Why Does My Dog Lick The Bed Sheets?

why does my dog lick the bed sheets? 

Has your dog licked your bed sheets as if it was soaked in a large portion of honey, and you are wondering why he is doing so?

There are many possible reasons responsible for this behavior and I’ll be explaining the possible reasons in this article plus how you can help your friendly pooch.

So, why does my dog lick the bed sheets? 

One common reason your dog will lick your bed sheet is that he’s easing his tension or stress. He can also lick your body or things that belong to you. It also could be that he loves the tastes, or in severe cases, it’s a compulsive disorder.

So, let’s take a look at these reasons one after the other and what you should do in each case.

Why Does My Dog Lick The Bed Sheets?

8 Reasons Your Dog Licks Your Bed Sheet

1. He Is Easing His Tension and Stress

As humans, we do everything possible to ease our stress even if it means doing crazy things. Just as it is with humans, so also it is to dogs.

Intelligent dogs engage in natural behaviors — licking you or any healthy substance — as one of the best ways to get rid of stress. Hence, your friendly canine might decide to go for your bedsheet instead of aiming at your leg or body.

Apart from licking the bed sheet, he could be shaking, whining, or panting, which further confirms that he is under intense stress and pressure.

If that’s the case, you should find better ways to help your dog get rid of his stress. This includes engaging him a regular exercise; taking him to a quieter place to relax his nerves, and lastly consulting a veterinarian if the above symptoms persist for long periods.

2. He Loves The Taste Of Your Bed Sheet

Another reason could be as a result of the salty taste of your bed sheet. Your bed might have the salty taste left by your body sweat, which is interesting enough to attract your dog’s attention and desire to have a taste of it.

3. You Probably Change His Diet

A change of diet is also believed to have the potential to make him lick your bed sheet. Let say your dog is completely strange to the new taste of the food you gave to him, and he desires a familiar taste.

He can easily head straight to your bedsheets and keep striking it with his tongue until he has enough of the old usual taste.

Is either you turn back to its old usual diet or you help him get used to the new taste as early as possible. Stop him from going towards the bed immediately after a meal by giving him a toy to play with to distract his attention.

4. He Possesses Strong Affection for Your Bed

Your dog is liable to lick your bed sheet if he is really in love with it. Dogs are known for having a very strong affinity with the things they love. Your dog won’t only lick your bed sheet but would want to do it more often due to his affection for the bed sheet.

At this point, it is expected of you to help him decide who and what he should love — that’s why you are the leading member of his pack anyways.

Use the “leave command” to get him off the bed as soon as you see him licking the sheets. Reward him with a captivating treat if he responds swiftly to your command.

5. It’s a Compulsive Habit He Can’t Stop Too Easily

why does my dog lick the bed sheets? 

As mentioned earlier, licking habit comes naturally to any active and healthy dog. It is one behavior that most dogs can’t get rid of except their owners provide a helping hand.

Your dog is licking your bed sheet because it is a habit he couldn’t stop overnight. He needs your attention and help in this situation as you are in the pole position to help out.

You should play your role by letting him know how you want him to behave. Do not hesitate to command or reward him when necessary. You should limit the number of times he is permitted to come close to the bed because it will go a long way in telling him he is doing something wrong.

However, you should be careful not to rebuke in a wrong manner so that he won’t misinterpret the information you are passing across to him. Meanwhile, ensure you call the attention of your dog expert if all your efforts are fruitless.

6. He Feels More Secure and Comfortable On The Bed

Funny enough, your dog could be trying his tongue on your bed sheet just to let you know that he feels very secure and safe on your bed.

He could also be involved in this action because he feels very comfortable and contented with your bed’s soothing effects. Should you stop him from licking your bed if this is his reason for doing so? It depends on your preference. 

7. He Is Battling Some Medical Issues

Some medical issues could make your helpless dog engage in the act until you intervene. medical conditions, such as megaesophagus [1] or bacteria and fungi infections, and gastronomical pain, could influence his decision to lick your bed sheet.

Visiting a dog expert is non-negotiable at this point to know what is wrong with your dog. The dog expert will equally treat all other undiscovered ailments in his immune system and other parts of his body.

 8. Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is another possible reason why your furry friend isn’t ready to let go of your bed as soon as you left home for a long journey. He would display some uncomfortable body language while you are about leaving the house.

This can only mean he is engaged in the attitude because he already misses you. He couldn’t help but feel lonely and anxious to see you again.

You shouldn’t make things look like you are about traveling in order to prevent him from being emotional or being affected by any form of separation anxiety.

Top Two Important Fact You Should Know About Your Dog

There are two important facts you should know about your dog if you must help him overcome this behavior. They include the following:

* When did he start the behavior: This will help you determine what triggered the behavior in the first place. It will equally aid your chances of providing the best and lasting solution to the behavior.

* How often does he display this Attitude: This is another fact that will provide you with a very important clue as regards to the major reason for his action.


It is not enough for you to know the reasons behind your dog’s behavior. You are expected to take action either by helping him dump the attitude.

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