Why Do Dogs Like Bolster Beds?

Have a dog that would not often sleep on his traditional flat dog bed but rather compete with you for a spot on the sofa. This may have led you to think, why do dogs like bolster beds?

In this post, we'll be revealing reasons why your dog prefers spots with raised edges and the benefits he could get when sleeping on a dog bed.

Got a minute? Read on to know further.

Like other beds, bolster beds are aimed to provide your dog with the maximum comfort that he seeks. I will like to mention that there are three different forms of these types of beds, which are:

  • Half-bolster bed: made in an L-shaped structure
  • Three-sided bolster bed, and
  • Full-bolster bed: has support on all four sides

Now, let's find out why dogs have preference for these beds

1. Calms anxious dogs

One of the things bolster beds do it calms anxiety in dogs.

Got an anxious dog? 

You may already know how much problem this can cause when your dog suffers from anxiety.

When left unchecked over time, fear-related anxiety can lead to behavioral problems like aggressiveness, destructive behavior, excessive barking, restlessness, etc.

Now back to why dogs like bolster beds, the surrounding raised sides act as a form of protection, which gives dogs a sense of security and safety.

So, when your dog snuggles in bolster beds, they feel less exposed and vulnerable than he would when sleeping on a traditional flat dog bed.

2. Provides more comfort

Another reason dogs prefer these beds is because they provide more comfort than other types of beds.

Firstly, it's ideal for snuggling. While in the wild, dogs like to snuggle or cuddle each other.

Each snuggle session releases a hormone called Oxytocin, which made them feel good. Also, snuggling allows dogs to get warmth.

Sleeping on a bed that allows being in a snuggling position enables the transfer of body heat to get warmth.

Secondly, bolster beds provide dogs that like to burrow or nest nooks suited for this behavior.

While dog burrows or digs their beds to make a comfortable 'nest,' these beds easily allow them.

3. Provides support and perfect for senior dogs

Bolster beds have cushioned raised edges that your dog can put his head on.

This, in turn, provides support for the neck, hips, and back by helping to align the neck and spine for a more restful sleep.

Also, arthritic and older dogs with bad joints and muscles tend to prefer bolster beds because of the optimum comfort it provides by the raised sides and back.

Now you know why dogs prefer bolster beds. It's nothing more than better comfort they benefit from it and the enclosed space, which gives them a sense of protection.

So, if you'd want to treat your dog well, you may consider buying this type of bed. Bear in mind that there are numerous products in the market that could confuse you on which to go for.

But I've written a post on the best bolster dog beds to make your decision making easier.

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