Can Dogs Have Coconut Water? Is It Healthy?

Coconut water is extremely needed in human body as it consists of high nutritional contents which include micro and macro nutrients.

Despite its importance to human health, many dog owners are still not sure whether coconut water is good from their pooch or not. This post will put an end to your worries as it reveals whether coconut water should be given to your dog or not.

Can you give your dog coconut water? Yes. This is because it serves as source of energy to your dog, it possibly helps to prevent UTI in dog, it aids hydration in dogs, it serves as cure for GI problems etc.

As much as coconut water has laudable effects on your dog's overall health, it also has some side effects if he consumes too much of it.

What is the specific quantity of coconut your dog should consume in a day to avoid adverse effects?  I have provided accurate answers to this question. You only need to pay absolute attention to every aspect of this article

As mentioned earlier, coconut water is gotten from coconut seed. It is a clear and healthy liquid present inside a coconut seed.

Though many people often choose to add it to smoothies, coconut water has a great and awesome taste on its own and it can be consumed without adding artificial sugar or sweetening flavors.

It is rich in nutrients and natural electrolyte, which is one of the reasons why you should give it to your dog.

Meanwhile, other importance of coconut water can't be overlooked and they are unveiled below:

1. It increases the level of important nutrients in your dog's Immune system

Coconut water consists of many nutrients - including Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine, Sulfur, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C - in laudable quantities.

Hence, the number of important nutrients in your dog's system will increase tremendously, thereby, ensuring healthy living.

2. It serves as a cure for Gastrointestinal disorder (GI) problems

Gastrointestinal disorder is one of the possible reasons why your dog sometimes finds it difficult to retain water and nutrients for a long period.

Fortunately, coconut water is believed to have a very high chance of curing some GI-related problems such as constipation, anal fissures, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), hemorrhoid, etc

3. It helps to keep your dog hydrated all day long

Coconut water is made up of natural electrolytes which help to maintain the water level in your dog's immune system.

Giving your dog coconut water means you are helping him avoid some health problems - such as sunken eyes, weakness, lethargy and dry gums - that are related to dehydration.

4. It reportedly helps in reducing the size of kidney stones

It is believed that coconut water has slim chances of reducing the size of kidney stones in dogs. Though, it hasn't been confirmed by any vet or medical doctor. This is just a claim and it remains to be seen whether it is right or wrong.

5. It can possibly help to prevent UTI in dog

It is equally predicted by some scientists that coconut water can prevent Urinary tract infections (UTI). Unfortunately, this hasn't been proven at the time of this publication.

Hence, you should not completely depend on coconut water to protect your dog from UTI or kidney stones problems. Visit your vet as soon as you discovered that your dog is showing any UTI or kidney stones symptoms.

6. It serves as a source of energy to your dog

Vitamins, Potassium, and Calcium, which are present in coconut water, are good producers of energy. It is, therefore, safe to say that the drink will energize your dog.

Will Coconut water have a side effect on my dog?

You can be rest assured that your dog won't feel any negative impact from taking coconut water if he consumes moderate quantity.

You must ensure that he doesn't take an excessive amount of this lovely drink.

I must let you know that the drink contains medium chain triglycerides and a high content of carbs. So, you should be ready to see your dog experience the adverse effect of excess carbs if you give it an unhealthy amount of coconut water.

You should also know that you are prohibited from adding addictive, such as sugar or sweetening flavor, to coconut water as it is very dangerous to dog's health.

Is there a specific amount of coconut water my dog must consume in a day?

Coconut water shouldn't be deployed as a substitute for water. Instead, you should see it as a supplementary drink that will complement the effect of water.

Having said that, I will suggest that the daily intake of a few ounces of this natural beverage is enough for your dog.

How do I know if my dog doesn't like coconut water?

Despite the inviting smell of this wonderful drink, many dogs still find it difficult to fall in love with it. The question many dog owners often ask is "how can I detect my dog's hatred for coconut water?"

The answer to the question isn't far-fetched because your dog will display a total lack of interest in the drink after perceiving its smell. It will also go far away from the drink in order to show its hostility towards the drink.

Do not get disappointed if you get this character from your dog. He's not a fan of the coconut water, and you shouldn't force him to drink it as it could lead to his anger.

How to make my dog fall in love with coconut water?

Fortunately, you stand a very bright chance of making your dog fall in love with this awesome drink without any force or pressure. How is it possible?

Gradually integrate coconut water into the food you give to your dog. Add just a few quantities of the drink in his food for the first time and observe his reaction.

If it consumes it without putting up a strange attitude, you should continue with the strategy until he gets used to the taste and the feeling. Do not hesitate to stop the strategy if it doesn't work out with your dog.

How to know if my dog likes coconut water?

Your canine companion will completely change his body language. He will become restless as his aim to snatch the drink out of your hands.

He will stare at you more steadily. He will equally drool increasingly, displaying his love for it.

Your dog will show his desire to drink all the available quantity of coconut water as soon as he tasted it. He will even ask for more of the drink by walking around you and raising his ears.

Organic or natural coconut water: Which one is advisable for my dog?

The two types are good for your dog. However, you must ensure that the organic version of the drink doesn't contain addictive as it could be very dangerous to your dog's health.

Meanwhile, I will advise you to go for the natural coconut water because its quality is guaranteed unlike the organic or artificial coconut water that might contain impurities such as preservatives, and coconut concentrate.

Is it healthy for my dog to consume both coconut water and coconut meat / flesh at a time

No! As much as consuming all edible or eatable contents of a coconut seed is good for your dog, you shouldn't be tempted to give him a whole seed at a time.

You can give your dog the coconut flesh or meat today, while you give him the water the next day.

You need to know that consuming too much of coconut meat leads to an increase in fats, which isn't good for the dog as he is prone to experience obesity and sometimes, diarrhea. 

You can choose to add coconut water to your dog's treats rather than giving it to him orally or directly.

Safety tips to know while giving coconut water to your dog​

  • You must be very smart to detect strange reaction from your dog as soon as he consumes the drink. He might be suffering from stomach upset, which means he is not a fan of it.
  • Ensure that your dog is willing to drink it.
  • You must be very cautious of the quantity you are giving to your friendly pooch.

Final Words 

I hope I've been able to do justice to all questions bothering your mind as regards to coconut water and your dog. Less I forget, this drink is recommended to anyone whose dog recently had a successful surgery.

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