Every dog owner wants to give their dogs a better coat, better skin, and healthier teeth and gums, and stable temperaments.  

When dog owners feed their dogs right, they have sufficient energy to sustain them through the day, keep them more active, productive and less likely to become tired. We'll be providing you with easily digestible and useful guides to implement a proper canine nutrition regimen for your dog.

We will help you decide how to feed your dog based on age and breed, best food choices for various breeds, how much should you feed your dog on a daily basis , which foods provide him his nutritional needs, know the six essential classes of nutrients dogs need for optimum healthy living, ingredients to look out for before buying any dog food, weaning and feeding your puppy.

Also, just how much dry food to feed your puppy, the right vitamins and minerals to add to your dog’s diet, necessary fats your dog needs, can raw feeding make your dog aggressive, troubleshooting technique for your dog’s raw feeding transition, how much food should you feed your adult dog, senior dog, performance dogs, brood bitches and stud dog and show you how much fiber is good for your dog and what sources of fiber are best.

Can dogs have coconut water?

Can Dogs Have Coconut Water? Is It Healthy?

Coconut water is extremely needed in human body as it consists of high nutritional contents which include micro and macro

Can dogs have brown sugar?

As most humans are aware of the sweetness in some foods which makes them likely to eat more of that

Just how much should you feed a dog to remain healthy?

You will agree with me that every new or once new dog owner like me has this question - how