Best Dog Blanket For Chewers In 2024

Best dog blanket for chewers

Best dog blanket for chewers: To know it read the full article.

Having noticed the way my Siberian husky buddy kept shivering, I knew I needed to get him some blankets to keep him warm, knowing full well how exposing dogs to the risk of hypothermia could drop their temperature to as low as 95°F.

Blanketing him wasn’t a great experience as my dog relentlessly chewed at the blankets, leaving them in shreds. This prompted me to research and try out alternatives, and in the course of this, I found out some good chew proof dog blankets though not totally indestructible.

I’ve tried blankets from different brands that are tough for my dog over the years, and I’ll be unbiasedly listing the best ones I’ve had the first-hand experience within this article and some recommendations.

Got a furry friend who’s into this habit of chewing blankets?

Keep reading this insightful piece to find out about the dog blankets for chewers.

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  • What Are Chew Proof Dog Blankets?
  • Table and Features at a Glance
  • Review of the Best Heavy Duty Dog Blankets for Chewers
    • #1. PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket
    • #2. Friends Forever Deluxe Dog Blanket/Throw
    • #3. Pawsse Waterproof Blanket for Dogs
    • #4. DEARTOWN Waterproof Dog Blanket
    • #5. PAWZ Road Dog Blanket, Double-Sided
    • #6. LovingBlanket Leak Proof 3-Layer Blanket
    • #7. PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket
    • #8. AIPERRO 2 Pack Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket
    • #9. CHEE RAY Extra Thick Washable Blanket for Dogs
    • #10. DII Bone Dry Microfiber Pet Blanket for Dogs
  • So, Why Do Dogs Chew Blankets?
  • What to Look For in a Good Chew-Proof Blanket (Buying Guide)
    • Build Material
    • Waterproofing
    • Size
    • Color
    • Brand Reputation
    • Comfort
  • FAQs about best blankets for chewers

What Are Chew Proof Dog Blankets?

You must be wondering what they are and what sets them apart from the traditional blankets you’re used to; I wondered so too when I first came across them.

They are made with tough, sturdy, strong materials that shield them from being easily chewed by dogs.

Does this ruggedness make them uncomfortable for your dog?

No. Good ones are made keeping in that they must be comfortable, sturdy, and easy to maintain.

Best dog blanket for chewers In 2024

Best dog blanket for chewers

Without mincing words, let’s jump right to my first-hand review of the best ones out there.

#1. PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket

First on my list is the PetAmi blanket. The first thing that caught my attention was its waterproof feature; with this, you can protect your furniture, car seats, rugs, carpets, etc., from your dog’s fur, urine, or feces. It’s 100% waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about its reliability. Also, this product is made with warm, fluffy Sherpa lining which makes it snuggly and cozy enough to cover your dog or make its bed to sleep in.

Talking about durability and being lightweight, this product ticks both boxes. It is built with 460GSM high-quality microfiber polyester; what does this mean?

The blanket is soft, durable, and won’t tear easily. This makes it easy to maintain and clean up in any washing machine.

This blanket comes in different sizes— from 30×40 inches, 60×40inches, to 80×55 inches; the choice is yours to make, depending on your dog. I chose the 60×40 inches for my Siberian husky.

Worth mentioning that this blanket does take a little longer to dry up.

#2. Friends Forever Deluxe Dog Blanket/Throw

Next on the list is the Friends Forever blanket. I have a thing for grey-colored materials, and this product came off as striking at first glance.

Made with premium crystal velvet, it can shield your furry friend and provide him with ultimate comfort, as well as keep him cozy and warm at all times.

Additionally, the blanket is double-sided and reversible which makes it easy to maintain and wash in any machine, just like the aforementioned PetAmi blanket.

Most importantly, being a chew proof dog blanket, it is shed resistant and very durable, making it long-lasting and not drop those well-made hairs whenever your dog chews at it. I used it for almost a year before a close relative claimed it.

From dog crates, sofas, kennels, to car seats, the blanket is applicable to keep your dog relaxed and comfortable. I advise, however, to immediately clean up this blanket whenever your dog has an accident; Doing this ensured its long durability when I used it for my Siberian husky

#3. Pawsse Waterproof Blanket for Dogs

If we’re talking stylish colors and large-sized options that have waterproofing, then this Pawsse blanket is your best bet.

The blanket’s waterproofing coating is applied inside it, which means that from the inside, the liquid is stopped from leaking through to whatever you place it on.

Also, the blanket is reversible, thus enabling you to turn out the waterproofing coating or use the Sherpa fleece main surface; the choice is yours.

The blanket is soft, warm, and can keep your buddy warm during cold weather. It’s worth pointing out that I was impressed with this blankets packaging; it comes wrapped in gift-like polythene, thus making it a perfect present to gift a close friend or relative who is a dog owner.

While the blanket is suitable for both indoor & outdoor use, I found myself using it inside more as it shielded my dog and, at the same time, protected my furniture from fur droplets and spills. Though, hand washing is sometimes necessary to make it last longer.

#4. DEARTOWN Waterproof Dog Blanket

The DEARTOWN waterproof blanked happens to be one of my ‘ very-very’ favorites. While it is specially built as a chew proof dog blanket for your dog’s covering or its bed space, it can also be used as covers against liquids for your bed, couch, and sofa or pad.

Your dog becoming overzealous and wanting to come close to you in bed at every given opportunity is inevitable; you don’t have to worry about this as this blanket is built with waterproof coating and can be fully reversed, thus making your furniture, rug, or carpet safe from leakages or sticky spills, as well as giving you better maintenance management.

What’s more interesting about this blanket is that it’s made for easy washing & drying in your machine. With the ease of maintenance being a key factor in any good dog blanket, this blanket is soft and easy to clean up.

#5. PAWZ Road Dog Blanket, Double-Sided

When my friend gushed about how good this blanket was, I thought he was bluffing and overselling; but I was wrong when I got one each for my dog and me.

Both sides of the blanket come with the super-soft Shu Velveteen fabric, making it comfy and warm to provide the ultimate snuggling that your dog deserves.

While the blanket doesn’t have an embedded waterproofing clothing like the aforementioned Pawsee and PetAmi blankets have, its super-cozy Shu Velveteen coating still makes it a subtle protection for furniture, car seats, and several other surfaces.

What’s more, the blanket, being double-sided, is reversible and is also in-seam and dense, making it resist chewing, shedding, or pilling of any sort.

Like other blankets reviewed so far, this one is also machine washable, and its color is coffee on the primary surface and off-white when turned out.

#6. LovingBlanket Leak Proof 3-Layer Blanket

Talking about a tough dog blanket that concentrates on waterproofing while keeping its fluffiness, then this LovingBlanket is the real deal.

What sets this blanket apart?

Its waterproofing capability is made possible with premium polar fleece coatings on each side, with an advanced breathable waterproof membrane placed in between them, this makes it leak-proof and resistant to any kind of spill or moisture.

Also, this blanket’s high-quality fabrics prevent it from being crinkly; instead, it provides a premium level for coziness, warmth, and softness to keep your dog snuggling. It’s also reversible and two-colored; turn it out or in to get your desired colors.

Lastly, the blanket is machine washable, but I recommend that you pre-treat any stain to reduce full washes. Also, for maximum satisfaction, I hint that you fold the blanket once and place inside your dryer, then turn it out once or twice during the dry circle.

#7. PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket

Thin, soft, lightweight— name it.

While there is nothing about this PetFusion blanket that particularly blows the others out of the water, I, however, instantly fell in love with its simplicity, thinness, and lightweight.

Other than giving your dog the warmth to make its bedding space comfy, the blanket’s neutral colors and stylish design make it an integral part of your home’s style.

Built with 100% soft polyester micro plush, this blanket is apt for any type of season. Despite its lightweight, I found myself using it for a long time in winter, and it kept my dog warm and comfy.

Do this product’s softness and lightweight makes it susceptible to chewing or ripping?

The answer is no.

I had the same doubts initially, but after months of vigorous usage, the blanket still maintained its fine, smooth texture. I must state that it’s not particularly viable for extreme winter nights.

#8. AIPERRO 2 Pack Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket

Think about getting two high-quality dog blanket for chewers in a single package.

That’s true value for money!

This AIPERRO blanket comes with two blankets made of premium berber fleece which makes it light, warm, and a provider of a great sense of comfort for your dog.

The product is great for usage in dog cages, kennels, or crates to keep them warm at all times. It can also be used to protect your car seats, chairs, beds, etc., from scratching and clawing, while resisting every form of chewing your dog tries with it.

Nobody wants to have to deal with messy dog blankets that are difficult to clean up; that’s not the case with this blanket as it is machine washable and tumble dry— all this without shedding, pilling, or losing its texture’s quality.

Other than my Siberian husky, other large dogs this blanket is targeted at are German Shepherd, Mastiff, Golden retriever, Alaska, etc.

#9. CHEE RAY Extra Thick Washable Blanket for Dogs

The Chee Ray Blanket has got to be the thickest the blanket I’ve used thus far.

Made of 100% polyester material, this Sherpa Throw blanket is designed with gilt-edged, full-fledged cuddle fabrics, making it unprecedentedly thick, yet cozy, durable, and machine washable.

 My dog and I enjoyed using this blanket more during winter, owing to its super thickness. As far as maintenance is concerned, this blanket’s coating simplifies the process of washing, while maintaining its softness and shape after washing.

Also, despite this blanket’s thickness, it is appalling how it manages to weigh just 8.8 ounces; while weight isn’t an issue for many people, it’s still an added advantage, especially when cleaning the blanket up and considering what level of robustness you get with this blanket.

Albeit that I never had any regrettable experience with this blanket, it is worth noting, however, that it comes with 364 days of return or replacement warranty. It’s a testament that the manufacturers know their onions.

Its thickness is one to deal with when drying it off, even with a dryer.

#10. DII Bone Dry Microfiber Pet Blanket for Dogs

Last on the list is this color-assorted dog blanket from pet products manufacturer, Bone Dry.

This blanket’s first attraction comes from the assortment of beautiful, bone-shaped designs incised on the primary surface; this attractive design denotes its aptness for your fury buddy.

Moving on from designs, this blanket is made from gilt-edged microfiber fabric; it is lightweight as well and, as a result, easy to clean up and maintain.

As a matter of interest, the blanket is also soft, thus giving your dog a sense of comfort and protecting your car seats, chairs, rug, etc., from dog accidents, fur, scratches, and other possible mess.

Another area in which this blanket shines as well is its mobility. You can easily stuff it into your bag and carry along should you need to go out with your dog’s companionship.


The blanket’s base surface’s color is off-white while the bone-shaped designs are grey. It weighs 13.6 ounces, and the size in which it comes is 36×48”.

So, Why Do Dogs Chew Blankets?

Having listed the best dog blanket for chewers I’ve tried on my dog, let’s envisage the reason for this habit of chewing blankets.

To start with, the reason for your dog chewing your blankets is varied as some factors are put into consideration to have an understanding of this annoying, yet cute act.

It’s no chestnut that chewing of blankets is most common among puppies; if a dog isn’t weaned and breastfed properly, it tends to resort to sucking and chewing of different objects to serve as a reminder of its mother.

That wasn’t adequately logical?

Now, let’s look at other possible causes which are teething, anxiety, and hunger.

Typically, when a dog begins teething, which usually starts as from the age of six months, it will resort to chewing of objects to alleviate the underlying pain that comes with teething;

When this is the case, dogs suck and chew at not just your blankets, but other objects in sight that are presumably edible to them. A perfect example is that of a blanket that smells of food.

Talking about anxiety, it’s an obvious fact that dogs tend to experience separation anxiety when their owners are not around; they chew at anything.

When this is the case, to relieve themselves of the tension. This is more common among already-grown dogs.

Now, let’s talk hunger:

Don’t get me wrong; this doesn’t, in any way, mean you’re not feeding your dog well enough.

I understand how much we love our dogs and how depriving them of good food is not even thinkable.  

However, some dog owners tailor their respective dog’s diet to be more calorie restrictive. As a result, this may prompt a dog to source for other foods to balance its nutrition, thus making him suck or chew anything visible to its eyes.

While object sucking, chewing, or nibbling may come off as worrying to you, it is worth noting, however, that it’s a completely normal act among dogs.

It only becomes a big cause for worry if your dog ingests these objects.

Chewing, for dogs, is just as normal as thumb-sucking in children. While we understand whatever object your dog chew at is acquired with hard-earned money, you should note that stopping this habit requires a technical approach which is gradual.

While at this, you can try out the heavy duty dog blankets listed in this article to protect your furniture.

What to Look For in a Good Chew-Proof Blanket (Buying Guide)

Should you prefer to go on a search for the best dog blanket for chewers yourself, know that the market is flooded with so many products that it’s hard to tell which is reliable and can last long.

Not to worry though, shopping for it isn’t rocket science, and you only need to be conscious of the following things:

Build Material

The most important part of any good sturdy, heavy duty blanket is the material.

For this reason, always check to see if the build material or coating is one that meets your standard.

The best ones I’ve listed here are built with materials such as Sherpa fleecepolyesterShu Velveteen, etc.

They are undoubtedly one of the very best blanket materials in the market.

Note that some manufacturers may lay claim to have built a indestructible dog blanket with a certain indestructible material only for the claim or material to turn out false or fake.

This is not an uncommon practice, which is why it is advised that be on the lookout for reputable brands such as the ones listed here.


While the waterproofing feature isn’t a major deal-breaker, it is still a very useful feature.

As a matter of fact, waterproofing in dog blankets comes with some disadvantages too.

Waterproofed dog blankets, albeit being machine-washable, don’t do well enough washing-machine and dryers, the reason being that consistently using machines to wash them causes them to wear off over time.

So it’s advisable to develop the culture of hand-washing or manual, partial stain cleaning.


Another key factor to look out for is a blanket’s size (large or small).

Will it adequately contain your dog’s crate and kennel? Will it abundantly cover your dog during cold weather?

Can it cover your bed or furniture for prevention against your dog’s mess?

Take these into consideration as well.


Color depends largely on your taste and the color tone of furniture and objects in your house. A cream-colored blanket will, no doubt, blend well with a dope grey bed.

Brand Reputation

Albeit that a known brand will most likely deliver better quality, it is not always the case as some less known brands too could equal the quality at an even cheaper price.

However, you’re in safer hands with a known brand, coupled with the fact that you get to be covered by longer and trusted warranty.


A good blanket has to be fluffy and cozy enough to make snuggling in it comfy.

No dog wants to lie in a hard or rough-surfaced blanket; it won’t even bother going near it.

When dogs like a blanket, they don’t hesitate before wrapping themselves in it with a good sleep.

FAQs about best blankets for chewers

How Can I Make My Dog Stop Chewing Blankets?

While different dogs require a different approach to making them stop chewing blankets, experts often suggest that dog owners buy chew toys.
Chew toys which are tough can keep your dog busy and keep their mind off rippling those blankets to shreds. On the other hand, you can spray chew deterrent with bitter apple flavor to make the blanket inedible.

Can I Use a heavy duty Dog Blanket in My Dog’s Crate?

Of course, you can. Simply spread the blanket across each angle of the crate.
For better comfortability, if you have two blankets ( like the AIPPERO 2 pack blanket), you can spread one on the crate’s base and use the other to shield the dog for maximum comfort.

What Materials Can Dogs Not Chew Through?

100 percent poly canvas, ripstorp nylon, Cordura, as well as canvas, are some of the materials dogs can not easily chew through. The ones listed here are made with a fusion on these materials.

What Is the Best Material for a Dog Blanket?

From polyester fleece, Berber fleece, and polyester micro plush are some of the most commonly used for dog blankets.
They provide the coziness and comfort required to make using the blanket a wonderful experience for your dog. The materials also determine how easy to maintain a blanket will be.


Protecting our home furniture, floor, and car seats from the mess our adorable furry friends make is as important as providing the dogs with the best possible care to make their sleeping space comfy.

Chew-proof dog blankets will cater for both while resisting your pooch’s chewing, sucking, and pawing habits. You can check out my list of the best ones or use the insights I gave on what to look for in a good dog blanket for chewers to get one of your choices.

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