Best Flat-faced Dog (Brachycephalic Dogs) Bowls

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If you've got a flat faced dog, you may have noticed how hard it is for your  dog to consume every bit of its meal and perhaps often seen him struggle and compete with the bowl you used in serving him.

If this is what you constantly see in your helpless pooch, then you should know that your dog is passing a straightforward message to you, and that's — "I'm not comfortable using this bowl."

At this point, you have no option but to get any of the Best flat-faced dog (Brachycephalic Dogs) bowls we will be revealing to you later in this article.

You must have heard of some dog breeds like Pugs, Chow Chow, Pekingese, Lhasa, Apso, Bull Mastiffs, and Bulldogs. They are all known as brachycephalic dogs as they are characterized by flat face and short nose.

Despite being one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world, taking care of them can be very challenging as they are prone to suffer some health problems, including 'Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome,' which is mostly caused as a result of improper air passage due to their short nose.

This is why you are advised to take absolute care of your flat-faced dog and be very observant of his behavior in order to detect any unhealthy change as soon as possible.

Why Do They Need a Special Bowl?

Considering their high chances of suffering from breathing-related difficulties, it is more than crucial that you feed your dog in a bowl that is specially made for them to  feel comfortable during mealtime.

Another reason why you should get a specially-made food bowl for your brachycephalic dog is that it helps reduce his chances of suffering from deadly health issues because the bowls are wide enough to create conducive breathing space.

If you are really interested in seeing your dog have a clean and easy mealtime experience, then it is mandatory you go for a specially-designed bowl made for them.

This is because these kinds of bowls permit your cute squished-faced friend to easily get hold of the food without going through pressure that would have been exerted by a traditional bowl.

You definitely won't love cleaning up a messy floor all the time due to your dog's eating habit as it helps correct your dog feeding habit.

The fact that he is comfortable eating with this bowl means your beautiful friendly canine has little or no reason to throw most of his Kibbles to the floor during mealtime.

But the question is, how can you differentiate between traditional or standard bowls and ones that are specially made for a brachycephalic dog? We will help you out with this!

Criteria Use in Selecting Good Flat-faced Dog Bowls

Understandably, it could be a bit difficult to point at a bowl that is specially designed for such dogs in the market, except you are used to buying it before now.

The first feature you should look out for is a wide-open space. Whether it's stainless steel, plastic, or ceramic, this type of bowl has a wide opening at the top, which will provide the dog enough space to pick his food without struggles.

The space ensures that your lovely canine friend doesn't have to constrain his face before contacting the delicious meal.

The bowl's non-skid feature is another factor that makes up a bowl that would be convenient for him.

As much as your canine friend won't encounter huge challenges while eating his kibbles in this bowl due to the wide opened top, that shouldn't stop you from considering the bowl's ability to remain at a spot irrespective of the pressure imposed by your dog.

Before making up your mind on the bowl you want for your dog, it is equally important you make sure you are going for a bowl that has a tilted angle at one side of its opening.

This is one of the features associated with bowls that are specially designed for flat-faced dogs. The tilted angle guarantees more comfort and convenience.

Having unveiled some of the key features that distinguish these bowls from traditional ones, we went a step further by making a market survey to uncover the best seven pet bowls for flat faced dogs.

We considered the durability, beauty, and compatibility and came up with a very interesting list of bowls wide is extensively discussed below:

Top Flat Nosed Dog Bowls

1. YMAXGO Elevated Tilted Dog Bowls

It's no fluke that this YMAXGO bowl occupies the first spot. Its attractive design and easy-to-clean feature are some of the impressive factors why it's highly rated by users.

It is microwavable, which allows you to easily warm your dog food without any difficulty. Just as we mentioned earlier, a good flat-faced bowl must possess a tilted angle, and this bowl fits as one.

This ceramic bowl is also known for its large-caliber inclined design, making it conducive for all sizes of brachycephalic dogs, including bulldogs.

This feature also helps prevent all forms of mouth infections, such as flatulence and other related health problems.

The double anti-slip design provides support for the bowl, and it ensures that it remains at a spot while your lovely pooch continues to enjoy his delicious meal.

Impressively, unlike many other bowls in the market, this ceramic product has a plastic dining table and a mat, which ensures your dog won't create a messy floor.

However, you might need to feed your dog more than once per mealtime because the bowl isn't as deep as some standard bowls. We can confirm to you that the largest size of this bowl can contain no more than two cups of wet treats or kibble.

In the same vein, it is also important you know that this bowl isn't suitable for dogs that weigh more than 35 pounds.

2. SUPER DESIGN Mess Free Bowl

If you desire to put a complete end to your dog's uneasiness while eating, then you shouldn't think twice before investing in this bowl

It's gorgeous enough to attract the attention of your dog as it will create an irresistible impression on him as soon as he sets his eyes on it.

In terms of comfort, the Super Design bowl is known for its 15-degree slanted angle, which provides pressure-free posture for your dog while chewing his delicious kibbles.

This feature also ensures that the food converges to one side to enable your dog to get every bit of it in no time.

Another feature that will impress you about this bowl is its melamine stand, which further intensifies the bowl's non-skid attributes due to its non-slip feet.

Just as in every bowl discussed in this list, the product is dishwasher safe, and it's extremely easy to clean.

Does your dog love messing up the floor while eating due to its hyperactive nature?
This bowl will definitely put an end to this unwanted habit, thanks to its higher round-arc design that prevents food from flying off to the floor too frequently.

It also comes with a one-year warranty tag, so you can replace it if it gets damaged during the stipulated period.

It supports all sizes of brachycephalic dogs, and it's relatively cheap and affordable.

As much as its material can stand the test of time, you must avoid using outdoors to prolong its lifespan.

Another not-too-impressive fact about the product is that it can only contain 3 cups of wet treat and can't be used as a water bowl due to its slanted design.

3. ENHANCED PET Stainless Steel Bowl

This is another budget-friendly, yet quality bowl for your brachycephalic dog.

Talk of gorgeous and attractive design, this bowl comes in two lovely colors, leaving you with an opportunity to pick the one that suits your home decoration.

Though it isn't known for its extremely slanted or tilted angle, it still possesses a laudable shape that will provide the needed comfort for your dog.

Other features that distinguish this bowl as one of the best you can get for your flat-faced dog include a rubber ring located at the bottom – and a large base.

These two features work together to ensure that the bowl doesn't skid around or spill. You can choose from three sizes ranging from small to medium and big.

Meanwhile, you might not be satisfied with its tiny and lightweight nature, just as discussed by many users in their remarks.

In all, this bowl is obviously not the most rated product you can find, but it still maintains a spot among the best dog bowls for flat-faced dogs

4. JYHY Ceramic Dog Food Bowl

Again, here is a very affordable bowl that will make your dog want to eat more food with ease. Made with durable ceramic materials, this product is tilted at one side for more convenience.

It comes with a bracket that helps provide good eating posture as it helps raise the bowl to a more convenient height where your pooch will feel no pressure.

Just as the other bowls on the list, the JYHY bulldog bowl can be used by cats and other flat-faced pets.

Health wise, the bowl is medically certified by a team of pet experts as it is entirely free of toxic content.

Its anti-slip rubber at the bottom doesn't only guarantee the safety of his food but also ensures that the bowl can stand the test of time as your playful dog would be unable to drag it.

Cleaning takes little or no time, and it is dishwasher safe. It inarguably belongs to two of the cheapest dog bowls you would see in the market as we speak.

5. JWPC Titled Dog Bowl

Here is a product completely made from non-toxic rubber (resin). It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean as it requires only a slight wash in lukewarm water.

With its elastic bottom base and adjustable height, the bowl has what it takes to remain firm in its normal position while you can readjust its height to one that suits your tastes.

The rubber bowl is characterized by an impressive width; hence your dog's chances of being chocked are totally eliminated.

It is durable, affordable, and one product that doesn't scratch too easily. 

Unfortunately, as at the time of this review, this bowl is only available in small sizes. With just one color option to choose from, it is obvious you might not get the artistic design that would add more beauty to your home.

Without taking anything away from the bowl, it remains one product you should get for your Chow Chow, Bulldog, pug, or other small-sized brachycephalic dogs.

6. OMEM Flat Face Dog Dish Food Bowl

Here is another bowl that will take the pressure off your dog's neck while eating, thanks to its slanted design. Made with ceramic material, this bowl is microwavable and can also be used for cooking.

It consists of a non-spill silicon pad at the base, which ensures that it doesn't throw away food too easily and can't be dragged around by your hyper-active pooch.

If you desire to get a very sturdy bowl that will stand the test of time, then this is all you need. It is tested and confirmed as a product that will maintain its quality over a long period.

You won't have to worry about oily stains because the bowl is very easy to wash when you place it in warm water.

It is also known for its large size, which can contain at least four cups (150ml) of wet treats and other food substances.

Meanwhile, you might need to consider other bowls in this list if you are not a fan of black color because it only comes in black color. It is also not suitable for puppies or kittens as a result of its large size.

7. YMAXGO Ceramics Feeding Bowl

The last bowl in the list is made by one of the highly-rated bowl-making companies in the world — YMAXGO. It is known for its slanted design, which is aimed at providing perfect feeding posture for your dog.

It is free of all kinds of odor, and it does not rust. It isn't the largest size of bowl in the market but can still boast of a very wide opening that will provide enough comfort.

Just like the first YMAXGO-made bowl in the first spot, this bowl also contains a one-year worry-free guarantee.

Hence, you can reach out to them for any questions or observations about the bowl.

Unfortunately, it is not conducive for big dogs due to its small size. As a result of the size, you are restricted to serving your dog just 2 cups of dry kibble at a time.

Rounding up...

Obviously, there are lots of bowls out there, but only a few quality flat-faced dog bowls will last long.

We can assure you won't regret going for any of the bowls in this list as they are among the best dog bowls for flat faced dogs you can come across as we speak

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