Best 8 Chew Proof (Indestructible) Dog Harnesses

Over the years, many dog owners have complained about how their dogs chew their harnesses to shreds.

This is an every-day problem, and I, as a result, deeply and extensively researched the best chew proof dog harness that can resist chewing and streamline the habit, without compromising comfort and security.

Got a dog that chews its harness relentlessly?

 Read on below to find out how what to look for in a good chew-proof dog harness, as well as the best products I recommend myself.

When buying a dog harness, the last thing you want to end up with is one that makes your dog uncomfortable.

While I’ve dedicated a lot of time to researching and testing out some of the harnesses listed in this article, it is equally essential that you are adept with the basic things that make a good harness, should you need to do the handpicking yourself.

For this reason, the following are what do consider when purchasing any harness:

Clip or Leash Point Style

I often consider and place a lot of emphasis on the leash point, also known as the clip, of a harness.

Why do I say this?

The clip is what determines the style with which you handle and walk out with your pet. For this reason, there are harnesses with front clips, back clips, as well as double clips.

Front clips are usually designed for dogs that pull constantly. They enable you to pull back your dog from the chest.

Even more importantly:

It becomes easier when you attach a good dog leash. Doing this over time will teach your dog to refrain from the pulling habit and give you less cause for worry.

On the flip side, back clips are ideal for well-behaved dogs.

This makes walking your dog easy. Also, when you attach a leash to a back clip, it becomes easier to attach and detach, in contrast to that on the front.


Like many harnesses I’ll be reviewing in this article, there are harnesses with both front and back leash clips.

You can start with the front clip if your dog is still a hard puller and then use the back clip when it’s beginning to outgrow the behavior.

All in all, choose what works best for you.


If you don’t walk your pet out at nights, you may not find the reflective feature on a harness very useful.

Be that as it may:

Some harness manufacturers make the straps reflective, and it is essential for making your dog visible at night, especially when you accidentally lose the leash and it veers off onto the road.

It will help vehicle drivers spot it immediately and reduce the risk of an accident.


Your dog will most likely snap off its harness if it doesn’t fit well; this will be fueled by the inconvenience it brings them, either because of the padding of the interior or the general fitting.

For this reason, I recommend checking each product's size with much scrutiny. You can find the needed information on the size of each product's description page.


I often emphasize the warranty when talking about dog products. This is because of what works and what doesn’t vary from one dog to another.

While not many harnesses are backed with a good warranty, it is, however, important that you check for it as an added advantage.

Should in case there is a factory defect or a case of the harness buckles breaking off after a few try, you can return it for replacement or refund.

Note that this does not necessarily mean that a product is bad, it just might not be working for your dog or could simply mean that you aren’t doing something right.

Either way, you can always get another unit of the same product and give it another try. It’s a win-win for a buyer.

What Make a Harness Chew Proof?

Frankly speaking:

No harness is hundred-percent chew-proof.

Why is it so?

To start with, when a harness is built to be tough, using some aluminum or metal, one also has to consider that it, regardless, has to be soft and comfy enough for your pet.

These are two contrasting needs that each manufacturer deals with carefully when producing a harness.

Be that as it may, the following are what can make a harness resistant to chewing:

Inaccessible Straps

The strapping of a harness is what most dogs try to grasp at first. With a single grip of the strap, they can easily mount off the harness and chew it to shreds.

The neck, shoulder, and chest regions are usually difficult to reach for dogs, so you should consider a harness with straps somewhere there.

Sturdy Material

When a harness is up for chewing, no degree of material toughness can exonerate it.

However, some fabrics are stronger than others, and they can withhold the chewing for some time before rescue beckons.

Some of the best material for chew-proof dog harness are polyester, OEKO-TEX, canvas, denim, to mention a few.

Rugged Hardware

When reaching the straps or chewing the fabric are not viable options, many dogs will turn to hardware such as clips and buckles.

When this is the case, hardware made of metal or aluminum will do a great job.

Certainly, plastic hardware cannot match metal or aluminum ones, but there are, regardless, plastic hardware that can almost equally stand the test of time.

What are the Best Heavy Duty Dog Harnesses of 2020?

  • RUFFWEAR - Front Range Dog Harness
  • Julius-K9 IDC Power Dog Harness
  • EzyDog Convert Trail-Ready Dog Harness
  • ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness
  • OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness
  • YOGADOG Heavy Duty Dog Harness
  • Kurgo Dog Harness
  • Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull

Top Indestructible Dog Harness Reviews

After an elaborate guide of what to look out for in a good dog harness, as well as what makes it chew-proof, let’s jump straight to the review of the best strong, heavy duty dog harness, without mincing words any further:

Shall we?

1. RUFFWEAR - Front Range Sturdy Dog Harness

If the brand, RuffWear, rings a bell in your ear, you wouldn’t be surprised to find this product first on the list.

They make some really good dog products, and this harness is not an exception.

On the back, it has a leash attachment point made of aluminum.

At the front, there is also a leash point made of strong web looping to control and discourage pulling.

If you’re worried about the comfortability for your dog, you’d be glad to know that the belly and chest panel of this harness is padded, thereby giving your dog an all-day comfort for those strolling moments.

What’s more?

This product has reflective trim and four points of adjustment, which I reckon is great for dogs that are still growing in size.

More importantly, the build material is tough, and there is an ID pocket at the front region for stuffing your dog’s tag and ensuring that it never gets lost.

Overall, this harness is great for pulling your dog back when going for a walk, and doing so is easy, too.

I tell you what though:

It’s pretty sturdy, comes in different sizes and colors, and is easy to adjust. However, the waist strap slips and, sometimes, have to be retightened.


  • 2 leashes attachment points
  • Padded belly and chest panel
  • Customizable fit
  • Strong webbing loop

2. Julius-K9 IDC Power (Heavy Duty) Dog Harness

If you’ve got a tough working dog that you spend most of the time with outdoors, this dog harness might be your best bet.

For what it’s worth:

It is made of tough German material known as an anti-allergenic, OEKO-TEX material which is skin-friendly, breathable, and gives scientifically proven comfort.

In addition to this, the chest strap and edges are made of reflective materials, thus serving as a visibility vest to help you see your dog at night.

Interestingly, the buckles on this harness have been proven to be durable and sturdy, even during frosty weather.

One of the areas in which this harness scores great points is that the handle is closable, and you can choose to fix only the handle, the steel ring, or ultimately both.

I reckon this will give each owner great control and prevent their dog from being stuck.

You would also love that this product comes with an optional side bag that you can buy alongside for stuffing documents, cell phones, and dog treats.

In general, with rugged, high-quality German material, this harness can resist chewing a bit, and it is also water repellant.

It has various sizing and color options, and the customer support from the manufacturer is great.

However, the collar may wear off over a while if not properly maintained.


  • Interchangeable hook and loop patches
  • Reflective edges and chest strap
  • 1-year warranty
  • Adjustable front and belly straps

3. EzyDog Convert Trail-Ready Dog Harness

A dog harness being expensive does not necessarily translate to it being great value for money, but at this price point and what this product offers, the manufacturers aren’t asking buyers to break the bank.

It is built to withhold corporeal resistance.

How so?

It allots load around the sides and across the chest, as opposed to pulling across the throat like in some products.  

What’s more, it has a D-ring which is made of stainless steel, as well as a magnetic traffic handle, which you can adjust for any situation.

Like the product previously reviewed, this one also has reflective strips for night visibility but is simultaneously flashy and fashionable.

Prioritizing comfort, the manufacturer uses soft cotton lining at the front region to keep your pooch happy and relaxed.

Equally important, the chest strap is fully adjustable, thus providing a secure, and snuggly fit for your dog.

To top it all off:

This harness fits securely with the right adjustment, thereby preventing your dog from getting it off and ultimately shredding it into pieces.

It’s durable, reliable, and helps gain great control while walking dogs, although, getting the adjustment right might be difficult at first try.


  • Pinch-free restraint
  • Reflective strips
  • Traffic handle
  • Rust-proof D-ring
  • ID tag attachment point
  • Polyester outer shell

4. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

If you’re a fashionista dog owner, you might find this harness' build color a bit bland and repulsive.

But behind all that. it is a harness whose buckle on the dog shoulder position is made of alloy metal, to withstand those moments when your dog pulls hard.

Additionally, there is a no-pull front clip to which you can attach your preferred leash; I hint this will be great for redirecting your dog’s forward motion and allowing great control with little effort.

Interestingly, each joint load-bearing point on this harness is stitched, using an in-box pattern that will resist biting and prevent your dog from breaking or snapping off the harness.

To ensure each dog gets its fit, the product is available in a wide range of sizes and is, yet, adjustable for paramount comfort.

Overall, the snap closures are made of heavy-duty material, and it is greatly recommended for large-breed dogs and chewers. It doesn’t slip off, and it offers great control. However, you might need to inspect each day before taking your dog out in it.


  • 2× metal buckle (250 LB)
  • 4-position adjustable
  • Small, medium, and large size

5. OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness 

If you’re looking for a chew proof dog harness to help your dog wear morale patches and carry extra gear, you might want to consider this product.

It is aptly built with a MOLLE and a hook-and-loop system.

But the silver lining is:

The material used for this harness is a polyester exterior 1,000D nylon which, after 25,000 cycles, has been proven to be durable and water-resistant.

Also, all pressure areas on this harness are well padded to make your pooch comfortable.

It has four quick-release buckles that you can easily attach and detach for extra security.

It also has an adjustable top handle for traffic control, as well as a V-ring on the front in which you can attach your dog’s leash.

The product is available in four colors, with the most sort-after one being coyote brown.

In general, it is great for dog walking, training, and hiking. Also, it can withhold pulling a great lot, and the build material is of great quality.

However, there is a size misappropriation as even the large-sized variant doesn’t fit well on big dogs.


  • MOLLE system and military-style
  • Hook-and-loop panels
  • High-quality 1,000D nylon
  • 4 quick-release buckles

6. YOGADOG Heavy Duty Dog Harness

A dog with a sensitive neck is often difficult to take on a walk or train, and that’s why this product is built, prioritizing every element of convenience.

For this reason, I recommend that you measure your dog’s chest and neck when considering this product.

What does it offer that blows the competitions out of the water?

Nothing in particular, but with durable nylon which is wear-resistant and weatherproof, alongside a 450 lb rating, this harness is apt for hard pullers, and it can withhold chewing when pulled off— which is very much unlikely with its firmness.

It has a padded handle, as well as an extendable short leash which buffers pulling force and, as a result, streamlines injury risk.

Also, the stitching is reflective, and it has adjustable straps and sturdy buckles for your dog’s convenience.

All in all, this harness is comfy, firmly fit, and great for strong pulling, all without causing strain on your dog’s neck.

Ultimately, it’s perfect for big dogs, and the build material is of great quality, although adjusting for fitting on the chest region might be a tad difficult.


  • Weatherproof nylon
  • Reflective stitching
  • Soft padding
  • Elastic short leash with padded handle.

7. Kurgo Dog Harness

Merely looking at this product, you’d notice the oddness and simplicity in its design.

Does this translate to anything good?

Well, such simplicity means this harness is not only easy to wear on your dog, but it is also lightweight as well.

Interestingly, the product comes with a 10” seat belt tether which can be attached to your car's belt buckle to restrain your dog during a drive.

Furthermore, at the front of the harness is a D-ring which serves as a leash attachment, and I hint that you can harness this to train your dog not to pull; it will turn it back if it tries pulling.

Alternatively, there is also a leash ring at the back, and this is to be used for regular walks or exercise.

To wrap it all up, this product is backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect, and the material used is rugged for chewing.

Simple and lightweight, this harness will fit perfectly on any dog, and it will also help protect and restrain your dog when in the car.

However, I find the stitching on the interior a bit too sharp; thus, it won’t be very ideal for dogs that are aren’t furry and have very sensitive skin.


  • Dog seat belt
  • No-pull training clip
  • Lifetime factory defect warranty
  • 5 adjustable point

8. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull

At this ridiculous price point, a question of whether this chew proof dog harness can stand up to the competitions will inevitably pop up.

However, you’d be glad to know that it does the job pretty well. It can help you gain control of your dog with two sturdy metal leash attachments at the back and the front, with the latter being ideal for redirecting forward motion and discouraging sudden pulls.

For secure locking, there are two fast-release buckles to ensure that firm on your pooch's body.

For the fitting, four adjustable straps are easy to buckle up and won’t strip off to make the harness exposed to chewing.

All-round, the build material is a soft cushion that can help protect your dog's skin and equally maximize comfort.

In general, the pulling-deterrent feature on the harness really works, and it does it well, too.

It will be extremely difficult for your dog to escape out of the harness, and the buckles are sturdy and won’t give away easily.

Also, it will make your dog and comfy, all at a ridiculously cheap price.


  • Fully adjustable straps
  • Durable Oxford nylon build
  • No pull, no choke system

FAQs on Indestructible Gog Harness

Why Do Dog Chew Their Harness?

The reason varies from one dog to another.

However, the most common cause of this is when a dog feels uncomfortable in its harness. This could be as a result of it being too tight or the interior, padded area being itchy and painful.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Chewing Its Harness?

The options are very limited, but you can try spraying fruit-flavored chew deterrent on the harness.

This will make your dog refrain from the habit but can cause allergy and reactions on dogs with very sensitive skin.

Can I Wash My Dog's Harness?

Of course, you can. However, using a washing machine is not viable for harnesses with nylon or leather material.

For durability sake, I recommend that you do hand-washing more often, regardless of the material the harness is made of.

Can My Dog Keep Its Harness On, Even When Not in Use?

If you take your dog out often and notice how comfy it is in the harness, you can choose to let him keep it.

However, keeping a harness on for too long can cause skin irritations, so you’re advised to remove it if your dog barely spends time outside.

Rounding Up Notes

A dog harness that is chew-proof, durable, and easy to handle is the key to gaining control over your dog when outside.

Considering this, making a selection from the list of the best chew proof dog harness would be a great decision to make for your buddy, as well as using the guide in the early stages of this article to handpick one yourself.

To top it all off, while other all the harnesses reviewed are almost equally good, they are distinctive in different ways, and my most recommended from the list are

  • RabbitGoo Dog Harness, which offers great value for money,
  • the EzyDog Convert Trail-Ready Dog Harness, which has great premium quality,
  • and the RuffWear Front Range Dog Harness, which is a very popular option. Good luck.

Trust me. It’ll all be worth it!

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