to clean and is dishwasher friendly and it also comes at an affordable price and it’s one dog owners love as well. 

It is suitable for small, medium, and big dogs as it comes in different sizes right from 17oz to 27oz.  

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We are confident any of these reviewed bowls will provide your dog with the best treatment as they are the best dog bowls for long eared dogs you could see in the pet-related market.  However, we would go for the PETISH Spaniel Bowl because of its lovely features and its budget–friendliness.  

Its versatility means you can use the bowl for all sizes of dogs, including puppies. Just go for the size of your choice. It is attractive and it fits suits any home decor you could imagine.  

Rounding up everything, keeping your dog’s long ear clean is non-negotiable if you want him to remain in his health condition. Therefore, don’t be reluctant to invest in his bowl as that will help him maintain attractive, clean, healthy, and pleasing ears all day long.  

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to contact your vet if you suspect any unpleasant odor from his ears. You should equally be vigilant to detect some unusual changes in your dog’s behavior and his physical appearance and take swift action by calling the attention of your vet doctor. 


What is the best bowl for a dog with long ears?

Special narrow or cone-shaped bowls designed for long-eared dogs help keep their ears out of food by restricting the ear’s entry.

How do I keep my dog’s long ears out of food?

To keep a dog’s long ears out of food, use a tall, narrow bowl, or consider using a snood—a garment that holds ears back.

What dog breeds need elevated bowls?

Breeds prone to bloat like Great Danes or those with orthopedic issues may benefit from elevated bowls to reduce neck strain.

What is the best bowl for dogs to eat out of?

The best bowl for dogs to eat out of is a sturdy, non-slip, appropriately sized bowl made from stainless steel or ceramic.

Should dogs eat out of elevated bowls?

Elevated bowls can be beneficial for large breeds or dogs with joint issues, but they may not be necessary for all dogs.

Should dogs have their food bowls raised?

Whether dogs should have their food bowls raised depends on their size, health, and comfort—elevated bowls can aid digestion in larger breeds.

Does yogurt help dogs ears stand up?

Yogurt doesn’t help dogs’ ears stand up; ear carriage is genetic, though calcium in yogurt can support overall bone health in growing puppies.

How do you clean long eared dogs ears?

Clean long-eared dogs’ ears with a vet-recommended cleaner and cotton balls, gently wiping without reaching deep into the ear canal.

How do I stop my dogs ears from going in the water bowl?

To prevent ears from dipping in the water bowl, use a narrow, deep water dish, or invest in a water bottle or dispenser for dogs.

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