How To Wash A Dog Without A Bathtub? 5 Effective Methods

How To Wash A Dog Without A Bathtub?

Bathing our canine friends is necessary to ensure everyone in the house’s state of cleanliness and health.

However, if you’re like me and don’t like the mess created whenever you wash your dog in your bathtub, you might be interested in this simple guide on how to wash a dog without a bathtub.

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How To Wash A Dog Without A Bathtub?

Oftentimes, I’ve been overwhelmed with complaints from dog owners about how they are left with the daunting task of scrubbing the bathtub and the bathroom floor in general whenever they bath their dog therein.

Whichever problem it is you’re facing, there are, thankfully, a ton of alternatives that can make bathing your dog without a bathtub hassle-free.

Thinking of taking your dog out on the grass and giving a bath thereon? 

That’s not something I’d recommend, considering that his wet paws can carry a lot of dirt from the process and bring them into the house, thereby making that shining floor you have just cleaned up messy again.

So, what are the better options? Check out the following:

1. Get A Pet Tub

There are different types of pet tubs with different builds in the market; get one particularly made for dogs.

Some products can be placed on the floor or on any platform, while others have elevated legs. I recommend dog bathtubs with elevated legs, as they make it more comfortable for you to bathe your dog, and you can easily pitch them in an open field.

Even better, with an elevated dog bathtub, you can bathe your pooch in the bathroom while the small passage made for the flow of water parry the dirt washed away.

However, most external bathtubs for dogs are designed with attachments; hence, setting one up out in the house may take some time, but, hey! It’s worth stressing over than having to scrub a regular dirty bathtub.

2. Bath Him in an Open Space with a Hose

If you have a hose set up at home, bring it out to wash your dog with it. Thankfully, you don’t have to bring in an additional attachment; a regular hose will work just fine, and you can even use it for bathing your dog in a dog pet tub.

So, where is it ideal for bathing a dog using a hose? 

While bathing your dog with a hose on the grass will reduce the chances of your dog carrying dirt on his feet, it’d be better if you bathe him on the pavement or any clean platform.

In addition, ensure the hose you use is long enough and able to reach all parts of your dog’s body.

Having to turn him around like a swivel chair will make both you and your dog uncomfortable, and you may miss spots that need paying close attention to.

Also, ensure the hose is emitting water with enough force because, with less force, you won’t be able to wash off sticky dirt.

How to Wash a Dog in a Pet Bathtub?

How To Wash A Dog Without A Bathtub?

Whichever method sits well with you — be it to wash in a dog bathtub or on a platform outside with a hose — you’re going to need to wash your dog in a way that’ll be comfy for him since you won’t be using a bathtub.

The good news is, the washing procedures are more or less the same, so you should be able to handle it like a piece of cake.

3. Embathe Him with Shampoo

Dogs react differently to different shampoo products, so ensure you know the one which goes well with your dog; otherwise, you can get recommendations from a vet. If you have been using one which works just fine for your dog, get it ready for use.

First, you will need to bathe your dog with water using a hose, after which you will lather the shampoo into his hair. Lather it thoroughly with both hands and ensure you reach his fur’s depth and feel his skin as the shampoo foams.

Next, once you’re done applying the shampoo, relax, and let it sit for 5 minutes or more, depending on the type of shampoo you’re using.

Some products may require more or less time, so ensure you check the labeling for instructions. Leaving the shampoo for some minutes makes it purify your dog’s fur and skin deeply.

4. Rinse

The next process involves rinsing your dog’s body.

Now, this is the part where you need to be calm and do a thorough job.

Again, you’re going to need to run a hose over your dog’s body to remove the shampoo while simultaneously rubbing and scrubbing his inner hair with your hand.

This is to ensure that you don’t miss any spots and that your dog is thoroughly cleansed.

In addition, a dog’s hair has layers, which necessitates the need to rinse with the hose two or three times, or as many times as possible.

Ensure you take your time when rinsing. Missing spots may lead to dryness and, even worse, an infection may erupt from there.

However, if you have a hose emitting water with a powerful force, you might be able to wash every spot cleanly, although the experience may be a not-so-pleasant one for a small-sized dog.

5. Dry

Once you’re done with rinsing, you’ll notice your dog shaking and stirring; it is because his skin is exposed to cold due to his fur getting wet.

May dog owners are accustomed to the method of letting the natural air from outside to do the drying after a bath.

Equally, you can employ the same method if you’re particularly new to washing a dog, and it will even save you from the headache of cleaning your furniture if water drips from your dog’s body onto them.

While there’s almost nothing wrong with this method, I often prefer using an air dryer, as it speeds up things if you’re using a dog bathtub inside.

In this case, you can take a small air dryer and run it over his body — one spot at a time.

Don’t keep the dryer on one spot for too long and don’t go over the spot continually; this is because an air dryer can get all warmed up, thereby becoming irritating to your dog’s skin.

Lastly, you can simply just run a towel — a clean one — on your dog and let the rest dry of natural air.

Do’s & Don’ts of Washing a Dog Without a Bathtub

While washing a dog outside on a platform or in a pet bathtub might seem like a trivial task for some people, it is very easy to neglect a lot of things, which in turn, might be detrimental to your dog’s well-being. 

So, what are the do’s and don’ts of washing a dog without a bathtub?

Take note of the following:

  • Do not let him sit on his belly or his side while having a bath or when he has just had one. Doing so may make him carry germs again, in which case you might not be able to wash them off as thoroughly as before. These germs, when they lurk in the fur for long, might lead to infection.
  • Don’t apply shampoo directly on the area close to his eye. This is a sensitive area, and it’s better to get a towel and use it to apply a small amount of shampoo on the face. After some minutes, dampen the same towel and use it to wipe off the shampoo gently. Damping the towel with warm water is recommended.
  • Give him treats during baths. Most dogs cringe at the idea of bathing, so it’s advisable to give your dog treats during baths to make him relax and assuage his resistance.
  • Rub some oil or conditioner after a bath. A dog’s fur loses its natural oil after a bath; hence, it’d make sense to rub some conditioner or coconut oil on it for restoration.


Washing our dogs in our bathtub can be messy and can leave room for even more tasks after washing.

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