bullmastiff breeders texas: list of top 9

bullmastiff breeders texas

Are you looking for bullmastiff breeders Texas? Texas is home to a variety of dedicated Bullmastiff breeders who are committed to the health, temperament, and quality of this magnificent breed. These breeders typically focus on breeding Bullmastiffs that adhere to the breed standard and are well-suited for both show and as family companions. Many of them are involved in champion breeding programs and place a strong emphasis on health testing and socialization of puppies. Bullmastiff breeders Texas often participate in breed clubs and dog shows, highlighting their commitment to the breed. When choosing a breeder, it’s important for potential owners to consider the breeder’s commitment to the breed’s health, temperament, and adherence to breed standards.

Choosing the Right Bullmastiff Breeders in Texas

Choosing the right Bullmastiff breeder in Texas involves several key considerations to ensure you get a healthy, well-socialized puppy. Look for breeders who prioritize the health and temperament of their dogs, adhering to AKC standards. It’s crucial to visit the breeder, observe the environment where the dogs are raised, and meet the parents of the puppies. A reputable breeder will provide health clearances for their breeding dogs and offer a health guarantee for the puppies. They should be knowledgeable about the breed and willing to answer any questions. Also, check for breeders who actively participate in dog shows or breed clubs, as this often indicates a commitment to maintaining breed standards. Remember, a responsible breeder will also be interested in ensuring their puppies go to suitable homes.

Here are the top bullmastiff breeders Texas with their contact details

1. Lone Star Mastiffs

Lone Star Mastiffs, established in 2018 and located near Winnsboro, Texas, specializes in breeding and training Molosser dog breeds. They offer a variety of breeds, including Caucasian Ovcharkas, Central Asian Ovcharkas, American Molossus, Boerboels, Armenian Gampr Dogs, and Perro de Presa Canarios. These dogs are bred primarily for their working characteristics, and Lone Star Mastiffs provides options for house-trained and socialized puppies, as well as personal protection dogs, perimeter guardians, and livestock guardians.

Their comprehensive training programs cover obedience and personal protection, catering to individual needs. They also offer boarding services alongside their training programs. The facility is set on a 30-acre property equipped with high-quality kennels and an agility course, ensuring a conducive environment for training high drive, athletic, large working mastiffs. The kennels are designed with features like 10 gauge wire reinforced chain-link and a cement-filled mortar base for safety, and there is 24/7 on-site monitoring.

Lone Star Mastiffs also has a selection of adult dogs and puppies available for sale, with detailed information about each dog’s breed, size, and registration available on their website. They place a strong emphasis on the socialization of their puppies, using methods such as the Volhard temperament test, and their puppies are also covered by a one-year health guarantee against congenital health defects.

For those interested in their breeding program, Lone Star Mastiffs showcases their breeding females (Ladies) and males (Studs), providing detailed information about each dog’s breed, achievements, and available studding options.

12228 S Hwy 37
Winnsboro, TX 75494

2. Jenkins Family Bullmastiffs

They are based in Austin, Texas, is a breeder specializing in Bullmastiffs. They have a strong emphasis on improving the breed through their selective breeding program, focusing on aspects like health, temperament, and type. The Bullmastiff breed, known for its strong working nature and “gentle giant” disposition, requires early socialization to develop well-rounded personalities. Jenkins Family Bullmastiffs advises that proper training is essential, especially for integrating these large dogs safely into family environments.

The breeder takes pride in producing healthy and sound puppies, achieved through breeding dogs of robust health and sound minds. They emphasize the importance of quality housing, veterinary care, health testing, and diet in raising their puppies. The Bullmastiffs from Jenkins Family Bullmastiffs are known for being loyal, forming strong bonds with their families, and being protective yet gentle.

For those interested in their breeding program, Jenkins Family Bullmastiffs showcases both their female and male dogs, highlighting their achievements and pedigrees. This information reflects the dedication and care they invest in their breeding program.

The contact details for Jenkins Family Bullmastiffs are as follows:

3. Champion Bullmastiffs

They are located in the North Texas – Dallas area, operates a small breeding and show program focused on the Bullmastiff breed. Their dogs are not only well-socialized and mannered house dogs but also companions and protectors, reflecting the breeder’s commitment to enhancing the quality of the breed. They are involved in various dog-related activities, including conformation and agility shows and trials, showcasing their dedication to the breed’s versatility.

The breeder ensures that each puppy is dewormed three times, receives their first round of vaccinations, and undergoes an initial vet health exam. They also provide a health guarantee for hereditary diseases, which is a standard practice among responsible breeders. The cost of a puppy ranges from $2500 to $4000, depending on the breeding and registration.

For those interested in acquiring a puppy or learning more, they can contact Champion Bullmastiffs at 214-226-3131. However, as they breed only about one litter per year, availability may vary, and potential buyers might need to be placed on a waiting list.

For more information, you can visit their website at Champion Bullmastiffs.

4. BFR Bullmastiffs

They are small, dedicated bull mastiff kennels that focuses on breeding AKC Bullmastiffs with the goal of preserving the breed’s integrity. They are a part of the American Bullmastiff Association (ABA) and emphasize on providing individual attention, affection, and exercise to each dog. Their dogs are raised as part of the family, ensuring that they are well-socialized and handled from birth. BFR Bullmastiffs is committed to breeding strong, healthy Bullmastiffs, suitable for families looking for a fearless, confident, and docile breed.

For more information or inquiries about puppies, you can contact them at 702-306-6155. For further details, visit their website at BFR Bullies.

5.Spicewood Mastiffs

Spicewood Mastiffs, located in the hill country west of Austin in Spicewood, Texas, specializes in breeding AKC registered champion English Mastiffs. They have been operating since 2017 with a focus on providing these dogs to responsible and loving homes. Their breeding family includes males and females like Tankerbelle, Etta, Belle, and Chewy. They encourage interested individuals to fill out an application via the puppy link on their homepage, which serves both as a point of contact and a waitlist for prospective homes. For more information or to get in touch, you can visit their website at Spicewood Mastiffs. Phone (512) 799-5848

6. Hagen’s Bullmastiff kennels

Hagen’s Bull mastiff Kennels, located in North central San Antonio, Texas, has been dedicated to raising and showing Bullmastiffs since 2000. They pride themselves on breeding healthy and happy puppies, all of which are AKC registered and come from Multi-Champion pedigrees. The kennel guarantees the health of their puppies and only breeds dogs with gentle and sound temperaments. Hagen’s Bullmastiffs places a strong emphasis on the quality and wellbeing of their dogs, reflecting their commitment to the breed.

For more information or to get in touch with Hagen’s Bullmastiffs, you can contact Tierannie Hagen at the following details:

  • Address: 3780 Beckwood, San Antonio, TX 78259
  • Phone: 210-416-9023 or 210-497-6901
  • Email: Hagen484@aol.com

For further details, you might visit their website at Hagen’s Bullmastiffs.

7. Bluebonnet Mastiffs

Bluebonnet Mastiffs was established in 2006 and based in Denton, TX, is renowned for its AKC Champion Mastiffs. Their journey in breeding began with a deep love for the breed, sparked by the rescue of a brindle Mastiff in 1999. The kennel emphasizes breeding quality mastiffs with excellent temperament and is committed to the preservation of the breed’s distinct qualities. They are dedicated to responsible and reputable breeding practices.

For further information or inquiries, you can contact Marty Hancock at 903-520-7879 or via email at bluebonnetmastiffs@gmail.com. For more details, visit their website Bluebonnet Mastiffs.

8. SunSol Kennels

SunSol Kennels, located in Cedar Creek, Texas, near Austin, specializes in breeding Cane Corso and French Bulldog puppies. Originally known as CenTex Mastinos & CenTex Cane Corsos, they started with Neapolitan Mastiffs in 2009 and expanded to Cane Corsos in 2018 and French Bulldogs after 2020. SunSol Kennels is dedicated to providing top-quality, healthy puppies as long-term companions. They have a strong focus on improving bloodlines and offering well-rounded pets.

For more information or to get in touch, you can contact them at (512) 473-9974 or via email at sunsol512@gmail.com.

Their address is FM 812 Cedar Creek, Tx 78612.

Visit their website at SunSol Kennels for further details.

9. Texas Dream Bullmastiffs

Texas Dream Bullmastiffs is a small kennel in Texas that focuses on breeding Bullmastiffs with an emphasis on soundness and temperament. They ensure that their puppies are well socialized and of high quality. The kennel provides daily handling and care to their puppies to ensure they adjust well to their new homes.

For more information or to get in touch with Texas Dream Bullmastiffs, you can contact Sandra at (469) 258-9991 or Alex at (469) 258-9990. You can also email them at dreambullmastiffs@gmail.com. For further details, visit their website at Texas Dream Bullmastiffs.

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