Why does my dog sleep under the covers

If your dog often sleeps under covers, you are probably wondering why he’s doing it and probably looking for the best way to curb this attitude in your dog?

In this post, I will discuss the reasons why your dog sleeps under covers; what you should do to stop or encourage the attitude, and many other important factors you need to know about your pooch.

So, why does my dog sleep under the covers? He is possibly exhibiting the transferable trait of his ancestors, he is showing his affection for you, he sees your cover as a protective shield, or he is in search of a very warm place to sleep.

Since they exhibit this behavior due to different reasons, it would be ideal to learn what would make them more likely to happen.

Having known some of the possible reasons why your dog loves sleeping under covers, it is advisable you attentively read this post as I will extensively discuss all the aforementioned reasons behind his attitude.

1. He is exhibiting a transferable trait

The first generations of dogs are known for their desire to sleep under covers as they were born and brought up in mammal’s well-sheltered houses. 

This trait is largely demonstrated by Terriers and Dachshunds breeds [1] because their ancestors have a habit of chasing preys that live in underground habitats.

Apart from the aforementioned breeds of dogs, Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes also demonstrate this attitude because their ancestors always stayed under covers as security measures against predators.

However, most dogs are prone to exhibit this behavior irrespective of their breeds. So, don’t be surprised if your dog often sleeps under your cover.

2. He is showing his affection towards you

Dogs are the friendliest pet you can ever ask for because of their urge to be by your side at all times.

His affection towards you is so much that he wants to sleep under your cover; at the feet of your bed and even on your lap.

This attitude is to show to you that he cherishes you and can do everything to be part of your daily-to-day activities or lifestyle.

3. He is protecting you

Dogs are often deployed as guards by their owners because of their ability to provide maximum protection for people living within the compound.

Your dog will always want to protect you at all costs, which is one of the reasons why he is sleeping next to you under your covers.

In most cases, dogs always ensure that their eyes are not covered by blankets in order to monitor everything happening in the room while you are fast asleep.

4. He sees the cover as a protective shield

Another reason why your dog likes to sleep under the covers is that he is a bit afraid and wants to protect himself with the blanket.

This is most common in fearful dogs that are uncomfortable with their new environment or they feel like they could be harmed by a dangerous predator.

Insecure dogs or dogs that are filled with anxiety also deploys this strategy to be calm and secure knowing that he is safe beside his owner.

5. He wants a warm temperature

You must have heard of burrowing in dogs, right?

Burrowing simply means your dog is engaging in digging a hole that will keep him warm as soon as he enters it. He will surely sleep under your blanket if he feels that there is a need for warmth temperature.

Dogs are liable to display this behavior more often in the winter due to the cold atmospheric condition.

Though dogs are known as animals with high body temperature, there are conditions that they couldn’t help but run straight under your covers to enjoy a warm but conducive temperature.

However, your healthy dog won’t remain under your cover for more than one hour as he will surely avoid being suffocated.

Can my dog get suffocated while sleeping under covers?

Are you afraid your dog will run out of oxygen while sleeping under the covers?

Or you have a feeling that your canine companion will suffocate while sleeping next to you because he is under your blankets?

Here is good news for you!

You don’t have to be restless over your dog’s decision to sleep under covers because nothing harmful will happen to him if you ensure all the necessary measures I shall be discussing later in the article – so stay tuned!

According to many vet doctors and what I have experienced in my dog, your pooch will never suffocate under your cover.

This is because he will always find a way to get out as soon as he is feeling uncomfortable due to increased temperature.

Should I stop my dog from this behavior?

Just as I mentioned earlier, there’s nothing wrong if your dog sleeps under your cover.

In fact, you can even encourage him to continue the habit as long as you do the needful.

Nonetheless, you can still stop your dog from exhibiting this character if you feel like he is making you uncomfortable while sleeping.

I guess the question you’re asking yourself is ‘how can I stop him?’

Don’t worry too much about that because I get you covered.

Just continue reading the article as I will unveil the top two things you can do to stop your dog from sleeping under the covers.

But before that, let’s proceed to the next part of the article.

What are the things I must ensure before encouraging this attitude in my dog?

It’s good you have your pooch watch over you while sleeping and it is equally wonderful to feel the warmth of your dog for, at least, one hour of your sleep.

Hence, it is a lovely behavior you should encourage in your dog as long as the following conditions are met.

1. Make sure your covers or blankets are light

This is the first thing you must ensure before allowing your dog to sleep under your covers. Light blankets allow your dog to easily leave the bed as soon as he is feeling uncomfortable.

On the contrary, your dog will struggle to evacuate from the bed if your blankets are too thick or heavy ­– be warned!

2. Ensure your dog isn’t too young

Though puppy loves sleeping under covers, I will advise you don’t permit your dog to do so if he’s too young.

The reason is that he might be unable to make a strong signal that will wake you up whenever he becomes uncomfortable in the middle of the night.

I will emphasize you don’t encourage this attitude in puppies because it is highly dangerous and risky. It is better to be careful than to be sorry.

Your puppy can always sleep on your lap while you’re still awake and you can place him on his bed if you are about to sleep.

3. Ensure your dog doesn’t sleep like a lazy drunkard

You must consider your dog’s sleeping habit before deciding whether to encourage or discourage him from sleeping under covers.

You should prevent your dog from displaying this character if he sleeps too heavily and can hardly get out from under the blankets as soon as possible.

How can I stop my dog from sleeping under the covers?

1. Make him sleep on a different bed: You should provide a different bed for your dog and make sure he has a very light blanket in case there could be a need for him to sleep under it in the middle of the night.

2. Don't be too eager to see him dump the habit: Many dog owners are impatient with their pooch when stopping some of their habits. Your dog is used to sleeping under covers and you can't just stop him all of a sudden.

You need to be patient while you train him to master the character you're introducing to him.

​Parting words...

Irrespective of your reaction towards this attitude — love or hatred, your dog's health, and well-being come first. 

If you have a reason why your dog shouldn't share a cover with you, you must find a way to prevent him from sleeping under covers without force or pressure. 

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