7 Best Dog Beds for Diggers: (Withstand Digging)

best dog beds for diggers

While digging is an instinctive behavior for dogs mostly done before falling asleep, they could not but end up tearing up their beds with those sharp nails.

Daisy is an excessive digger and has torn up a couple beds I bought her. So, I thought it was high time I found her a durable bed that would withstand her serious digging.

While researching the market for the best dog beds for diggers, I found one that I bought her (and still using up till now) and some other products that I’ll be recommending in this post.

Review of the Best Dog Beds for Digging


This is a great product I’ll be starting with. It is a dog bed for digging that is designed with your dog’s comfort in mind and even the instinctive digging habit, all in a bid to make his comfortable ‘nest’. It is a quality product you can consider.

The bed is very thick and comes with high-grade memory foam. It is very comfortable and provides just the right support for arthritic dogs. The memory foam included helps relieve joints and pressure points as it conforms to each part with ease.

It comes with a cover that is very sturdy to hold up to your dog’s excessive digging. The cover is made from fleece and plush Sherpa material, which makes it super comfy for your dog. 

I like that it comes with a  waterproof lining that provides waterproof features, which can come in handy in case of an accident or if you have a dog with incontinence.

The bed cover can be removed for cleaning by either machine or a soft wipe using a damp cloth, depending on how thorough your cleaning needs to be. You could also purchase an additional cover to switch anytime you want to clean so your dog’s bed wouldn’t be left bare.

2. CARHARTT Canvas Dog Bed

This product for Carhartt is another durable dog bed for diggersThis bed is extremely tough to withstand your dog’s nails and rough digging and scratching without even the smallest tear. 

The bed is made of the same sturdy and thick duck cotton for which the jackets are known for. Its exterior is also water repellant, which helps with liquid spills.

While this choice is a tough dog bed for diggers, it doesn’t come short on comfort. The bed is thick and well-cushioned with polyester fiber-filling to provide maximum comfort for your dog.

Since digging is done to make the sleeping area comfortable, this bed supports your dog so well that he might not have to dig before experiencing that.

I also like that the bed is super easy to clean, which we all consider when getting a dog bed since dogs can be messy at times. This bed has a washable cover that is easy to remove and clean. It can be washed using a machine and air dry.

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The polyester-filled interior can be accessed using the zipper that comes with it to adjust the filling to suit your dog. Then it’s laudable that sellers made an effort to cover the zipper with a flap to make it a lot harder for chewers to access the inside.

3. MAXX Dog Bed

This is another worthy recommendation effective against diggers. It’s made from durable and tough material to withstand digging and scratching from your dog.

With a thickness of about 1 inch, it’s more of a pad, but it is supportive and comfortable. It has bolsters that provide head and neck support for your dog. This helps keep the spine straight, and I could say the bolsters help your dog maintain the right posture/position while asleep or resting.

This will not be ideal if you seek a product to provide support for arthritic or senior dogs. But it can fit easily into standard dog crates. I like that it is suitable for indoor and outdoor uses, depending on your preferences.

The Max dog bed is water-resistant, which prevents your bed from getting wet when there is accidental spillage. It also resists stains and odor; this helps your dog bed stay clean and fresh all day/night long.

Being machine washable makes the bed easier to clean. You can throw it in a machine, and it will come back out just as new. However, I’d recommend a spot clean for minor accidents and do a full cleaning for larger ones.

I must also mention that the bed has a non-slip bottom surface that helps hold it from sliding on wooden or slippery floors.

4. K9 BALLISTICS Elevated Dog Bed

The K9 Ballistic Dog Bed is one built to last. The bed is recognized as an indestructible dog bed. It works well for dogs who have destructive digging and scratching habits.

If you have tried several beds and they couldn’t hold up to your dog’s digging habit, then this is one you should purchase.

The bed is made up of an aluminum stand with a strong yet comfortable ballistic material that serves as the bed support. The ballistic material is stronger than Kevlar, which makes it quite durable. The aluminum frame further protects the material’s edges, making it impossible for your dog to chew through.

The K9 ballistic bed is designed for both indoor and outdoor uses. The bed fits well into standard dog crate sizes. It Is so easy to clean; with just a wet cloth. Even with that, it is also machine washable. The bed also does a good job of withstanding water, dirt, mud, and hair.

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Another cool thing about this bed is that it comes with a 180-day warranty. In case of any damage to this bed within 6 months of purchasing, you would get a replacement when you contact the manufacturer. That’s a cool deal if you ask me!


This is another great bed for dogs that dig. The bed is sturdy and has high tear resistance, that it would take more than digging for your dog to tear through this bed.

Besides holding up to diggers, the bed comes with orthopedic foam to provide support for your dog’s joints and pressure points. This makes the bed perfect for arthritic dogs or dogs that are just recovering. It is designed to naturally conform to your dog’s body and provide maximum support

The bed is very durable, and I can assure you this foam too, isn’t one that would get flat or bring discomfort over time as it is made of high-quality material.

Imagine having to tire yourself out every time just to make sure your dog stays in a clean space. Well, that isn’t the case with this bed. Like most dog beds, this bed is washable using a machine; all you have to do is remove the covering using the zipper and toss it into the machine.

The Big Barker dog crate pad is also 100%  waterproof, so it’s not going to get soiled with pee and accidental spills.

If you often put your dog in a crate, then this bed would work well as it is made to fit in to standard dog crates comfortably.

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Pet Craft super Snoozer is another dog bed for diggers designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The bed is one of the few that boasts of UV-treated and fade resistant polyester. Coupled with this is its water resistance. All these make it possible to stand weather conditions when outside.

The bed’s material and stitching resist scratching and digging attempts very well. Asides, it’s resistance to digging, this dog bed is also Chew-resistant. Its durability cannot be overemphasized as it was built to last.

The interior is filled with polyester stuffing to make the bed comfortable. This bed also has extra padding to ensure your dog is supported well. The stuffing is kept in the same place with the help of the channeled liner. This is to avoid uncomfortable lumps and keep it fluffed up.

The bed can be cleaned up easily using a machine on a gentle cycle. This is to ensure your dog’s space is kept clean at all times.

You can easily take along if you go on trips with your dog. I tell you this is one good dog bed you can get for this price.


Having read our picks of best bed for diggers considering the durability, how it holds up against the habit, comfortability, and other minor things.

It’s your choice to choose the one that best fits your need. The CARHARTT Canvas Dog Bed tops the list being dig proof, the huge comfort it provides and its solid construction and I’ve been using it for a while. Other product that follows closely and you could consider is the FLOPPY DAWG Dog Bed

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What is the best dog bed for a dog that digs?

The best bed for a dog that digs is one with a durable, chew-proof fabric cover and a sturdy, supportive base that resists tearing.

Is there a bed my dog can’t destroy?

Elevated dog beds with metal frames and chew-resistant fabric may be the best option for dogs that are persistent chewers.

What material dogs can’t chew through?

Materials like ballistic nylon, heavy-duty canvas, and Kevlar-like fabrics are known for being tough for dogs to chew through.

What dog beds do dogs like the most?

Dogs often prefer beds that are soft yet supportive, with raised edges for resting their head and space to stretch out.

Is there a truly indestructible dog bed?

No dog bed is truly indestructible, but some are designed to be highly resistant to chewing and can withstand rough use.

How do I train my dog not to destroy his bed?

To train your dog not to destroy his bed, redirect chewing to appropriate toys, use deterrent sprays, and reinforce non-destructive behavior with praise.

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