How To Stop My Puppy From Biting When Excited

How To Stop My Puppy From Biting When Excited

Dealing with a nippy puppy can be a challenging aspect of bringing a new furry friend into your home. It’s a common question among pet owners: “How to stop my puppy from biting when excited?

Puppies naturally explore the world with their mouths, but it’s important to nip this behavior in the bud to prevent more serious issues as they grow.

When your puppy gets excited and begins to bite, it’s not out of aggression, but rather a form of play and exploration.

However, it’s crucial to teach them that biting is not an acceptable way to express their enthusiasm. Understanding “how to stop my puppy from biting when excited” begins with consistent training and positive reinforcement.

When your puppy starts to bite, redirect their attention to a toy or chew bone. This teaches them what is appropriate to bite and what is not.

Socialization is also key in this learning process. Puppies that play with others learn to control their bite force to avoid harming their playmates and being ostracized from the group.

If your puppy bites you, imitate a yelp to signal that the bite hurt, and then give them a toy as an alternative. This mimics the feedback they would receive from other puppies during play.

How To Stop My Puppy From Biting When Excited?

There are several methods to stop your puppy from biting when he is excited. They are

  • Give a toy to your puppy
  • Command your puppy
  • Tell “ow” when your puppy nipping
  • Provide your puppy with a meal
  • Place your puppy in the crate
  • Do not care at the time of biting you

Through these methods, you can easily stop your dog from nipping. So, let’s know in detail about these methods so that you can apply them to your puppy.

Give a Toy Your Puppy

It is recommended by a dog trainer that when your puppy comes to bite or nip you, then give him a chew toy that will redirect him into playing rather than biting you. But how do you provide this?

The process is very simple. When your cute dog bites at your hand, then you notice him very carefully and give them a toy instead of your hand.

In this case, you have to do this very calmly. Otherwise, you might be nipped by your puppy.

So, every day you can train your puppy so that he can be accustomed to the methods. After some days, you can see that your puppy is not nipping you.

Command Your Puppy or Dogs

Now you can ask me what command stops dogs from biting. These commands are no, do it, leave it, stay here and do not move.

Try to get accustomed to your puppy by commanding the above words. These commands can save you from nipping your dog.

Now how can you apply these? When you see that your puppy bites you, then tell him to sit here or not move.

At the time of commanding your puppy as a newbie, it might not follow your commands.

After some days, you will see your dog follow your direction. Always try to teach them general commands so that they can follow them very easily.

Tell “Ow” When Your Puppy Nipping

This is one of the other techniques for stopping your puppy nipping from you. You know every puppy loves their owner very much.

They are also very cute. That is why the owner of the puppy adores him. So, when you see that your puppy is nipping you, then you tell him “Ow” so that he can realise that you are getting pain from biting.

Then you see that he abstains from biting you. But try to say the word “Ow” loudly so that he can listen very well.

Provide Your Puppy with a Meal

A meal also plays an important role in stopping your puppy from nipping you. Every puppy loves treats very much.

When they see treats, they will go there to eat. However, when you see that your puppy comes to nipp you, offer them a good meal.

Besides, if you see that he follows your commands, you can reward them by offering food.

So always treat your puppy very well. Then he abides by the rules which are given by you.

Place Your Puppy In The Crate

If all the above methods are not working, you can apply this technique. If your puppy is extremely excited to bite you, place them in the crate that can save you from nipping.

Besides, you can keep your puppy in a lonely room. You do not need to place your puppy in the crate for a long time. When you see that he becomes calm, then you can take him out of the crate.

After that, you can command your puppy for soothing. Tell them to calm down my cute puppy.

As a result, you will see that he stops barking and becomes calm. Whatever, you command him, repeat it again and again so that he can realise this is not good behaviour.

Do not care At The Time of Biting You

When you see that your puppy is biting you, do not care about him. Because if your puppy succeeds in getting attention from you, he will be encouraged to bite you more. So, do not care about him. After some time, give them some treats or toys.

How to stop my puppy from biting when excited

Why Does My Dog Nip At My Face When Excited?

There is no exact reason for nipping at your face when your dog is excited. There are several causes to nip at your face.

For instance, when you smear something on your face that looks extraordinary, as a result, your dog might be attracted by this.

Then he comes to nip at your face. The other reason might be that the dog wants to get attention from you.

Your dog wants you to love him and to spend time with him. So, you do not need to worry about this. You can stop your dog from nipping at your face.

You can follow some methods such as giving them a toy and using commanding words.

Furthermore, put your dog in a lonely room for some time. By following these methods, you can stop your dog from nipping at your face very easily.

Why Does Your Puppy Jump And Bite When You Get In the House?

Your dog likes you very much. That is why your dog jumps and bites you when you get home. It is a sign of love and affection to you.

I think every dog owner faces this. It also happens when you come to the home from outside.

When your dog sees you, he gets excited and jumps at you. So, it is a common thing for dogs.

You do not need to worry about jumping and biting. Rather you should provide them with some soft toys so that your dog can be busy with them.

How Do I Train My Dog Not To Bite When Excited?

You can train your dog by following various tactics. They are:

  • To use a glove
  • Hold on the Dog’s rope
  • By ignoring physical penalising
  • To accustomed to daily exercise
  • Try to provide them rest when exhausted

By following these tactics, you can train your dog very well. So, let’s know in detail about these tactics so that you can apply them to your dog.

To Use A Golves

By using a glove, you can stop your dog biting from you. It’s an effective technique to stop biting from you.

They usually like the smell of you. But when you wear a glove using a deterrent, a bad smell comes from your hand.

As a result, your dog surely does not like to bite you. So, every day you can use this technique.

Hold On The Dog’s Rope

You can train them by holding on to the dog’s rope. When you notice that your dog becomes super excited, then keep on the dog’s leash which can keep you safe from biting.

Furthermore, if you see that your puppy is excited to bite anyone to see them, you should take the rope near to you so that he cannot get the chance to bite anyone. So, be a good leader to hold on to the leash.

By Ignoring Physical Penalizing

You should not train your dog in such a way that makes him afraid. So, never give them physical punishments such as bottle spray, making them down and louding to them. If you give such punishments to them, they always remain afraid and try to bite you.

To Accustomed To Daily Exercise

You have to make your dog accustomed to daily exercise. If your dog does daily exercise, he will get more energy.

Besides, the mind of your dog will be fresh if he does daily exercise. Give your dog several types of puzzles to exercise so that he can enjoy this physical exercise.

Try To Provide Them Rest When Exhausted

Besides physical exercise, you should provide them with rest so that they can restore more energy.

It is a very important thing for every dog to rest. When any dog becomes exhausted, then he tends to bite anybody.

So, put your dog in a comfortable place so that he can take a rest.

Is It Normal For Puppies To Bite When Excited?

Of course, it is common for puppies to bite their owners or humans. This is one kind of showing love to you.

They generally use their nose and mouth to show their love. In this case, if you do not like biting, you can stop them by doing proper training.

But keep in mind that do not punish them. Whatever the methods you are following to stop biting, you should be soft and calm at the time of applying the methods.

Or you can teach your puppy that touching human skin is not good behaviour for you.

Teach him to be a gentle dog. Besides command your puppy using some specific keywords which are mentioned above.

8 Month Old Puppy Jumping And Biting

Many of you ask if is it normal for my 8-month-old puppy to bite still. Yes, it is normal for an 8-month-old puppy to jump and bite.

It is the instinctive nature of your puppy. Generally, when your puppy becomes very hungry, he behaves like this.

At this stage, you should not worry about this. Just give them a proper meal every day.

How Do I Get My 8-Month-Old Dog To Stop Biting?

If you see that your 8-month-old dog is biting you, you cannot stop this.

I suggest you give them different types of chew toys so that they can be busy with playing.

Furthermore, you can stop biting your 8-month-old dog by commanding.

I think the best way to stop this kind of behaviour is by saying “Ouch”. It can easily redirect his attention from biting.

Then you can offer them a bone for chewing. Consistent training and positive reinforcement can help your dog out of biting.

Avoid The Things At The Time Of Training Your Puppy

There are several training methods I have mentioned above in the article. But there are still some methods which you should avoid at the time of training your puppy.

They are noise, holding your puppy’s mouth, and spraying your puppy with water. At the time of training your puppy, never be noisy around him.

It can make him afraid. Then he will be more excited to bite you. Then if you keep your puppy’s mouth, it might be problematic for them to breathe.

As a result, he will be nervous and nip you. Thirdly, do not spray your puppy with water that will hamper the bitch of your puppy. So, be careful at the time of training your puppy.


In conclusion, it can be said that by following the above methods, you can stop your puppy from biting when it becomes excited. You have to follow all the tactics daily to get the best results. Furthermore, avoid some training that will make your puppy afraid and super excited. Keep in mind always behave gently with your puppy so that he can follow your commands. Finally, make your puppy exercise daily so that he can be more energetic and not bite you anymore.


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