Why do Dogs Look at You When They Pee?

You must have seen your pooch stared at you while peeing on countless occasions but have you been asking yourself the reason behind this attitude or have you inquired if this a behavior that should be encouraged or not?

So, why your dog stares at you while peeing. He is showing his boundless trust in you. He is equally asking you to watch out for any dangers while he pees.  He is building a stronger relationship with you. It could also be that he is expecting a reward from you as he is used to your positive reinforcement measures.​

Having revealed the possible reasons why your dog won't stop looking at your eyes while he is engaged in the “comfort-seeking” business, this post will further reveal to you how best to react to this behavior. So let's get started!

1. He displaying his boundless trust in you

Don't be surprised to see your dog focus his eyeballs on your eyeballs as soon as he finds the best peeing position and location, especially when you are in a public place. This is your dog's way of letting you know that he trusts your decision over him. He looks straight into your eyes to let you know that he is confident you can't harm him and you will protect.

2. He is turning you to his guard for the meantime

Your dog looks at you while peeing because he expects you to give a warning sign should there be any incoming danger or predator.

Knowing well that he won't be able to defend himself against the enemy as a result of his peeing posture, your dog simply places his life in your hands by staring at you for a quick signal if the situation calls for it.

This simply means that your pooch is turning you to a guard who will protect and watch over him while the peeing exercise lasted. This isn't too much to ask considering the fact that he has been the one protecting the environment right from day one. Besides, you won't be in the position for long because he will spend just a few minutes.

3. He is building a stronger relationship with you

Did you know that sharing a great bond with his owner is one of your dog's greatest achievements? Your dog will display some unimaginable actions in order to build or develop the relationship existing between the two of you.

It is said by some vet doctors that eye contact between dogs and their owners leads to an increase in Oxytocin which enhances bonding between both parties.

Hence, your dog could decide to increase his bond with you by staring at you while peeing — and there's nothing bad about it.

4. He is seeking a reward from you

This can only happen if your dog is used to getting wonderful and attractive treats from you whenever your dog pees in the appropriate place. Your Fido won't wake up one day and start staring at you for a reward while peeing because it is not an attitude that is developed overnight.

You should expect your dog to look straight into your eyes for his usual "rite" if you have been giving him good and attractive treats after peeing in the right place as part of your positive reinforcement measures.

How best to react if my dog is looking at me when he pees

1. Do not be afraid to look at him

Most dog owners don't like looking at their dogs straight in the eyes over a long period as they ended up being scared or afraid of their pooch. As much as you might be uncomfortable staring at your dog while peeing, you should be available whenever he wants to pee or poop in a location where there is a very high tendency he could be attacked by a predator or stranger. 

2. Don't leave him by himself — he isn't interested in any privacy

Some pet owners often said that dogs only look at their owners when they pee because they want some privacy which is far from the truth.

Though some dogs might feel uncomfortable peeing or pooping in front of many people, your dog will never feel uneasy with you if he knows he is peeing in a public place. You are advised to stay with him until he completes the "task"

3. Stay calm and avoid any movement

You must stay calm or stand still while your dog is engaged in his peeing exercise. This is because a slight movement could make him insecure or afraid.

Some dogs can decide to run as soon as they noticed a slight change of position by their owners because they completely misinterpreted the reason for the movement. 

Should I encourage this behavior?

You shouldn't prevent your dog from improving the bond existing between the two of you. You shouldn't stop him from trusting you, and you shouldn't prevent him from being safe with you.

What this means is that the attitude should be allowed as it makes him feel happy and lively with you. However, this should only be encouraged whenever he is peeing in the public, not in the environment.

You should endeavor to get him a personal space within the compound where he will pee or poop without being seen by strangers.

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