Why is my dog shaking when he breathes in? Reasons explained

Why is My Dog Shaking When He Breathes in

Delving into the root causes of “Why Is My Dog Shaking When He Breathes In?” is essential for the health and happiness of your pet. Seeing your dog tremble as they inhale can be quite distressing for any dog owner. This shaking could indicate a range of conditions, some might be minor and transient, while others could be indicative of critical health issues that necessitate prompt veterinary attention.

There are several reasons why your dog is shaking when he breathes in. They are pain or discomfort, excitation, anxiety or stress, poisoning through the mouth, Diseases, heart problems, allergies, Viruses, nervous system disorders, syndromes, the level of blood sugar, and respiratory distress. Now we will know in detail about these reasons and the solutions.

Pain or Discomfort

If the dogs experience pain or discomfort at your home, then they shake at the time of breathing. This pain may happen due to various health issues such as injury, allergies, different viruses, and respiratory infections. Besides, If your dog is suffering from musculoskeletal health issues, the pain can be very extreme. A pulled muscle or a fracture is one of the common health issues which is caused by pain or discomfort.

Over Excitement

Excitement is a common thing for your dog. But Over-excitement is not good for your dog. Because it causes dog shaking. Sometimes we give some adventurous tasks to our pets so that they can be more confident. It is of course good but do not provide such challenging things to your pets. Otherwise, he will be suffering from shaking problems.

Anxiety or Stress

Anxiety or stress is one of the other reasons for dog shaking. There are different causes of why your dog is facing anxiety or stress. They are loud noises such as thunderstorms and fireworks. Try to keep them away from these kind of noises. Furthermore, If you take your dog to an unfamiliar environment, he will also suffer from stress problem that leads your dog to shake. Besides, the routine change can be a cause of stress for your pet. Then he might face the problem of dog shaking.

Poisoning Through Mouth

The dog is such an animal that tests every kind of material whatever they see in front of them. They try to get a taste of the things. As a result, there is an absolute possibility to chew rat poison and poisonous herbs. Due to chewing these kinds of poisonous herbs, your dog will surely shake when he breathes in.

Several Diseases

There are a lot of dog diseases that can cause dog shaking. These diseases are kidney problems, heart problems, allergies, and nervous system disorders. If your puppy is suffering from kidney disease, he will surely experience shaking at the time of breathing.

Heart Problems

The condition of your dog’s heart can also lead the difficulty breathing if the heart has an issue. Heart failure dog also faces fluid buildup in the lungs. As a result, your dog cannot breathe properly. Thus, your cat will shake more when he breathes in. Besides, congenital heart problem also causes similar problems. Now you can tell me what are the signs of heart problems. These are lethargy, fainting, and coughing.

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Your dogs may face allergy problems due to various reasons such as dust, pollen, and particular chemicals. These allergy problems can also lead to respiratory diseases such as sneezing, coughing, and difficulty breathing. Due to other symptoms, your dog might shake when he breathes.

Nervous System Disorders

Your dog might suffer from nervous system disorder problems. A neurological disorder is one of them. For instance, if your dog faces the problem of seizures, it makes it happen the abnormal movements of your cute puppy. Shaking is one of them. This nervous disorder affects those nerves and muscles which are related to breathing. These nerves are myasthenia gravis and degenerative myelopathy. If they are affected, your puppy will surely shake when he breathes in.

Virus problems

There are a lot of viruses that can affect your dog. The canine distemper virus is one of them. If your dog has become affected due to this virus, he can experience the problem of shivering, trembling, and shaking.

Syndrome Diseases

Various types of syndromes can lead your dog to shake. GTS and the Epilepsy syndromes are one of them. GTS is also considered corticosteroid generalized tremor syndrome. People know it as white dog shaker syndrome. Due to this syndrome, your dog’s body will fully shake when he breathes while sleeping. Then comes epilepsy syndrome which is the most common neurological disorder in dog breeds. If your dog suffers from this syndrome, he must need long-term medication. Otherwise, he will suffer from trembling, shaking, and shivering.

The Level Of Blood Sugar

Dog shaking also happens due to the variation of the blood sugar. The level of low blood sugar can also cause the problem of shaking. This problem is generally faced by your cute puppies. So, a proper balanced diet will help your puppy to get rid of this disease.

Respiratory Distress

Respiratory distress is another cause of shaking while your dog is breathing. Due to this health issue, your dog will not be able to breathe properly. This happens due to respiratory infections such as kneel cough, asthma,  and bronchitis. Due to these infections, your dog will take rapid breathing that leads to shaking.

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Why is My Dog Shaking When He Breathes in His Sleep?

Are you concerned regarding your dear dog’s shaking in his sleep? It is merely not your dog that does such a thing. This same thing is learned by several pets. If your dear pet is in the early stages, you may notice your pet is shaking compared to other aged pets. So why do they do this and why a baby dog does it comparatively more than an elderly dog?

This matter can be seen in this way when a dog remains in a dormant situation, naturally, its intelligence sections named the pons and medulla provide an indication of relaxation of nerves and this incident simply obstructs your dog from climbing up and more playful what it used to do in open eyed position. It is predicted that the intelligence sections of an elderly dog are not as effective as those of a baby dog. Comparatively an elderly dog, an average aged dog shakes more in his sleeping. Why it happens? Actually, the intelligence level of a baby dog is sharper, and then an average-aged dog’s is sharper, and finally, an elderly dog’s is slightly dull compared with them. And these twitches happen based on their dormant position when they dreamt.

Are they in imagination when they are in a dormant position?

As your lovely pet cannot tell you, are they dreaming in their dormant position or not? You have to learn this matter scientifically regarding your pet’s twitching causes and to do it, are they somehow connected with their imagination or not?

Scientifically it has been revealed that the rats, whenever in the puzzle, want to follow it even in their dormant position. This matter is seen that they are moving in their dormant position which means they are in imagination. Their intelligence level still works in their dormant position and that’s why they are moving like that. They follow the puzzle that they imagined in their imagination.

Like the rat, your dog may also move in a dormant position but it is not directly like to rat’s movement. In this regard, one neuropsychologist named Stanley Coren revealed that a dog’s intelligence section has a resemblance to a human’s. And their intelligences work in the same way that humans’ of that work during their

unconscious position. The dogs and humans have resemblances based on their imagination in dormancy, as their intelligences contain magnetic impulses and that’s why they imagined something identically. This matter indicates the resemblance of their intelligence operations in their imagination. Neuropsychologist Coren also points out that if your dog is a middle-aged one with perfect size you can look out for something to confirm whether that is your imagining or not. Such things are: nearly twenty minutes later probably your dog begins its imagining task, its respiring activities can be occasional and not deep, its nerves may be shaking, and its eyes also rise as it sees something in the imagination considering that they are actually.

Dog’s Dream In Sleep

Nobody can see a dog’s dream in sleep. The researchers have discovered some particular behaviors in their sleep. Through REM sleep,  we will be able to point to the dog’s dream. When you see that your dogs are chewing in sleep, it indicates that they are in sleep. Besides, it also means they are in a nightmare. Due to dreams in sleep, they also shake. Deirdre Barret who is a Harvard psychologist said a dog’s dreams are about everyday incidents. She also says like humans, dogs also see dreams. Now the main concern is should you wake your dog from the nightmare? It depends on two things. Firstly, if a dog looks pleasant in their sleep when they are dreaming, you should not wake them. On the other hand, if the dog looks unpleasant in their nightmare, you should wake them. In that case, you should call him by your pet’s name very calmly. Otherwise, you will be bitten or scratched by him. Because of touching the dog in sleep, he may be very excited to bite you. However, if you want to wake your puppy from sleep, you should call his name loudly.

Seizure In Dogs

Due to seizures, your dogs will shake while they sleep. Firstly, you have to identify the signs of seizure in your dogs. If the seizure becomes worse, take your cute puppy to the vet. Most of the dogs have seizures when they sleep. Dr. Jerry Klein who is an AKC’s veterinary officer said seizing dogs tend to be more violent. Seizures in dogs cause late waken. At the time of a seizure, dogs urinate unnaturally. If you see that your dog faces the problem of seizures instead of dreaming, it is not a normal matter for your dog. Due to seizures in dogs, your dog might suffer from epilepsy to cancer. So, examine your dog whether they have dangerous diseases or not.

Take Your Dog To a Vet

If you see that your dog begins shaking, trembling, and shivering, you should keep in mind the other signs also. They are diarrhea, limping, and vomiting. Every day you should visit the veterinarian’s office to prevent food poisoning, GTS, and other health issues of your pet. You have to watch your dog’s behavior carefully whether they start to shake without any reason. Then you can identify the shaking by X-rays and other tests.

Precautionary Steps

If you see that your dog is shaking, you should keep them in a warm place so that he can relax. Thus you can stop your dog from shaking.

Secondly, if your cat is suffering from anxiety or pain, you can lessen this anxiety and boost your dog’s confidence level through proper training. Furthermore, spending time with your cute puppy can also help you to get rid of shaking.

Thirdly, you should be careful if you notice that your dog is shaking or trembling. Then try to remove every suffering that they experience in their life.

Fourthly, take away all the chemicals and toys from your dog.

Fifthly, if your dog is experiencing fireworks outside your house, takeaways from fireworks as soon as possible.

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If you find yourself asking, “Why is my dog shaking when he breathes in?” it’s best to consider the context of the situation and any accompanying symptoms. There are several reasons behind this. I have described all the reasons in detail so that you can take proper steps to prevent shaking or trembling. Besides, I have provided some precautionary steps which will be very effective for you to stop trembling.


Why does my dog quiver when he breathes in?

Quivering when breathing in can indicate cold, excitement, pain, or respiratory issues. Consult a vet if it’s persistent or accompanied by distress.

Should I be worried if my dog is shaking?

Shaking in dogs can be normal due to excitement or cold, but persistent or sudden shaking should prompt a veterinary check-up.

What does quivering in a dog mean?

Quivering in a dog can signify various states from excitement and cold to pain, fear, or medical conditions like neurological issues.

Why does my dog breathe fast and shake while sleeping?

Fast breathing and shaking during sleep can be due to dreams, but if it’s excessive or regular, it could indicate respiratory or anxiety issues.

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