Because we know dog grooming does a lot in a dog’s life such as removing dead skin and dirt, protecting against feet and nail complications, helping you know what normal dog behavior is like and improves a dog’s general health, we have made a breakdown of all dog grooming basics, needs, and rules to keep your dog healthy.

We'll be helping with guides on how to observe your dog’s skin and fur, how to choose a great dog groomer, when should you start grooming your dog, how often to brush and groom your dog based on individual dog as dogs tend to differ in their need for brushing because of their coat type and length, type of brushes to use for dog grooming, bad breath in your dog, dental diseases, excess salivation

We will also guide you on which grooming equipment and supplies you should use to help detangle your dog’s fur and coat based on your dog’s breed, how to cut your dog’s hair, how to care for your dog’s eye and dog tear stains, essential oils to use on your dog’s skin, dealing

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