Why Does My Dog Bring Me His Food?

Why Does My Dog Bring Me His Food

Why Does My Dog Bring Me His Food? To know it read the full article.

He is full and wants to keep the rest with you. It could be that your dog has so much trust in you, and he’s keeping his valuable possession with you. Your dog might feel that there is a need to give you his food as a gift.

If your dog has been bringing his food to you, you might have wondered why he’s doing so no matter how distant you seem to be from him. This behavior was one of the crazy things I experienced with my dog and, luckily, I was able to find the right answers to my worries, which I will be sharing with you in a jiffy.

There are more facts to know about this topic than the reasons listed above. Is it a bad attitude? How should you react to his behavior? We will discuss all of these in this write-up that promises to help you know more about your awesome pet.

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  • Why Does my dog bring me his food
    • 1. Your Dog is Giving You A Gift
    • 2. He Has Had Enough Of The Food
    • 3. He Is Keeping His Food With You
    • 4. He Doesn’t Want To Eat All Alone.
    • 5. He Is Showing His Affection And Love For You
    • 6. He Is Seeking For Your Attention
    • 7. He Wants A More Convenient Place To Eat
  • Should You Encourage Him To Bring His Food To You Or Not?
    • Conclusion

Why Does My Dog Bring Me His Food?

Why Does My Dog Bring Me His Food?

1. Your Dog is Giving You A Gift

When last did you receive something from your dog? Do you think your dog doesn’t know anything about the give-and-take relationship? Your pooch knows that a healthy relationship shouldn’t be one-way traffic. This could be his primary reason for bringing his food to you.

Though most dogs prefer to give their owners valuable toys, your dog sees his food as a precious gift that you would cherish, and he decides to bring it to you. How would you know if he is presenting your food as a gift to you?

He will come to you by himself without your instruction. Secondly, he would wait to see your reaction, whether you are impressed with his good gesture or not.

2. He Has Had Enough Of The Food

Another reason your pooch might choose to behave in such a manner is that he has had enough food. Your dog wants you to know that he is satisfied with the quantity he had eaten already, and he wants you to keep the rest for him. If that’s the case, you should understand your dog and keep the food in a safe place.

However, that’s not all that is required of you in this situation. You should observe if your dog’s eating capacity has reduced and you should detect the reason for that.

Factors that could be responsible for the reduction in his feeding rate include loss of appetite, hormonal imbalance, and boredom.

You should be able to detect if the reason is from your side — probably, you have needlessly increased his meal. If this is the case, you should make an amendment as soon as possible.

3. He Is Keeping His Food With You

Your dog knows you as a leader of the pack, and he sees no reason why he can’t trust you with his food. He believes you won’t eat his food, which is why he brings it to you while he dashes out to play with other dogs.

Obviously, you don’t want to betray the trust he has in you. So, you are mandated to keep his food until he returns from his playing ground or until he feels there is a need to chew something.

4. He Doesn’t Want To Eat All Alone.

As social animals [1], dogs love being amid other pets and people they consider a member of the family. Your dog isn’t exempted, and that is one of the reasons you would see him bring his food to you because he loves sharing the dining room with the rest of the family.

It all depends on your decision whether to let him eat with you or command him to go elsewhere.

If you would ask me, I will tell you nothing is wrong, having your dog in your dining room once in a while, except he has bad feeding habits such as vomiting while eating, making an unpleasant sound, or throwing the food on the floor.

Alternatively, you could decide the number of days he’s allowed to share the dining room with you. Don’t be mad at him if he displays this attitude in any of the days he’s permitted to bring his meal to you.

5. He Is Showing His Affection And Love For You

There is love in sharing. His desire to share his food with you means he loves you and wants to prove it.

Is there anything wrong with that? No.

But, again, it all goes down to you whether you like this behavior or not.

If you are pleased with the attitude, then you should let him continue his meal in your presence. However, you can teach him other ways to show his affection if you’re not a fan of the action.

6. He Is Seeking For Your Attention

Your dog is always interested in having you around at all times, no thanks to the fact that he belongs to the group of social animals. This is one major reason why he would bring his food to you as long as you remain under the same roof.

Shifting your focus to him at that moment could turn out to be a wrong move as he will continue with such an attitude because he will see it as the most effective way to attract your attention.

It would be best if you shunned him, which literarily means a ‘go back’ message. But make sure you create time to play with your dog later in the day to have healthier relationship with him. Sure, you don’t want to compromise that for anything.

7. He Wants A More Convenient Place To Eat

You can’t overlook the chances of being disturbed by other pets while staying in his initial position. Your dog will search for a perfect and conducive place to eat if he is under pressure from other creatures living within the compound.

Luckily, he finds a spot in front of his owner, whom he knows would do everything to protect him.

Nonetheless, you can’t assume this is the reason for his action unless you find other convincing facts. So, you are advised to check his eating room for a strange thing that could scare him.

Stay with him while eating in his room or kitchen to see whether other pets are struggling with him for food.

Should You Encourage Him To Bring His Food To You Or Not?

Many dog experts believe it’s neither good nor bad as it all depends on your preference. However, I have long stopped my dog from bringing his food to me because I wasn’t ready to see leftover food scattered around the house. I was equally not prepared to have myself stained by my dog’s food.

You should help your dog develop a better eating habit rather than searching for you with food in his mouth. Get him a better food bowl and a proper eating space. A spot in the kitchen would do.


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