Why Does My Dog Only Hump Me and No One Else?

Why Does My Dog Only Hump Me and No One Else?

Why Does My Dog Only Hump Me and No One Else? To know the reasons, read our full article.

Picture you having a conversation with your pals, and, suddenly, your dog appears from the blue and grabs you from behind or your legs in what seems like humping. How embarrassing!

Why Does My Dog Only Hump Me and No One Else?

To understand why your dog humps only you, you must understand the reasons behind any humping in the first place. While the act is conventionally considered sexual, it might not always be the case as Daxter, my male husky, humps on me quite often.

For some dogs, humping might be on objects such as plush toys, tables, cars, etc. In some bizarre scenario, a dog can be caught air-humping, making one think the dog is suffering from dementia, but it is a perfectly natural habit.

1. Attention

The most likely reason why your dog will hump on you is the craving for your attention. While this may seem like an inappropriate way to get that attention, your dog would rather, out of desperation, get the attention he craves and gets scolded than be ignored completely.

So, if you haven’t been paying your dog any attention — especially after a series of barking and pawing— and he humps on you, that’s him telling you that you need to look his way.

2. He is More Attracted to You Than Anybody Else

Whether you own the dog or not, he can discern you as his favorite amongst friends and family. A dog can pick up your scent, and one of the ways to show his excitement whenever you are around his humping on you. If you have a high-energy dog, then this might be particularly true.

3. He is Sexually Aroused

What’s humping without linking to a sexual mood?  As stated earlier, sexual arousal is the most common interpretation for humping. Be that as it may, to ascertain if sexual arousal is the exact reason for your dog humping on you, examine if he has been in contact with a female dog in heat not long ago and if he’s got an erection.

However, if your dog humps on you and no one else because he is sexually aroused, he is more likely still a young dog that hasn’t been neutralized.

4. You’re Are the Only One They Can Hump on Without any Resistance

Dogs naturally love humping — especially on humans. However, if humping on other household members results in him getting yelled at or kicked, he will stick to humping on you if you don’t mind it or even encourage it.

5. It Is Playtime

Every dog loves to play, and when a dog feels like playing with his owner, one of the ways he may choose to kick-start that moment of euphoria is humping on you. Your dog, especially if young, will most likely do this if your countenance exhumes happiness and if you’re in the mood for playing too.

6. Itchy Genitals

As funny and tricky as this seems, it may be responsible for your dog humping on you and no one else, and it is more evident with male dogs. If your dog’s genitals itch him, he might try to rub it against you to mitigate the itching because you’re the only he feels he can do that with and without being shouted at or getting kicked.

7. Less Interaction

If your dog is one who stays indoors while you’re busy away at work, this might be the reason why he humps on you — notably if you haven’t hired a dog sitter to guide him and keep his company. In this case, don’t be surprised if humping on you the first thing he does whenever he gets to see you; it’s just your buddy missing you.

Also, dogs that have suffered abuse or have been traumatized will most likely hump their owner as a way of interaction.

8. Boredom

Forget the play toys and chew toys; they’ll do their bits. But your dog can still get bored from lack of adequate physical and mental stimulation, particularly if he has been playing with the same toys for a long time. This is why I recommend changing toys for dogs regularly.

9. Pack Behavior

There is a tiny possibility that the reason your dog humps on and no one else is to establish himself in the pack, of which you are the pack leader.  If your dog is humping you, for this reason, he will most likely not have an erection.

Be that as it may, I’ve seen instances where dog owners have confused their dog’s humping with him trying to dominate them. This pushes them to the point of training their dogs with a tough hand so as to eliminate the dominance.

The assumed attempt to dominate is a myth and has not been scientifically proven. That your dog humps on you doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s trying to dominate you; it might just be him trying to establish himself in the pack.

Is My Dog’s Humping Habit a Cause for Concern?

Irrespective of the reason your dog humps on you and no one else, should the habit for a cause for concern? Frankly speaking, you only need to understand the reason behind your dog humping on you and no one else; you shouldn’t lose sleep over the habit itself as it is perfectly natural. As a matter of fact, you should be concerned if you’ve never seen your dog hump before.

Oftentimes, as stated earlier in this article, dogs hump on their owner while playing together if they are in an exciting mood. Except for itchy genitals and underlying medical conditions are given as reasons above, your dog humping on you and no one else shouldn’t be a cause for alarm.

Therefore, if your dog is one who humps compulsively or as a mechanism to cope with anxiety, you should take him to a vet to deal with it as early as possible. Equally, if you suspect your pooch has allergies, you should take him to a vet. These allergies become evident if you often catch your dog licking his genitals or humping on anything he finds continually; it means he is trying to assuage an irritation.

How to Stop Your Dog’s Humping On You Habit

Why Does My Dog Only Hump Me and No One Else?

Before we delve into any methods to employ to stop your dog’s humping on you, note, again, that humping is completely natural. You should be looking to stop it only if he does it excessively, and it becomes embarrassing for you — especially if you’ve got visitors in the house.

You can’t wait and are already asking, “how do I stop my from humping”? Use the following methods:

Make your dog immerse himself in other activities

If you notice your dog’s humping on you is triggered by sexual arousal, you can direct his attention to something else. Simply throwing a toy away to somewhere invisible and making him search for it will keep him busy and ultimately kill the sexual drive with time. You can reward him with treats after each find to strengthen his interest in the game.

Halt the Habit with Catchy Words

Otherwise, if your dog humps on you because he craves your attention, you can pick a few words to tell him to stop if you’re busy with something else. You can use words such as “stop,” “too bad” or “get off.” These words will be more effective in warding him off if you’ve been using it before to make him stop something else.

Take Him on a Walking Exercise or Get Someone to Do It for You.

If lack of exercise makes your dog hump on you, don’t make him pay the price for your unavailability to take him out on a walk. Instead, make efforts to see if a family member or friend is available to take him out on a proper walk. You can even employ the services of a dog walker to exercise your dog. This is because walking your dog is important to make him stay fit, and it should be done twice daily for at least 30–40 minutes on each walk.

Play With Him

Whenever you’re available at home with less pressing matters, play with your dog if he tends to hump on you because of boredom. Tug of War is one of those games you can easily play at home with him. You can also play the game, Fetch with him, but ensure to do it outdoors. However, if you prefer playing Fetch indoors, ensure you play it in a spacy room and with a soft toy to avoid breaking things. You don’t want to throw away money fixing damages.

Neuter Your dog

While many dog owners don’t see this option as a viable one, neutering a dog can actually reduce humping behavior in him. However, if you can’t deal with it, nudging your dog with an elbow should suffice. You don’t have to rush or push too hard when nudging; ensure you do it gently and with mild pressure.

Take Him to a Vet

Lastly, if your dog has got itchy genitals, take him to a vet to detect where the problem is coming from and kill bacteria lurking in his genitals. Also, if a dog has got prostate issues, it can cause him to hump on his owner frequently. Overall, taking your dog to a vet is recommended if his humping is excessive. There could be a possibility of prostate issues.

Final Thoughts

While your dog humping you (and no one else), you can be embarrassing, disturbing, and annoying, understand, once again, that there is nothing wrong with it. You should be concerned if it is becoming excessive or if an underlying medical condition causes it.

Either way, you need to watch him closely or take him to a vet to detect exactly the issue. I hope you have got the answer of this question: Why Does My Dog Only Hump Me and No One Else?

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