How to Wash a Dog Bed with Stuffing: (Simple Steps)

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One of the responsibilities of being a dog owner is regular cleaning of your dog bed. New dog owners must know about the stuffed dog beds, which would enable them to know how to wash the dog bed with Stuffing.

The essence of dog bed Stuffing is basically to provide cushion and comfort for your dog. Even in the instance of medical needs, old and arthritic dogs require extra comfort and cushion.

Dog bed stuffing are always made of different materials where each kind of material stuffing has its peculiar pros and cons.

Depending on the bed design, the manufacturers sometimes give the owner the luxury of restuffing or refilling the contents, ensuring durability and saving you some funds that could have been spent due to purchasing another dog bed.

Some dog beds are completely sewn, so it doesn't give you room to open and refill, but then there's always the trick of prying open and then sewing back neatly. It isn't difficult or tasking to do if you are to compare with the kind of discomfort your dog faces.

Depending on how you want it, you could take the dog bed to the laundry or do it yourself.

However, doing the cleaning yourself could be quite tedious and time consuming for you if you do not know the trick. I bet you could spend quality hours you could have dedicated to something else and still end up tired and exhausted.

Easy washability is a major factor considered by all. You would agree with me that caring for dogs could be tiring at times and that dogs do and dump a whole lot of things on their bed. Your dog would scratch fleas, eat, sometimes even urine and feces are passed out on the bed.

If your dog also has issues with allergies, washing it always is goes a long way because their allergies can be triggered. Ordinarily, you ought to wash your dog beds at least once in two weeks.

To wash your dog bed with Stuffing, the advice (if you would see it that way) I can give is to wash using the machine. That way, it is easier and faster to wash.

Washing a stuffed dog bed involves the same process as washing any other dog bed, just with some modifications. Oftentimes, each manufacturer does give guidelines on how to wash the bed.

However, let's see a general approach.

1. Vacuum the bed

This is important because it helps remove dog hair from dog bed, debris, and other attachments. Vacuum the bed over and over again to ensure it is well done. Also, check corners and edges to make sure it is well cleaned.

Like I mentioned earlier, several dog beds do come with removable dog covers. This dog covers washing/cleaning much easier. So, you have to separate the bed cover and the Stuffing.

Doing this, you have to check for any area that might be torn or check for open zippers. As it will help protect from damages while washing and ensure your dog gets to use it for a longer period.

3. Use stain remover

Stains are commonly found on dog beds, and such stains would include urine, poop, food excesses, etcetera. These stains could seem difficult to clean sometimes and the reason for a stain remover.

However, not all stain removers are deemed fit to be used on all dog beds, so ensure you get one that is guaranteed not to leave residues or anything of the sort on your dog bed, which could, in turn, be detrimental to the dog's health.

All you have to do is to apply the stain removal and then wait for some minutes to continue with the washing process. After doing this, ensure that you extract water remains as much as possible.

Here's a popular stain and odor remover (2-in-1) on Amazon

4. Proper washing using detergent

Following the manufacturer's instructions on how to wash a stuffed dog bed, it is now left for you to decide whether to was with your hands or using the machine or even taking it to the laundry guy's next stop.

Since most stuffed dog beds permit machine wash in recent times, it shouldn't be something to worry about. It can be washed using detergent and deodorizer (for both machine and handwashing).

Just like the stain remover, make sure to use detergents that are certified pet-safe like this one to avoid irritation on your dog's skin. The deodorizer is to be applied as well to remove odor.

The best-considered deodorizer is white vinegar or apple cedar vinegar because they do a good job of removing odors and keeping the dog bed safe.

5. Rinsing

After washing and draining, the next phase is either from the bathtub you used while washing with your hands or the machine. You are to rinse the dog bed with warm water.

The rinsing is to be done repeatedly to ensure no soapy remains are left behind. So it's like you'd continue rinsing with warm water till you're certain of that fact.

6. Drying

For drying, some manufacturers also give specifics about it. However, you may choose to either air dry or use a dryer in the absence of that.

To air dry, you could leave the bed out on a flat surface to allow the sun to take out the moisture. Using a dryer comes with a caution to be careful of using heat levels than the bed material can take.

This would help the bed serve you for a longer period. Ensure to check the thick areas for even the smallest feel of water.

7. Fluffing

This is more like the last stage in washing your stuffed dog bed.

Having done all the above, and the bed is completely dry, you will need to fluff the bed and try to balance flattened areas with stuffing from other thick areas.

After this, you can safely put back the cover and return the bed as it was previously.


As a novice in keeping pet dogs, Now, that you've gotten such information as this, it would guide your decision making.

Before you go shopping to get a dog bed next time, you would want to consider if it is manufactured to be restuffed, machine washable, and how to wash a dog bed with stuffing.

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