Why do dogs sleep at the foot (or end) of the bed

If your dog often sleeps at the foot or end of the bed, you’re probably curious to know the meaning and why he’s doing so.

If yes, then, you are in the right place at the right time because this article reveals all the facts you should know about your dog and his decision to lay at the end or foot of your bed.

So, why do dogs sleep at the end or foot of the bed? He is giving you the respect you deserve as owner; he is protecting you; he doesn’t want to interfere in your comfort, or he is expressing his affection towards you.

Apart from revealing the possible reasons why your dog loves to sleep at the far end of your bed, I equally advise you on what to do if your dog possesses this behavior later in the post.

Hence, you can't afford to skip any part of this write-up because you will be missing very important details about your dog and his sleeping habit. Let's kick-start the adventure!

Why is my dog sleeping at the foot of the bed?

1. He is expressing its affection towards you

Dogs are one of the loveliest animals you can ever come across in the world. They are so passionate about their owners and can do everything to protect them from dangers.

They are not just pets, dogs are known as man’s best friend because of their desire to share your pain in time of tribulations.

They love to have a huge intimacy with their owners in order to be able to understand their mood and attitude.

This is why your dog always wants to be where you are - in the car, on the bed, playground, etc. He often prefers to sleep next to you in the bedroom even if it means to stay at the foot of your bed - that’s a pure and genuine love if you ask me.

2.  He doesn’t want to interfere in your comfort

Though you share a great relationship or intimacy with your dog, he definitely knows when and how to make you comfortable.

Knowing that there is a need for you to sleep comfortably on your bed, your dog will lie at the feet of the bed in order to give you the needed space and gap.

3. He is protecting you

A well-trained dog knows that he is mandated to provide maximum security for his owner.

As a way to protect you while you are asleep, your dog prefers to stay in a strategic position on the bed where he would be able to see every aspect of the bedroom.

This is another reason why you often see your dog lying at the end of your bed.

4. He giving you the respect you deserve as owner

Apart from being very friendly pets, dogs are known for the respects and regards they have for their owners.

Your dog can be lying at the foot of your bed as a way of showing his respect for you.

He is letting you know that he didn’t just see you as a friend but also as the owner of the house who has control over everything in the vicinity.

That’s lovely right?

Is it good for my dog to sleep at the end of the bed?

Let me ask you these quick questions: Is it bad to be protected by your dog?

Is it abnormal to command respect from your pooch or is it good to be uncomfortable in your own house?

If your answer to these questions is ‘no’, then, your dog is doing the right thing and he must be rewarded.

In a nutshell, your dog is absolutely the best pooch in the world if he is sleeping at the feet of the bed because he is doing what is expected from every well-trained dog.

However, you must ensure that he is healthy and active to be sure he is not suffering from an undiscovered illness.

What can I do to see this behavior in my dog?

It might hurt a bit if your dog doesn’t possess this lovely behavior but rather compete with you for space. 

Firstly, you don’t know what and how it feels to have total control over your dog when it comes to your bed affairs.

Secondly, your dog might be unable to protect you the way it should if he is given a large portion of the bed to sleep on. Luckily, it is not too late to make him develop the attitude.

You can help your dog imbibe this behavior by ensuring the following practices regularly:

1. Make him know his boundary:

This is the first way to help your dog develop this behavior. As soon as your dog climbs the bed to sleep next to you, gently push him towards the end side of the bed.

You can even pet him while he is in his newfound position. Repeat this practice consistently until he understands the message you are passing across to him.

2. Create a separate bed for your dog

You must create a separate bed for your dog if he is becoming too bossy on your bed.

This means you are restricting him from sleeping on your bed unless he learns how to be more respectful and more organized.

Nonetheless, his bed can be close or far from your bed, depending on how he reacted to your latest unexpected decision.

Why is my dog reluctant to sleep on the bed?

It is somehow strange if your dog is unwilling to sleep on the bed because dogs are fond of staying close to their owners even while sleeping.

There are some reasons why your dog isn’t keen on jumping on your bed, they include the following:

1. Health conditions: Your dog will always want to be, or sleep, with you as long as he is in good health. So, you should endeavor to visit your vet as soon as you discover that your dog is avoiding your bed.

2. There are cats on the bed: You know cats and dogs are not the best of friends. Your dog will never think of jumping on a bed that already has cats on it.

3. Your bed is just too hot: Dogs are known to have a very high body temperature, putting them on a hot bed appears as a punishment to them. Your dog will never sleep on that bed with you unless the room temperature is below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. You have a soft bed: Most dogs prefer sleeping on a very hard mattress. Your dog is probably avoiding your bed because it appears too soft for their liking.

You might need to change your mattress if you want to see your dog next to you in the middle of the night.

5. You have a very small bed: You don’t expect your dog to sleep on a bed that is not spacious enough for only you – do you? He would prefer to sleep on the floor rather than struggling for space and convenience. 

Final words...

Many dog owners prefer to have their dog next to them in order to keep them warm during winter, while others only want their dogs at the foot of their bed.

Ensure that you make your bed comfortable for you and your dog in case you want to give your dog a good, deep hug as you journey to the other side of the world.

I advised you to create a conducive sleeping space or bed for your dog if you are not interested in sleeping with him on the same bed.

However, the most important thing is that your dog is healthy enough either to share the bed with you or to sleep on its own.

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