How to Get Dog Poop Off Shoes: 9 Working Ways

How to Get Dog Poop Off Shoes

How to Get Dog Poop Off Shoes: To know the methods, read our full blog post.

Dog poop can be embarrassing because it is not only hard to get dog poop off shoes, but it also smells, and after spending a lot of time and energy trying to remove poop, you find out that some poop remains.

You also have to clean up your dog poops every time, and it can be extremely stressful when he poops in your home.

​Yes, no dog owner likes that!
The worst part is, it smells a lot, so even after cleaning, that awful smell can not seem to get out. So would you throw your shoes away?

Absolutely not.

Keep reading to discover the best ways to how to clean dog poop off your shoes.

How to Get Dog Poop Off Shoes

How to Get Dog Poop Off Shoes

So whenever you mistakenly step your foot on any canine pile of waste, you can use any of the methods below to get rid off of your shoes.

1. Use WD-40

WD-40 is just great. Apart from using this popular multi-purpose lubricant to fix hinges, prevent rust, and being used as a cleaning solvent, it can also be used to remove dog poop from your shoes.

All you need to do it wipe it off as much poop as you can with a tissue or paper towels, then spray WD-40 on the affected area, allow it to soak for a while, or clean it out with a toothbrush, or cleaning brush, then your shoes are good to go.

This is a good option for the sneakers’ soles.

2. Freeze your shoes

Yes, putting your stained shoes in the freezer helps.

Although many people are not comfortable with this method because they think it is not hygienic to put shoes, especially shoes like that, in a freezer where good is also kept.

However, this method has been proven to remove dog poop easily with minimal stress.

Sounds crazo-weirdo, ain’t it?
Place the affected shoes into a plastic bag and ensure that it is fully sealed so that bacteria do not escape.

If the bag is not well sealed, it might lead to contamination of your freezer.

Proceed to place them in a freezer till they are from enough, remove the shoes and quickly take out the poop with a stick or any object you are not using.

The poop will come off easily because it is hard and not mushy.

Alternatively, you can apply a cold compress or ice blocks to the shoes to freeze the poop. It might not be as effective as a freezer, but it would surely make the job easier for you. 

In winter, you can also leave shoes outside until they are frozen, then remove the frozen pieces of poop.

3. Blast it off with a jet of water

This method is great for people who do not want to have any contact with the poop.

Running your shoes underwater could help to remove part of the poop, but blasting it with a jet of eater can help you remove a lot more.

For this, you could make use of a water hose or tap, or if you prefer indoors, a shower or mop sink (should be properly disinfected after use).

Make sure the pressure of water coming out is high so that it can work effectively. Run the affected part for a minute or two under the jet and watch the poop go away easily.

If you still find traces of poop, you can use an old toothbrush to remove any residue and eliminate the smell with ground coffee

4. Approach a golf course

This may seem like a cheesy trick
But it can come in handy when you are rushing to catch a meeting or date and cannot take out the poop immediately.

Golf courses usually have shoe cleaners that use compressed air to take out dirt from golfer shoes. This can also take out poop easily, leaving your shoe poop-free in minutes.

5. Drying your shoes in the sun

Now, if it is not winter, or you are not comfortable with the idea of putting your shoes in a freezer, another way you can remove dog poop is by simply allowing your shoes to dry out in the sun.

This will help the poop to cake on the shoes, exactly the same way the ice works but it’s even better because it will reduce the smell before you are ready to remove the poop out.

Allow the shoes to have enough time in the sun, with the affected part facing the sun.

If the soles are flexible, a simple bend will get most of the poop out.

If it is not, then clap the shoes together or knock them on a hard surface, and the poop will bounce off. Use a tool like a screwdriver to work on the grooves and edges to ensure everything comes off.

6. Use a toothbrush with hot, soapy water

This method can be used with other methods or in isolation and it’s excellent when you want to get rid of that annoying poop immediately.

To use this method, place the shoes in a bowl big enough to contain them, and add hot water to the bowl, not to cover the shoe but rather to soak the soles.

You can add regular dishwashing soap or detergent to the water and let the shoe soak up the soapy water for a while.

After a few minutes, use the toothbrush to concentrate on those corners and grooves with an old toothbrush or one you no longer use.

To avoid the soapy water splashing on you, scrub away from yourself. After this, rinse the soles with plenty of water, and the job is done.

7. Put the shoes in the washing machine

A washing machine can wash a lot of things, even stuffed toys, and can be used to clean up shoes as well.

This method is not advisable for leather or suede shoes, as this can ruin them totally, and is most suitable for fabric shoes.

Before putting them in the washing machine, be certain you remove as much poop as possible using an old toothbrush or tissue.

Make sure that the water is not too hot; else, it could spoil your shoes.

You have to use this method with care because the washing machine can damage the glue that holds the shoe together.

Remove any attachments like the shoelaces and inner sole before washing. Pre-washing shoes first also helps minimize possible harm to them.

Washing should be done manually and not automatically, at a centrifuge setting of preferably 400. If you are afraid of getting poop remnants in your washer, it is best to skip this method.

8. Using outdoor resources

In case you are enjoying the wonderful outdoors and suddenly step on dog poop, grass, sticks, sand, and sidewalks can all be used to remove dog poop from your shoes immediately.

It prevents you from carrying it about till you get home or to a suitable location where you can give your shoes a proper wash. Rub the shoes on grass or sand repeatedly until most of the poop comes off.

 If you are in a place with no grass in sight, use the sidewalk or curb to your advantage and get poop off those shoes.

If you find a stick or any discarded object, use it to pry any remaining pieces of poop.

Also, any outdoor water source like a tap can be used to wash off poop and reduce the stench.

A puddle can similarly be used to this end; just tap your feet carefully in it so the entire show is not soaked up with water.

Hand them over to professional cleaners

If the shoes seem to be still stuck with poop after all your efforts, or the smell does not get off, hand them over to a professional shoe cleaner.

This also works if you do not want to clean the shoes or think you will damage an expensive pair.  Since they are professionals, they know the exact kind of treatment to give your shoes without damaging them to remove the poop.

Ensure to select only a professional you are sure of, as a quack shoe cleaner might damage your shoes.

Now that you’ve known how you can remove dog poop from your shoes, then 
how do you clean dog poop smell off shoes?

How to get dog poop smell out of shoes

As previously mentioned, dog poop can have an awful odor, which may be challenging to get out, depending on the method you used.

  • It would be best if you dried them in the sun after washing them with water to prevent them from becoming humid and smelly.
  • If you have a dryer, you can also use it to dry shoes thoroughly.
  • In case the odor persists, sealing them in a bag of activated charcoal for a day helps by absorbing the odor. Sodium bicarbonate or club soda put into shoes acts as an odor remover, leaving them smelling fresh.
    Just sprinkle a bit on the shoe’s inner sole, and leave for 30 minutes for a mild smell; leave it overnight for a strong stench.


Anyone can step on dog poop. It happens to dog and non-dog owners, so it is important to keep these tips handy when it happens, as a quick reference on what to do and which method is the most suitable at a particular time.

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