Why Does My Dog Stand Over My Feet?

Dogs are also known for their quirky and weird behaviors, leaving their owners confused about why they act the way they do. As a dog owner, sometimes you find it puzzling why your dog would stand over your feet, start barking, or sometimes use his paws to reach your body or clothes in a frenzied manner.

So, why does my dog stand over my feet? Your dog checking up on you or not feeling well can be why he chooses to stand over your feet. He might also want just to be close to you or is inviting you for a cuddle. It could also be he is just a spoiled mutt, trying to get your attention to something, or likes doing it because you actually encouraged him in the past.

Keep reading to figure out the reasons and the possible explanations for each reason.

1. He is a spoilt dog.

Dogs can get spoilt, too, just like kids or adults. These dogs would always want to have their way with everything because they usually do.

Spoilt dogs usually stand on their owner's feet when they see that they are in the middle of something or still want a certain thing, even if it was just denied them.

They also do not like any form of responsibility and whine and get moody when their wants are not met. If you have a spoilt dog on your hands, not to worry, as you can gradually train him and stop pampering him unnecessarily, so he becomes well behaved.

Stop giving in to all his requests, be more firm with him, and only reward him when he has worked really hard for it.

2. He just wants to be near you.

Another reason why your furry friend would be standing over your foot is for the simple reason that he wants to be close to you.

He might do this when the only part of your body he can access is your feet, such as when you are on a couch with other people, and there is no space for him to move in.

He could also do this because your legs are the closest part of your body he has access to. This may also indicate that your dog wants to cozy up to you and cuddle with you.

So that is why he is waiting for you to approve. If this is the reason you should be happy that your dog loves you so much and wants to spend time with you. Take him in and enjoy some doggie time.

3. He does not feel okay.

You could find your dog on your feet when he is not in a great mood. He might be feeling down, sick, or anxious about something and is coming to you for comfort. Check your dog's body language when he does this.

  • Is he looking sad? 
  • Are his ears in a falling position?
  • Does his fur look dull? 

These questions could give you a hint as to what is going on with your dog. If you can determine what is wrong, look for ways to solve the issue, and cheer him up, after all, you are his friend too.

4. You do not feel okay.

The previous paragraph talked about your canine being all gloomy, but yes, he can also stand over your feet when you are looking gloomy. 

Since your dog can not ask you what is wrong verbally, he might come to stand in front of you to look at your face and determine what's wrong.

Amazing right? Dogs usually know what wrong with their owners, even without saying anything. Some people say that a dog can even tell you pregnant! If you feel moody and your dog is standing on your feet, you should be relieved that you have someone who cares for you, even though he can not speak.

5. He is possessive or dominant.

Although possession and dominance have similar characteristics, they are different. A dominant dog would stand over your feet as a symbol of authority or show you that he is in control, while a possessive dog may do this because he wants to show other people or dogs around that you are his owner and does not want to share you with any of them.

To check if he is possessive or dominant, try standing up or moving your legs from his feet; aggression or a growl that follows could be a dominance hint. Either way, you have to reduce the frequency of this behavior because it could lead to him being more positive dominant and encouraging the behavior if left unchecked.

6. He feels insecure.

Your pup might do this because he feels insecure about himself or his environment and is doing this to get reassurance from you. Fear is another reason that could make your dog do this.

As he stands, he can read your facial expressions better and decide to be afraid or not. If your face shows fear, he will be scared and let out a whimper or hide behind you. It might also be a case of separation anxiety, a disorder that both humans and animals feel when separated from those they are attached to.

If you discover that your dog is too clingy or suffering from separation anxiety, it is best to take him to a behavioral specialist who would help treat him and make him less dependent on you.

7. It is just a silly habit

From all the reasons listed above, your dog might not be standing on your feet for any of them. He might just be doing it for fun, or just out of a silly habit, just like the way some people like watching tv upside down. When doing this, he would often be playful with perked up ears and a wagging tail. If he does not harm your feet, just let him be, unless you have a foot-related problem that will be triggered by his weight. If not, just let him be silly and happy.

Whether your dog is feeling moody, needs attention, or just being possessive, him standing over your feet should not be a source of worry to you, as it usually represents an immediate need. 

If you think it is something very serious, you can investigate further to see any other reason behind his action. Remember that all dogs are unique, and each one will behave in a slightly different way.

If he just started this behavior, find out why he is doing it and why he started it in the first place. If he is a puppy, he might just be trying to try out this new talent he discovered.

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